Monday, September 15, 2014

What Womenade Shared from September 1 - 15

September 2:  Gas card for family to take daughters to Paso Robles for extensive dental work.  Work hours for both parents have been cut.  Referral:  Daniel Rodriguez, LINK ($100) 1495

September 3:  Clothes, shoes, and underwear for 3 children who arrived here with only the clothes on their backs.  Referral:  PHN ($200) 1496

September 3:  Clothes for 2 teen boys.  Referral:  Ivette Felix, LINK ($100) 1496
September 3:  Partial rent for single man in his forties who has started employment at a golf course.  Referral:  Michael Sheard, CAPSLO ($275) 1497

September 5:  Dental treatment for 15-year-old boy.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($110) 1498

September 6:  Port-a-crib for young baby.  Referral:  PHN ($20) 1499

September 6:  Bassinet and breastfeeding pillow.  Referral:  PHN ($15) 1500

September 9:  Shoes for special needs 5th grader.  Referral:  Michelle Gaulden, County Mental Health ($50) 1501

September 9:  Gas card for struggling family with 2 children, one has special needs.  Referral:  Michelle Gaulden, County Mental Health ($100) 1501

September 9:  Car seat for 1-year-old.  Alpha can’t help because family wasn’t enrolled before the child was 1, and the County car seat program is on a hiatus due to staffing.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Tess Mathews ($)

September 9:  Double stroller with family with newborn twins.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Tess Mathews with Merry-Go-Round credit

September 9:  Partial payment for spinal MRI for uninsured woman.  Referral:  Romi Ramirez, LINK ($100) 1502

September 10:  Jacket for 4-year-old girl.  Referral:  Jannine Saldana, CAPSLO ($50) 1503

September 10:  Size 4 and 5 diapers for 2 families.  Families can only get 12 diapers a time at ALPHA and Tree of Life.  Referral:  Jannine Saldana, CAPSLO ($56.14) 1503

September 10:  Driver’s License test fee for client working to improve situation.  Referral:  Jannine Saldana, CAPSLO ($33) 1504

September 10:  Partial rent for older woman whose daughter will soon be moving in and helping with future rent.  Referral:  Larry Feldt, CAPSLO 1505

September 10:  Dental treatment for young boy.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($150) 1506

September 11:  Partial apartment deposit for homeless family moving to housing.  Father is now working full time as a day laborer; mother has severe medical issues.  Family will be able to make rent once established.  Referral:  Casey Roos, County Mental Health ($300) 1507

September 11:  Partial rental deposit for single mother of 3 fleeing abuse.  Referral:  Lisa Martinez, Women’s Shelter ($300) 1508

September 12:  Partial payment of fees for single mother to get her car out of repossession.  She needs her car for her job, and her counselor has completed a budget with her which shows she is able to maintain the car payment in the future.  Referral:  Theresa Johnson and Belinda Benassi, Child Welfare Services ($285 and $15) 1509

September 12:  Sippy cups for toddler in homeless family.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Tess Mathews

September 15:  Partial rent for a man in his 40s who just got housing and is working hard in his job and with his support system.  Referral:  Michael Sheard, CAPSLO ($200) 1510

--> Items Donated:  baby clothes from Katie Perez; baby clothes from Aubey Gardner; Go Daddy from Elaine Stewart; baby items and diapers from Jane Fairbairn and Amy Hedges;  jackets, comforter and towels from Judy Rutter; clothes and towels from San Luis Country Club Pool and Myki Keffury; children’s clothes from Houry Semerdjian; baby clothes from Elaine Gardiner; shirts from Kitty Rice; stroller from Carol Tickner; stroller from Mariam Shah; clothes from Helma Smulders; 

Funds Donated:  
--> Diana Henderson, Sandi Pardini, Martini Knight, Barbara Pensky, Elizabeth Steen, Anonymous, Amy Hedges, Judy Earnest, Arlene Shinderman, Nancy Schwager, Donna Nisbit, Jennifer Fieger, Susan Weiss, Marylin Rolph, Rosemary Nelson, Betty Scully, Lisa Redman, Eveline Alford, Susan Ashford, Jane Fairbairn, Frances Norris, Mary Lauffenburger, Jane Mouw, Jamie Herbon, Stacy Murphy, Verna O’Connell, Jacqueline Evans, Linda G. Garza, Marian Neutz, Linda Souza, Vicki Wyne, Carol Strong, Myra Akel, Wanda Bailey, Nancy Kraus, Freddi Quin, Susan Ford, Dorothy Mauger, Karen Anderson, Sue Smith, Carolyn Goossens, George Bardizbanian, Leona Sullivan, Kristin Laughton, Christi Nemetz, Judy Barclay, Lola Zyburra, Bart and Maryalice Jones,

Monday, September 8, 2014

Laguna Middle School Backpack Program

Womenade, under the leadership of Diane McKeague, sends home backpacks of food for 5 Laguna Middle School families each Friday.  Without our support, these students and their families would not have enough to eat over the weekend.

If you would like to volunteer to fill backpacks, please email Diane:  If you would like to donate food, please bring your donations to Laguna, and let the secretary know the items are for Womenade's Backpack Program.  Items need to be light weight for carrying home.

Thank you!
Suggested Food List
Mac & Cheese
Peanut butter, Jelly
Honey in plastic containers
Nutrition bars, breakfast bars
Saltine crackers, Graham crackers          
Canned tuna, canned boned chicken
1# bags spaghetti, noodles, pasta, rice
Small jar of mayonnaise (Dollar Store has small plastic containers of mayo)
Box of instant milk mix
Package of individual fruit, applesauce, or others
String cheese, or Bon Bell Waxed cheese
Oatmeal in single serving, individual packages
Cheese and cracker snacks
Fresh tortillas
Apples, small bags of carrots
Other fresh fruit of veggies that can go into a junior high school back pack.
Tomato or V8 juice
Dry soup mixes
Small boxes of Raisins
Canned Items: beans: black, kidney, refried, chili; ravioli, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, canned tomatoes, tomato paste, NO GLASS JARS

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tennis Warehouse Donation

Cheer on the Tennis Warehouse as their team competes tomorrow, September 5th, in the tournament sponsored by Rosetta.  The enrollment fee was $300 to their favorite charity - Womenade.  Thanks to Bronte Diaz for delivering that donation to us.  If Tennis Warehouse wins, Womenade receives $300 more!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

PG&E Workplace Giving Program

Thanks to Marylou Gooden for registering Womenade for PG&E's workplace giving program.  Molly Kiely of Bright Age Media & Marketing (BAMM) made an amazing poster for the event.  Grateful to all!

Friday, August 29, 2014

What Womenade Shared from August 16 - 29

August 18:  Cosmetology college tuition for woman who is now out of jail and in a sober living residence.  She can’t obtain work in the medical field in which she received her previous degree because she has a felony.  Referral:  Marci Powers, SLO Anti-Gang Coordinating Commission ($300) 1477

August 18:  Regional bus passes for 2 safe house residents in order to facilitate their efforts to find employment.  Referral:  Anabel Ros, RISEslo, with shopping by Roberta Filadelfia ($88) 1486

August 19:  Clothes and school supplies for sisters pre-school and 1st grade whose mother lost her battle with cancer and family funds have gone to today’s funeral and medical costs.  Referral:  Yecenia Silvas, Oceano School Readiness ($206.95) 1478

August 19:  Automobile starter so that homeless family can get to job and medical appointments.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($138.49) 1479

August 20:  Baby wash for newborn.  Referral:  PHN ($17.91) 1480

August 20:  Bus ticket so seriously ill homeless woman can go to her daughter’s in Tacoma.  Referral:  Belinda Benassi, County Services ($119) 1481

August 20:  Partial oral surgery fee for 3-year-old autistic child with severe caries: Jack’s Helping Hand is paying the remainder.  Referral:  Cristina Macedo, CAPSLO ($300) 1482

August 22:  Dental treatment for 17-year-old girl.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($110) 1483

August 22:  CPR class in Spanish for mother of 8 children whose 8-week-old baby has Downs Syndrome.  Referral:  Pam McLaughlin, Early Intervention Specialist ($70) 1484

August 22:  Partial rent for single mom who is behind in payments due to unexpected medical deductibles that had to be paid prior to her daughter’s surgery.  Referral:  Stella Medina, LINK ($200) 1485

August 25:  Partial rent for developmentally disabled man who has always lived with his mother; since her death he has been homeless.  Referral:  Larry Feldt, CAPSLO ($300) 1487

August 26:  Water bill payment to turn service on to single mom and her 12-year-old son.  Referral:   Jill Scorby, Mesa Middle School counselor ($75) 1488

August 27:  School clothes and shoes for 2 boys whose single mom is struggling.  Referral:  Yvette Felix, LINK ($200) 1489

August 27:  Partial payment for car transmission for single mother taking care of her son who has developmental needs and her mother who is medically fragile.  Referral:  Romi Ramirez, LINK ($300) 1490

August 28:  Dental surgery hospital set-up fee for 2-year-old who is currently homeless with her mother.  Mother is paying part.  Referral:  Lorena Gomez, CAPSLO ($135) 1491

August 28:  Dental treatment for young girl.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($110) 1492

August 28:  Partial rent for single parent coming out of an abusive situation.  Referral:  Lisa Martinez, San Luis Obispo Women’s Shelter ($200) 1493

August 28:  Activity mat for young baby.  Referral:  PHN and paid with scrip from Merry-Go-Round

August 28:  Dental surgery hospital set-up fee for young patient.  Referral:  Dr. Pedersen ($150) 1494

Items Donated:
--> activity mat for Down’s Syndrome baby from Lisa Funk; linens, pillows, and kitchen items from Marylou Gooden; linens, toaster, and iron from Leslie Jones; formula and bottles from Laureen Killenberger and Kris Smetzer; formula from Kathy Long; double stroller from Art and Therese Hanlen; cradle and bouncer from Jamie Mello; clothes from Brittany Palmer; double stroller and bouncer from Jennifer Cruzat via Dee Lacey; bassinet from Roberta Filadelfia and Dee Lacey; stroller from Rosemary Cleaves; 
Funds Donated:
--> Anonymous, Marylou Gooden, Bonnie Allen, Marla Lee Eaton, Rosemary Cleaves, Carol Taylor, Susan Demma, Lynn De Leo, Kathleen Harvey, Janice Chagoya, Lori Sonnabend, Phyllis Bettencourt, Madeline Stevenson, Arlene Versaw, Nicole Pazdan, Gail Applegate, Lynn Heinrich, Nell Quijano, Candace Guldeman, Barbara Deel, Ginny, Kenny, Susan Middleton, Madeline Fay, Mary Anne Morgan, Leslie Jones, Mariam Shah, Ann McMahon, Ros McQuade, Anonymous, Mary Parker, Lisa Bertrand, Tennis Warehouse,

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Womenade and United Way

Marylou Gooden just enrolled Womenade in the United Way Workplace Giving Program!  Please get the word out to family and friends!

Here are the directions to donate to Womenade through the United Way Workplace Giving Program:
1) Get a United Way pledge form from your Human Resources Department.
2) Complete the form, go to the bottom section labeled Designated Donations and write in SLO Womenade.
3) List the amount you would like to donate from each paycheck.
4) Return the form to your HR department.

If your place of work does not already have a United Way Workplace Giving program established, the folks at SLO United Way, 805-541-1234, would be happy to come to make a presentation and get the program started.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

What Womenade Shared From August 1 - August 15

-->   -->
August 7:  Operation room set up fee for young boy’s oral surgery.  Referral:  Dr. Pedersen ($150) 1464

August 7:  Fee for California ID for a man recently released from custody, so that he can apply for SSI and employment.  Referral:  Marci Powers, One Stop ($8) 1465 

August 7:  Security deposit for a 22-year-old who is working to get her life together after being a ward of the state, homeless, and incarcerated.  Referral:  Andrea Herrera, CAPSLO ($150) 1466

August 7:  Clothes for an elderly woman on low income whose job will end soon, and she needs clothes to look for a new one since she has lost a great deal of weight.  Referral:  Linda Benchman, Department of Rehabilitation ($200) 1467

August 7:  Partial rent for an elderly woman who can only find part-time work.  Referral:  Marina Garza, LMFT ($200) 1468

August 11:  Dental treatment for 18-year-old girl.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($110) 1469

August 11: Sewing machine for mother of rural family.  Referral:  PHN ($84.91) 1470

August 11:  Partial rent for struggling family whose father has been sick and unable to work for a month.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($200) 1471

August 11:  Gas for homeless family to take their child to Cottage Hospital for an appointment, and then back again for surgery.  Referral:  PHN ($100) 1472

April 12:  Bassinet and sheets for homeless newborn coming out of the hospital and into the shelter.  Referral:  Tammee Green, CAPSLO, paid with Merry-Go-Round funds

April 13:  Motel stay for homeless woman whose father just passed away.  This allows her to be sheltered while she is getting connected to placement with Peoples’ Self Help Housing and services with Transitions Mental Health.  Referral:  James Statler, Community Counseling Center  ($300) 1473

April 13:  Dental treatment for senior on fixed income living in subsidized housing.  Referral:  Brittany Carraway, Peoples’ Self-Help Housing ($98) 1474

August 14:  Final AT&T bill for elderly woman whose husband has recently passed away, and she herself is now terminally ill and struggling with mounting medical bills.  Referral:  Lydie Mason, County Mental Health ($149.19) 1475

August 15:  Dental treatment for 11-year-old girl.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($110) 1476

Items Donated:  school supplies from Linda Thompson; port-a-crib and air mattress with frame from Marylou Lynch; 2 cases of diapers from Kemay Eoyang; items for Pirates’ Closet from Candy Spahr the Los Osos group delivered by Edna Marie Cole; stamps from Mary Bettencourt; co-sleeper from Julie Jones; high chair and school supplies from Susan Updegrove; changing table pad, newborn clothes, and baby items from Jen Holcombe delivered by Jayne Auchterlonie; bouncer, bathtub, and baby clothes from Stephanie Walker-West; blender from Houry Semerdjian; clothing for Pirates’ Closet from Jackie Miller; rug from Tauria Linala; children’s music passes from Heidi Harmon; crib mattress from Doreen Wetzel; toys, clothes, and children’s shoes from BJ Semmes; twin sheets, towels, and pan from Helma Smulder; clothes and shoes for 2 boys from Operation School Bell via Roberta Filadelfia;  towels, sheets, comforter, TVs, microwave and furniture from Leslie Jones; family passes to Boo Boo's music for kids program from Heidi Harmon;

Funds Donated:  
-->Jayne Devencenzi, Vicki McPartland, Vicki Wyne, Mariam Shah, Amy Wagner, Linda Selig Blonsley, Kathleen ApRoberts, Jen Melton, Kathie Hendricks in fond memory of Aggie Goette – Sharynn Chirpich’s mother, Florence and Frank Simon, Marilyn Banducci, Sandi Pardini, Joanne and Phil Ruggles, Barbara Neuman, in appreciation of Roger and Marlene Carver, Donna Ramos, Mary Bettencourt, Debra Wacher, Anonymous, Liz Curren, Vita Miller, Donna Howard, Gwen Infante, Jeannette Powles, Karen O’Grady, Karen Morgan, Meaghan Gilbert, Andrea Wasko, Susan Hood, Carol Devore, Nancy Shearer, Judy Barclay, Darlene Krouse, Marilyn Fuller, Elaine Gardiner, Jackie Miller, Deborah Whitson in memory and honor of Francis De L’Eau – Leslie Jones’s mother, family reunion donation from Tim and Marilyn Banducci, Naomi Blakely, Barbara Evanish, Ruby Klatt, Linda Pax, Heidi Harmon, Kat Tuculet, Kathie Hannula, Wendy Daly, Nancy Hurd, Bette Kulp, Kathy Greer, Diane McKeague, Marcy Owens, Leslie Jones, estate of Frances De L’Eau, Diana Foch, Kathy Long, Karen Blum, Judy Riener, Mona Tucker, Charlie Holdeman, Joanne Smalley,