Wednesday, June 17, 2015

School Supplies for Foster Children

Womenade is collecting school supplies for the children and teens served by Family Care Network.  Please consider donating any of the following by Sunday, July 26, to 6099 Marshall, in Old Country Club, San Luis.  There are tax receipts on the clipboard by the door.  Thank you!

Backpacks for children and teens
1 inch binders
Lined paper for writing (the more the merrier)
Regular #2 Pencils
Pens (Black, Blue, Red)
Large erasers
Pencil cap erasers
Crayons - small boxes
Glue Sticks
Plastic Rulers
Graph Paper
Twin Pocket Folders
Pencil Cases
Colored Pencils
Small Staplers and Staples

Monday, June 15, 2015

What Womenade Shared From June 1st - June 15th

June 1:  Partial payment so a woman at risk for relapse doesn’t lose her bed at a sober living facility.  Referral:  Tisha Aronsen, Program Director, Central Coast Freedom Center ($300) 1961

June 1:  Steel-toed work boots so a man can start a job tomorrow.  Referral:  Jeannette Garcia, Goodwill ($165.95) 1962

June 2:  Utility payments to restore service for single mother of 4 who has been laid off from her job and is looking for another.  Referral: Sonia Greene, LINK ($140.23 and $125.26) 1963 and 1964

June 2:  Partial payment of custom orthotics for a young boy who has Sever’s disease.  Over the counter products have had no effect.  Referral:  Adrienne Lomp, Health Navigator, LINK ($100) 1965

June 2:  Utility payment for seriously ill 40-year-old woman who has gotten behind due to medical payments.  Referral:  Stella Medina, Lucia Mar School District ($127.88) 1966

June 2:  Thyroid ultrasound for mother of 3 young children.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($109) 1967

June 2:  Partial rent to move single woman to housing.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($300) 1968

June 2:  Partial rent to move single man to housing.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($300) 1969

June 3:  Partial June childcare so that a mom working for $12 an hour doesn’t lose her job.  Head Start, where her daughter had been attending, will not be funded for the summer.  Referral:  Jackie Yeager, Goodwill ($300) 1970

June 3:  Partial first month’s rent for homeless 72-year-old woman who has been approved for a Section 8 Voucher.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($300) 1971

June 3:  Partial medical payment for abused woman in a shelter.  Referral:  Anabel Ros, RISE ($170.01) 1972

June 4:  Baby toys and wipes for 2 children in at-risk families.  Referral:  PHN, shopping by Cyndy Later, and delivery by Colleen Spafford ($ and $14.03) 1973

June 4:  Partial rent for abused single mother of 2 struggling to keep her family together.  Referral:  Shona Pruitt, Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo County ($300) 1974

June 4:  Partial rent for mother of 2 who got behind on payments due to problems with her car.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($300) 1975

June 4:  Partial rent for a trailer space for 60-year-old disabled homeless woman.  Referral:  Dee Torres, SLO Housing Connection ($300) 1976

June 5:  Partial rent for 64-year-old man who was just diagnosed with tongue cancer and scheduled to have his tongue removed.  He is facing eviction because he has not been able to go to work.  He will begin receiving Social Security in July.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($375) 1977 

June 5:  Partial wheel chair battery and charger payment for woman who is struggling.  Referral:  Cindy Binkele and Sharon O’Leary, Morro Bay Community Resource Connections ($178.16) 1978

June 5: Partial camp payment for the grandson of a hospitalized grandma who cares for him.  Referral:  Drew Washer, social worker French Hospital ($247.50)  1980

June 8:  Textbooks for summer and fall Cuesta semesters for a woman who lost her leg to cancer when she was in 4th grade.  Her dad has not been around since then and her mother died last year.  She works full time, but wants to reduce her hours so she can study to be a pediatric oncology nurse.  Referral:  Carol Devore ($360) 1981

June 8:  Stroller for a homeless mom with a 2-week-old baby that will soon leave the NICU.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Roberta Filadelfia ($73.51)

June 8:  Stroller for a 2-month-old baby.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Roberta Filadelfia ($73.51)

June 9:  Partial rent to prevent eviction for an unemployed disabled Veteran.  Staff is doing all it can to prevent him from having to go back to living in the bushes.  Referral:  Larry Feldt, Vets Housing Specialist, CAPSLO ($107) 1982

June 9:  Utility payment for a single mother of 3 and 8-year-olds.  She works in a motel.  The family members are domestic violence victims.  Referral:  PHN ($71.74) 1983

June 9:  Sports protective glasses for a 9-year-old who is blind in one eye and until now has been unable to participate in sports.  Lion’s Club does not cover this type of eye-wear.  Referral:  Cheryl Caruso, nurse, Lucia Mar Unified School District ($128) 1984

June 10:  Durable Maraflex and polycarbonate lenses for 1st grader in low-income family.  The parents have had to replace his regular glasses more times than they can afford.  Lion’s Club does not cover this type of lens or frame.  Referral:  Barbara Rose, nurse, Lucia Mar Unified School District ($125) 1985

June 10:  Shoes for 2 brothers.  They and their mom have just moved out of an abusive situation.  Referral:  Diana Howard, LINK ($100) 1986

June 11:  Underwear, bra, and one outfit for a treatment patient who only has a couple clothing items to wear to treatment sessions.  Referral:  April Madden, San Luis Obispo County Behavioral Health ($100) 1987

June 11:  Bus passes for a homeless man and a single mom to get to their Drug and Alcohol treatment programs.  Referral:  Paterese Reynolds, San Luis Obispo County Intensive Outpatient Treatment, and shopping by Cyndy Later ($88)

June 11:  Partial payment so a mother of 3 can see a CHC doctor immediately.  Referral:  Adrienne Lomp, LINK Health Navigator ($25) 1988

June 15:  iPod use fee so a student may graduate.  Her single mother is disabled. Referral:  Danilda Reyes, LINK ($100) 1989

Items Donated:    Toys for children in many families from Fred Donati; breast pump, accessories, and baby bouncer from Kelly Lighty;  kitchen items from Kurt Schulz via Kathy apRoberts; North County delivery by Tim and Colleen Spafford; 4 chairs from Jimmy apRoberts; gas card from Cyndy Later; diapers from Canyon County 4H delivered by Cyndy Later; crib and stroller from Julia Edgerton; 10 cloth grocery bags from Mission Thrift via Carol Devore; bed and linens from Judy Barclay; couch and chairs from Susan Dressler; toddler bed and toiletries from Jayne Auchterlonie; emergency diapers and wipes from Nita La Loggia and Marylou Gooden; children’s clothes from Sally Hillis; sofa and love seat from Kurt Schulz delivered by Terry Elfrink and David Buck-Moyer; sofa from Gwen Carton; toiletries delivered to Grizzly and Prado by Kat Tuculet; twin bed, desk, shelf, school supplies, and pans from Josie Ma; dishes, silverware, and sheets from Marylou Gooden; sheets and towels from Lesa Smth; 

Funds Donated:  Lisa Bertrand, Mary Parker, Michelle Williams, Ken and Judy Riener, Carol and Jay Devore, Phil and Joanne Ruggles, Central Coast Circle of Friends, Judy Barclay, Bradley Hollstien in Honor of Claudia Kim Forsman, Sue Smith, Diane Wettlaufer, Cheryl Lesinski in honor of Los Ranchos volunteers, Bob and Carol Kerwin, 

 Admin Funds Donated:  Dana Starkovich, Rita Erwin, Leslie Rotstein,

Saturday, May 30, 2015

What Womenade shared from May 18th - May 31st

May 18:  Food for a mother of 2 children who has been sick with cancer.  Her poor health has stopped her from driving herself to the Food Bank.  Referral:  Tatiana Abundis, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and shopping and delivery by Roberta Filadelfia ($159.62) 1933

May 19:  Clothes for a woman staying in sober living and starting her first job in 10 years.  She was released from prison a couple years ago and has been diligent with the program and volunteering.  Referral:  Jeannette Garcia, Goodwill ($200) 1934

May 19:  Partial towing fee for a family that has only 1 car that they share to get to work.  Referral:  Dee Torres-Hill, SLO Housing Connection ($200) 1935

May 20:  Partial first month’s rent for a woman who has just received a Section 8 voucher.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($300) 1937

May 22:  Partial first month’s rent for a homeless senior man who has found housing.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina ($300) 1938

May 22:  For a mom who has just moved her children to housing, household items, clothes, and shoes.  Referral:  Adrienne Lomp, LINK ($250) 1939

May 22:  For a boy who was abused early in his life, partial payment for EPIC Engineering Camp at Cal Poly.  His mom works 2 jobs, and he helps by looking after his younger siblings, cleaning, washing, and shopping.  Referral:  Andrea Blanco, Laguna Middle School ($100) 1940

May 22:  Food and gas for a woman who lost her job and is interviewing for another.  Referral:  Jackie Yeager, Goodwill Employer Services ($200) 1941

May 22:  Diapers for a young baby in a struggling family.  Referral:  PHN ($28.07) 1941

May 23:  A homeless family with a Downs Syndrome teen has moved to housing:  overnight diapers, waterproof mattress covers, and a vacuum.  Referral:  Michelle Brooks and Heather McColley, Lucia Mar School District; shopping by Carol Tickner and delivery by Ed and Janice Chagoya ($36.70 and $133.89) 1942 and Debit

May 26:  A woman witnessed her husband’s suicide and is now homeless after a series of events.  Payment to Check N Go for a loan she took out from them to get her RV out of impound.  She is in treatment for trauma.  Referral:  Nicole Hoist, Transitions Mental Health ($300) 1943

May 26:  Partial payment for tuition for EPIC Engineering camp for a girl in a chaotic family who is a hard-working student who arrives early to school and stays late.  Referral:  Andrea Blanco, Laguna Middle School ($100) 1944

May 26:  Partial payment for study camp to San Francisco with her classmates for the daughter of a single mom with 2 other children.  The student was able to raise $200 for the trip.  Referral:  Danilda Reyes, LINK ($100) 1945

May 26:  Work uniforms for a woman starting work next week.  She is clean and sober for 6 months.  Referral:  Jeannette Garcia, Goodwill ($200) 1946

May 26:  Clothes for the single mother of 2 young boys.  Referral:  Yecenia Silvas, Oceano School Readiness ($200) 1947

May 26:  Bus passes for a homeless man, a single young man, and a single mom to travel to regular treatments.  Referral:  Paterese Reynolds, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, and shopping by Tess Matthews ($132)

May 26:  Clothing for 2 young boys; their father moved them to this area for safety.  Referral:  Diana Howard, LINK ($200) 1948    

May 26:  Gas and food for a mother of 2 teen boys; she has just been diagnosed with Lupus and is unable to work.  Referral:  Andrea Devitt, Cuesta College ($200) 1949

May 27:  Work boots for a man in a new concrete construction job who is worried about losing his job because his boss is upset the man is working in tennis shoes.  Referral:  Holl-lee Lawrence, County Drug and Alcohol ($165.95) 1950

May 27:  Partial rent for a single father raising a special needs child.  He has been laid off, and is currently searching for new employment.  Referral:  Jeannette Garcia, Goodwill ($300) 1951

May 28:  Gas for 2 struggling families whose babies will be in the NICU for an extended period of time.  Referral:  Social workers, Sierra Vista Hospital ($200) 1952

May 28:  Food and gas for financially struggling mother reunifying with her 5-year-old son.  Referral:  Amber Hullibarger, Martha’s Place ($200) 1952

May 28:  Partial payment for child of a single mom out of work to attend school field trip to San Francisco.  Referral:  Danilda Reyes, LINK ($200) 1953

May 29:  Dress suit, shirt, and shoes for single father to wear to court for reunification with his 3-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son.  Referral:  Juan Majano, Parent Educator/CAPSLO and shopping by Tess Matthews ($200) 1954

May 29:  Work clothes for a young girl living in her car and doing clerical work at an automobile repair shop.  Referral:  Holl-lee Lawrence, County Drug and Alcohol ($100) 1955

May 29:  Emergency gas for a single mother to go to LA to pick up her 14-year-old child who was taken out of the country without permission by the estranged father.  Referral:  Rachel Tarver, Martha’s Place ($100) 1956

May 30:  Utility payments for a mother of 4 who is going through unexpected medical hardships, including a possible trip to Stanford.  Referral:  Amanda Hartman, Medical social worker, Dignity Home Health ($96.20 and $138.09 and $68.70) 1957, 1958, 1959

May 30:  Dental treatment for a young man.  Referral:  Cecilia Merrill, CDHC ($110) 1960

Items Donated By:  
-->Hair cut at Tiger Lily from Kathy apRoberts for woman starting a new job;  5 hand knit baby blankets from Ruth Nagano; diapers and children’s clothes from Amy Armstrong, delivered by Jayne Auchterlonie; diapers from Kemay Eoyang and Bonnie Rivera; laundry detergent from Madeline Fay; food gift card from Erin Malin at Select Electric; toiletries from Ann Jones; detergent, toiletries, and cleaning supplies from Diana Henderson, Rosemary Cleaves, Marla Lee Eaton, Lori Sonnabend, Madeline Fay, Gwen Carton, Phyllis Bettencourt; backpacks from Mariam Shah and Carol Pillsbury; cosmetic cases from Carol Pillsbury; North County delivery by Joy Sostrin; household items from Judy Eisenhard; food, Laguna Backpack food, baby clothes, and wipes from Abby Hyman and Jillian Zeltman; a kitchen-full of groceries from Nita La Loggia and Kathy apRoberts and a blender from Rosemary Cleaves for a homeless family moving to housing; food for 3 families and Laguna from Jen Melton; children’s clothes from Helma Smulders; bumbo and riding toy from Vicki McPartland; microwave from Jen Melton; bed, futon, and recliner from Patti Girada; bed from Liz Johnston; bed, linens, and chair from and delivered by Judy Brummel; quilt fabric from Linda Jankay; high chairs for 2 children from Madeline Fay;

Funds Donated By:  Stephanie Barclay, Mary Clare Zovich, Jen Melton, Susan Bonitz, Kim Infante, Joan Duffy Charlotte Ault, Jordis Daigle, Roberta Kassak, Kathy apRoberts, Lynn Helenius, Saur-Adams Adobe Fiesta donations, Melaleuca, James and Donna Howard in honor of Carol and Jay Devore, Jimmy apRoberts in celebration of his mother – Kathy apRoberts’s - birthday, Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, Barbara Crawford, Lola Zybura, Mariam Shah, Pamela Peters, Marla Lee Eaton, Gwen Carton, Nell Quijano, Christen Zybura, Flatirons Mortgage and Investments, Phyllis Bettencourt, Candace Guldeman, Madeline Fay, Mary Ann Morgan, Ginny Kenny, Judy Eisenhard, Lynn Heinrich, Leslie Jones, Catherine Swenson, Janice Chagoya, Mary Weeks, Loretta Sonnabend, Nicole Pazdan, Janice Gelb, Madeline Stevenson, Wendy Hallin, Rosemary Cleaves, Ann Mathias, Janis Woolpert, Diana Henderson, Victoria Roberts, Nora and Odell Lee, Richard and Patricia Hunt, Michael and Lydia Nelson, Eveline Alford, Kimball and Marna Lombardi, Freddi Quin, Nancy Kraus and Marlin Fors, Donna Lacki, Paul and Joanne La Plante, Ron and Shirley Richard, Bruce and Marilyn Rolph, Steven and Susan Zweig, Tom and Amy Hedges, Tom and Gail Ryan, Jim and Judy Earnest, E.B. Steen, Jane and William Fairbairn, Richard and Sarah DeYoung, Brian and Sharron Polkinghorne, Claudia Sorensen, Dean and Linda Adams, Dale Holmes and Linda Challoner-Holmes, G. and P. Eldredge, Isaac and De Hampton, Jamie Herbon, Christi and Gary Nemetz, Robert and Donna Leach, Susan Weiss, Roy and Jo Anne Painter, M. R. and M Cleveland, Brent and Fran Norris, Karen Steves, John and Marcia Traversaro, Wayne and Tana Pedersen, Anonymous, Bonnie Rivera, Kathy Greer, Susan Demma, Barbara Deel, Malka Kutner, Shannon Fernandez, Fred Donati, Carol Pillsbury, Margaret Helley, Tess Matthews, 

Admin Funds Donated By: Rita Erwin 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Garage Sale for Womenade

Special thanks to Abby Hyman and Jillian Zeltman who had a garage sale for Womenade! They delivered food to Laguna for our Backpack Program and also bought baby clothes and wipes. Thank you Abby and Jillian and your little sisters!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Womenade Donation

The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa presented a $2,000 grant to Womenade at their luncheon meeting today! We are extremely grateful, and will use every penny to help community members in need.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Fiesta For Womenade

Alex and Anne Gough and Andrea Devitt's Fiesta for Womenade this past Sunday at the Sauer-Adams Adobe in San Luis Obispo generated an outpouring of support.  Donations will help meet essential needs of individuals in our county. 

We are grateful to the sponsors:  The Cohl Hosick Group:  Phil Cohl Senior Portfolio Manager, Roy and Linda Rawlings, Natalie Tartaglia (Tartaglia Realty), Janis Woolpert, Carol Thom (The Thom Group), Alex and Anne Gough, Trout Gulch Vineyards, John and Deb Spatafore, Jordis Daigle, Black Market Baker, Mike and Denise Chellsen, Roger Bishop, CPA Certified Valuation Analyst, Kathy apRoberts, Amy Sullivan, Jen Melton, Joan Duffy, and Ann Palmer.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

What Womenade Shared May 1st - May 16


May 1:  Partial rent for single mother of 3 who just lost her job.  Referral:  Michelle Gaulden, County Mental Health ($300) 1894

May 1:  Partial rent for recently employed veteran who has just obtained a VASH voucher (Section 8 for Veterans).  This allows him to stay in his home who will become independent in June.  Referral:  Larry Feldt, CAPSLo Vets, ($300) 1895

May 2:  Utility bill payment for woman who needs support to prevent shut off.  Referral:  Jason Flanagan, People’s Self-Help Housing ($87.35 and $32.45) 1896 and 1897

May 2:  Food and gas for a single mom and her 3 children; mom just lost her job.  Referral:  Danilda Reyes, LINK ($200) 1898

May 4:  Lab fees for mother of 3 who is overdue for a physical.  She is being treated at CHC and the physical is being paid by LINK.  Father is unemployed, but works in the community in exchange for health services for his children.  Referral:  Adrienne Lomp, Health Navigator, LINK ($78) 1899

May 4:  Lamp for parents and their 2-year-old and 7-week-old who have moved to a room with no overhead light.  Referral:  April Madden, County Behavioral Health, and shopping by Tess Mathews ($)

May 5:  Partial rent for woman in danger of eviction.  She has taken in her nephew because his mother is in jail.  Referral:  Dee Torres, SLO Housing Connection ($300) 1900

May 5:  Driver’s license for man who has just been released from jail.  Referral:  Janet Allenspach, Liberty Tattoo Removal Program ($15) 1901

May 5:  Bus pass for a single mom needing transportation to and from treatment.  Referral:  Paterese Reynolds, County Intensive Outpatient Treatment, and shopping by Tess Mathews ($44)

May 5:  Bus pass for homeless man to get to and from treatment.  Referral:  Paterese Reynolds, County Intensive Outpatient Treatment, and shopping by Tess Mathews ($44)

May 6:  Gas for a family to see a medical specialist out of the county.  Referral:  PHN ($100) 1902

May 6:  Partial medical payment for mother of 5 children to allow her to continue to receive treatments for breast cancer.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, Heart Cancer Resource Center ($500) 1903

May 7:  Emergency utility payment to prevent shut off for a family that includes 3 teens; the father was in an auto accident that resulted in him being in a coma for 2 weeks.  Caregiver was supposed to take care of his finances, but did not.  Referral: Bessy Hoffman, LINK ($288.25) 1904

May 7:  A mom, a victim of domestic violence, is getting her driver’s license.  Repair of the car windshield is necessary before she goes to her driver’s test.  Referral:  Karina Ayala, CAPSLO  ($185) 1905

May 7:  Gas to allow a single mother with 2 children to get to her new job and carry her over till her first pay.  Referral:  Veronica Cablayan, ESG Homeless Prevention, LINK  ($100) 1906

May 7:  Gas and food for a single parent camping with his 3 children.  He is working hard to find a job and needs gas for interviews and getting the children to school, and food that can be purchased daily to prevent theft by other campers.  Referral:  Veronica Cablayan, ESG Homeless Prevention, LINK  ($200) 1906

May 7:  Partial storage unit fees for a mother who almost has a job.  She has found a garage in which to store her items in the future.  Referral:  Mollie Beck, County Drug and Alcohol  ($300) 1907

May 7:  3 month’s car insurance for a family with a 2-year-old son that is living in a tent at a campground.  They are enrolled in a housing/work program through DSS.  Referral:  Dee Torres, SLO Housing Connection ($162) 1908 Lost check replaced by #1931

May 8:  Graduation cap and tassel for teen who can’t afford one.  Referral:  Jannine Saldana, Teen Academic Parenting/CAPSLO ($43.13) 1909

May 8:  For a young couple living in their car, new tires to replace the bald ones on their vehicles.  Referral:  Belinda Benassi, County DSS ($332.89) 1910

May 8:  Partial rent for a woman who is having difficulty working due to PTSD and is near homelessness.  Referral:  Marina Garza, counselor ($300) 1911

May 9:  Gas for a mother to take her 3-year-old to Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera 3 times this month.  Jack’s Helping Hand covered the visits in April.  Referral:  Adrienne Lomp, Health Navigator, LINK ($75) 1912

May 11:  Partial rental deposit for a mother of 3 who has just found a job.  Referral:  Jackie Yeager, America’s Job Center/Goodwill ($300) 1913

May 12:  Summer sports fees for the children of a single mom.  Referral:  Danilda Reyes, LINK ($180) 1914

May 12:  For a young girl who has overcome the worst while never giving up and getting good grades, first new clothes ever for graduation and job interviews.  Referral: Bessy Hoffman, LINK ($200) 1915

May 12:  Rent for single mother with 2 children.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($375) 1916

May 12:  Car payment for single homeless mother of an 8-year-old and a 5-year-old who has just found employment.  Referral:  Diana Howard, LINK ($300) 1917

May 12:  Partial rent to prevent a Veteran from being evicted after being out of work for a month due to cancer surgery.  Referral:  Mindy Truex, Veterans Affairs, VASH ($300) 1918

May 12:  Home health aide for a woman who lives alone, is on a fixed income, and needs help bathing and dressing.   Referral:  Hilary Preston, Central Coast Home Health and Hospice ($300) 1919

May 13:  Food for a single mother and her child.  The mother was assaulted at work, and is yet to get worker comp for the time she has been out due to her injuries.  Referral:  Monica Dominguez, Department of Rehabilitation ($200) 1920

May 13:  Travel food for a single mom who is taking her 11-year-old son to Santa Barbara for medical care; LINK is paying for the train tickets.  Referral: Sonia Greene, LINK ($105.95) 1921

May 13:  Gas for struggling single mom to get to work and take children to school.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($100) 1921

May 13:  Partial payment of burial of a 10-month-old child of a single mother who also has an elementary age child.  Referral:  Erin Schimke, teacher, San Luis Coastal ($100) 1922

May 14:  Partial rent to prevent eviction for mother of 4 currently on maternity leave from her full-time job at Walmart.  Referral:  Amber Grimme, CAPSLO ($300) 1923

May 14:  LiveScan/fingerprinting so a homeless woman can take a job she has been offered.  Referral:  Melanie Bustamante, Transitions Mental Health ($52) 1924

May 14:  Train ticket so 82-year-old man can go to his family.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($80) 1925

May 14:  A husband recently diagnosed with cancer spent their saving on medical tests because he did not know that he could apply for medical care at age 23.  Partial rent so the family does not lose their apartment.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($300) 1926

May 15:  Partial rent for a father working 2 jobs at companies that have reduced hours.  He needs to maintain his 20’ x 20’ place to prevent homelessness and maintain weekend visits with his 5-year-old.  Referral:  Bonnie Allen Estero Bay Alliance for Care ($300) 1927

May 14:  Cleaning supplies and emergency home items for couple with 3 children who have just found housing.  Referral:  Eloise Medina, ECHO ($100) 1928

May 14: Partial rent for single woman who has found a room to rent.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($300) 1929

May 15:  Interview clothes for 2 women with children under the age of 2 who have weight gain due to pregnancies.  Referral:  Jackie Yeager, Goodwill ($300) 1930

May 16:  Partial rent for a single mom of 3 young children.  She has just returned to the hospital after brain surgery because her incision became infected.  Since her surgery, she has not been able to return to work in the fields.  Referral;  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($300) 1932

Items Donated:  
--> North County delivery by Barbara Putman; toddler bed from Terry Elfrink and Vicki McPartland; 2 cases of diapers from Peti Johnson; diapers and stroller from Kate Czekala; homemade quilted dining linens from Gigi Kandler; co-sleeper for newborn in a motel from Andrea Devitt delivered by Rochelle Becker; diapers, boys unders, and child’s sleeping bag from Shannon Matuszewicz; blanket from Tess Mathews for family living in a tent at a campground; crib mattresses from Amy Sullivan; baby bathtub from Calista Stewart using her lemonade stand money delivered by Dee Lacy;

Funds Donated:  
--> Lisa Bertrand, Mary Parker, Carla Brown, Herbert Salamanca, Karen Morgan in honor of Carol Devore, Rita Erwin, Patricia Streng, Darlene Krause, Phil and Joanne Ruggles, Deborah Whitson, Judy Barclay, Bart and Maryalice Jones, Sue Smith, Bob and Carol Kerwin, Diane Wettlaufer, Dan Carpenter, 

Admin Funds Donated:  
--> Kathy Hannula, Dana Starkovich, Leslie Rotstein, Patricia Streng,