Friday, February 28, 2014

What Womenade Shared from February 16th - February 28th

February 18:  Partial payment to purchase a car for domestic violence survivor with 7 children – toddler to middle school ages escaped with only the clothes on their backs.  Referral:  Terri Kurczewski, Child Development Resource Center, Melissa Musgrave and Sami Schermerhorn, San Luis Coastal Schools ($300) 1262

February 18:  Birth certificate fee for man released from prison, so that he can get his right to work documents to find work.  While he was serving time, all his identification papers were lost.  Referral:  Beverly Cook, Shoreline Workforce Development/Goodwill/SLO-One-stop ($20) 1263

February 19:  Government fee and fingerprint payment for woman who will be working with a mentally ill senior housed in Pismo Beach.  The woman does not have the funds to pay these costs; CAPSLO is fortunate to find someone willing and able to work with the senior.  Referral:  Esther Castillo, CAPSLO ($32 and $10) 1264

February 19: iPad repair for a Cambria middle-schooler who had his stepped on.  His single mom is on cash-aid and food stamps.  Referral:  Daniel Rodriquez, LINK ($100) 1265

February 19:  Storage for 2 months for woman who has become homeless.  Referral:  Dan Gross, Transitions-Mental Health ($200) 1266

February 20:  Car registration for elderly woman who has just earned her C.N.A license and is looking for work.  She and her husband, a disabled veteran, live in an RV.  Referral:  Paula Reynoso and Elena Chavez, LINK ($150) 1267

February 20:  2 new tires for a single mother raising a teen daughter.  They are now moving into Section 8 housing, and the mom is looking for a job.  Referral:  Jose Olivera, LINK ($129.42) 1268

February 21:  Diapers for toddler.  Referral:  PHN ($28.07) 1269

February 21:  Car repair to allow homeless woman to get to appointments.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($283.74) 1270

February 21:  Ballet classes for a homeless girl working hard in counseling and in school.   Class costs are reduced by The Ballet Theater, a non-profit.  Referral:  Sami Schermerhorn, San Luis Coastal Schools ($50) 1271

February 24:  Hospital set up equipment for young child to have dental surgery.  Referral:  Dr. Pederson ($100) 1272

February 25: Clothes for a client wearing size 4X, and unable to find clothes at thrift shops.  Referral:  Melanie Bustamante, Transitions Mental Health, and shopping by Mary Kopecky ($150) 1273

February 25:  Diapers and newborn boy clothes.  Referral:  PHN ($57.29) 1274

February 25:  Clothes for violence victims, a mother and her children, who escaped without any personal items.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($100) 1274

February 25:  Personal care items for terminally ill woman.  Referral:  Gloria White, Wilshire Hospice ($50) 1275

February 26:  Dental treatments for 3 brothers.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($380) 1276

February 26:  Shirts and pants for a young man to wear for job interviews.  Referral:  Pieter Neethling, Family Care Network ($150) 1255

February 26:  Partial rent for disabled woman behind in her rent.  Referral:  Drew Washer, French Hospital social worker ($300) 1277

February 26: Partial car repair payment for man who just got a new job, and then his car broke down and had to be towed.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($300) 1278

February 26:  Track fee for girl who very much wants to participate, but her family can’t afford the cost.  Referral:  Megan Healy, Laguna Middle School counselor ($23) 1279

February 27:  Past due utility payments for a single mother of 3 who lost her job, has found another, but will not receive her first paycheck until March 5th.  Referral:  Sami Schermerhorn, San Luis Coastal Schools ($107.48 and $58.09) 1281 and 1282
Items Donated: Books from Linda Thompson; towels from Ginny Kenny; toddler bed and mattress from Jayne Auchterlonie for toddler placed with mother in residential home; twin mattress from Cyndy Later; double bed from Roz Phillips; bed linen and rugs from Patricia Streng; toiletries from Judy Riener; children’s clothes and fabric from Helma Smulder; kitchen items from Jayne Devencenzi; bike from Jim Ellman to boy living in a motel with his mom; high chairs from Cheryl Alikhan and Liz Miller; children’s clothes to ECHO and LINK from Assistance League via Roberta Filadelfia; 2 diaper bags, newborn and children’s clothes from Sandy Amborn;  children's clothes from Pat Cano;

Funds Donated:   Ginny Kenny, Patricia Streng, Linda Murray, Colleen Spafford, Debbie Bennett, Judy Riener, Cloud Star, Linda Jankay, Linda Bishop, Judy Barclay, Melaleuca, Phil and Joanne Ruggles, Lisa Bertrand, Mary Parker,

Saturday, February 15, 2014

What Womenade Shared from February 1 - 15

February 1:  Food for mentally ill mother of a high school boy; they are homeless starting today.  Referral:  Sami Schermerhorn, family advocate, San Luis Coastal Schools. ($200) 1238

February 3:  Cupboard latches, electrical outlet covers, and a safety gate to keep a toddler safe.  Referral:  PHN and shopping by Sandy Amborn ($)

February 3:  Rent for very ill senior citizen living in section 8 housing.  She is now a client of the public guardian, so no one will be able to take advantage of her financially.  Referral:  Dee Torres ($256) 1239

February 4:  Gas for parents in rural North County to visit their newborn in NICU.  Referral:  Sierra Vista social worker ($50) 1240

February 4:  Car insurance payment for single mom who has returned to college, and needs to drive from Atascadero to Cuesta each day. She was trying to look at her needs of housing, food, her son, and if she should continue at college.   Referral:  Tammee Green, CAPSLO (238.34) 1241

February 4:  Partial rent for single young man who has found housing.  Referral:  Eloisa Median, ECHO ($300) 1242

February 4:  Partial rent for single father who got laid off.  Referral:  Ivette Felix, LINK ($300) 1243

February 5:  Twin bed frame for a little girl; the mattress and box springs were donated.  Referral:  Barbara Turk, CWS, and shopping by Marla Lee Eaton ($59.23) 1244

February 6:  Storage fee payment so that an older man will not lose all his possessions, including his father’s ashes.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($110) 1245

February 6:  Dental treatment for 12-year-old girl.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($110) 1246

February 6:  Storage unit payment for a single working mother of two who is being helped to find affordable housing.  Referral:  Jessica Lloyd, Atascadero Junior High ($186.00) 1247

February 6:  PG&E payment for a single dad with 2 children who recently lost his job.  Referral:  Paula Reynoso, LINK ($216.16) 1248

February 9:  Partial rent for a man who has had recent problems, including the theft of his wallet.  Referral:  Michael Sheard, CAPSLO ($249.63) 1249

February 11:  Payment for CHSPE test (Like the GED, but for people under 18.) for a 16-year-old mother of an 8-month old baby who wants to get an early start on community college.  Referral:  Jannine Saldana, CAPSLO, and purchase by Sandy Amborn ($110)

February 11:  Partial rental payment for a single mother whose daughter is mentally and physically ill.  Last month she missed several day of work, and was given fewer hours, so she switched to an employer who is more understanding of her daughter’s condition.  Referral:  Romi Ramirez, LINK ($270) 1250

February 11:  Anesthesia payment for the removal of a toddler’s front teeth due to severe decay.  Parents work at Goodwill and a restaurant, and cannot afford the payment, and MediCal doesn’t cover this.  Referral:  Cristina Macedo, CAPSLO ($270) 1251

February 11:  Partial medical bill payment for elderly woman suffering from debilitating fibromyalgia and chronic depression.  Referral:  Dr. Susan Lundgren ($175) 1252

February 12:  Diapers for family with limited income.  Referral:  PHN ($29.15) 1253

February 12:  Partial car repair payment for homeless man who is trying hard to get off the streets.  Referral:  Kelly Hannula, Independent Living Resource Center ($300) 1254

February 13:  Clothes for a client wearing size 4X, and unable to find clothes at thrift shops.  Referral:  Melanie Bustamante, Transitions Mental Health ($150) 1255

February 13:  Partial rent for family whose father has found a job, but won’t be paid till March.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($300) 1256

February 13: Partial rent for single mother and her 3 children.  She is recovering from uterine surgery and is trying her best to keep up with work and bills.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($200) 1257

February 15:  Government fee and fingerprint payment for woman who will be working with a mentally ill senior housed in Pismo Beach.  The woman does not have the funds to pay these costs; CAPSLO is fortunate to find someone willing and able to work with the senior.  Referral:  Esther Castillo, CAPSLO ($32 and $10) 1258 and 1259

February 14:  Partial payment for extraction of 2 teeth for 15-year-old boy.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($100) 1260

February 15:  Clothes for woman over age 55 who has recently been employed in a school on the Coast.  She has just a few items of clothing, and especially needs a warm coat because she takes the bus from San Luis and then walks 2 miles roundtrip to her job.  Referral:  Holly Ryder, PathPoint/Senior Community Service Employment Program ($200) 1261
Items Donated:  Pans and kitchen items from Scooter Kidwell; bedding from Vicki McPartland and Terry Elfrink; Sofa-bed, table, chairs, video equipment, dishes, linens, and personal care products from Karen O’Grady; silverware from Barbara Rosenthal; sheets, pillowcase, child’s craft from Lori Sonnabend; baby clothes from Rosemary Cleaves; clothes for a teen from Madeline Stevenson, Andrea Devitt, Any Hedges, Nicole Pazdan, Anonymous,; quilt from Katie Perez and Womenade quilters; toiletries and gift cards from Amy Hedges and Madeline Stevenson; baby bouncer and baby carrier from Nicole Pazdan; 2 bikes from Arlene Versaw; children’s and kitchen items from United Methodist Children’s Center rummage sale; quilt fabric from Anonymous; diapers, wipes, and baby shampoo from Susan Updegrove;  

Funds Donated:  United Methodist Church, Mary Parker, Lisa Bertrand, Kathleen Ryan, Nell Quijano, Madeline Fay, Mary Anne Morgan, Mariam Shah, Leslie Jones, Janice Chagoya, Lola Zybura, Marla Lee Eaton, Carol Taylor, Arlene Versaw, Christina Doherty, Amy Hedges, Susan Demma, Cathy Hughes, Mary Weeks, Susan Horwood, Barbara Putman, Jacque Fondren, Nancie Seydel, Joy Pickell, Christen Zybura, Lori Sonnabend, Liz Miller, Carla Haynie, Margaret Helley, Rosemary Cleaves, Madeline Stevenson, Anonymous, Carol Kueny, Cheryl Mihalovits, Candace Guldeman, Judy Barclay, eScrip, Nancy Shearer, Leona Sullivan, Diane Wettlaufer, Candyce Espinoza, Judy Eisenhard, Phyllis Bettencourt, Anonymous in memory of Margie June Butynski,