Saturday, June 21, 2014

Backpacks and School Supplies

Womenade is helping Family Care Network send 100 children of all ages back to school in August.

If you'd like to help, backpacks for ages K-12th are needed.  Plus any of the following supplies.  Please bring to 6099 Marshall Way in Old Country Club, San Luis by JULY 28th.  There are tax donation slips at the door.  Thank you!

·         1 inch binders
·         Lined paper for writing (the more the merrier)
·         Regular #2 Pencils
·         Pens (Black, Blue, Red)
·         Large erasers
·         Pencil cap erasers
·         Crayons (Several smaller boxes would be more helpful than one 150 piece box)
·         Glue Sticks
·         Plastic Rulers
·         Protractors
·         Dividers
·         Graph Paper
·         Twin Pocket Folders
·         Pencil Cases
·         Colored Pencils
·         Small Staplers and Staples

Friday, June 13, 2014

What Womenade Gave from June 1 - 15


June 2:  Partial utility bill payment to prevent shut off.  Parent has been working minimal hours, but recently got an additional side job to help with bills.  Referral:  Daniel Rodriguez, LINK ($300) 1406

June 3:  Sturdy work boots for father of young children.  Referral:  Yecenia Silvas, Oceano School Readiness, and shopping by Jacque Wheeler ($)

June 3:  Installation of a new motor to a vehicle so that the family can follow through on support services for their children.  Referral:  Jessica Harper, Martha’s Place Children’s Assessment Center ($300) 1407

June 3:  Partial payment for a car for an older woman who has just gotten a job.  Referral:  Kelly Hannula, Independent Living Resources ($200) 1408

June 3:  Diapers for babies in 3 families.  Referrals:  PHN, and Yecenia Silvas, Oceano School Readiness ($60.45) 1409

June 5:  Partial summer day care for 7-year-old girl whose single mom has a chronic and deteriorating health problem.  Referral:  Jill Anderson, therapist, Martha’s Place  ($300) 1410

June 5:  Summer gymnastics (3 months) for a 4-year-old boy whose father is incarcerated and mother is in a nursing school program.  Referral:  Jill Anderson, therapist, Martha’s Place  ($162) 1411

June 5:  Partial payment for 4 extractions for the child of a single parent.  They have to travel to Santa Barbara because no oral surgeon in our county takes Medi-Cal.  Referral:  Lorena Gomez, First Five Health, CAPSLO ($300) 1412

June 5:  Partial payment for new tires so that a young woman can safely get to job interviews.  Referral:  Starr Cloyd, Transitions Mental Health ($300) 1413

June 6:  Partial car repair to allow older woman to stay independent.  Referral:  Kelly Hannula, Independent Living Resource Center ($300) 1414

June 6:  Car repair for a family that has been without a car for 2 years.  Referral:  Lyndal Hayes, Family Care Network ($275) 1415

June 6:  Bus pass for man to find employment.  Referral:  John Byers, Transitions Mental Health ($44) 1416

June 6:  Shoes for a mother of 3 children who walks as transportation, and her feet are severely suffering.  She is a low-income field worker.  Referral:  PHN ($100) 1417

June 6:  Gas card for a single mom who works 2 jobs to support herself and her daughter.  The mom recently was diagnosed with cancer, had surgery, and is going through chemotherapy.  The chemo has made her sick, and unable to work as often.  Referral:  Michelle Gaulden, County Mental Health Therapist, ($100) 1417

June 6:  Cap and gown and yearbook for Liberty High School graduate.  Her father is proud of his daughter, especially since he did not graduate; he cannot afford to purchase these items.  Referral Else Mai Curry, County Behavioral Health ($35 and $15) 1418 and 1419

June 6:  Dental treatment for 2 siblings.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($320) 1420

June 6:  Cell phone for homeless woman to keep in touch with services.  Referral:  Veronica Cablayan, LINK ($50) 1421

June 6:  Full size high chair.  Family doesn’t have a chair on which to put our smaller high chairs.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Jacque Wheeler ($)

June 6:  Potty-chair for toddler.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Jacque Wheeler ($)

June 6:  Sewing machine for teen dealing with multiple health problems as well as severe depression.  Referral:  Sara Cress, Community Health Center counselor ($80.61) 1422

June 10:  Car repair for 65-year-old disabled woman who is struggling with many health issues.  Referral:  Jeff Pienack, Transitions Mental Health ($200) 1423

June 10:  Diapers and wipes for baby of a teen crime victim.  Referral:  Andrea Blanco, San Luis Coastal ($48.10) 1424

June 11:  Bunk beds for sisters currently sleeping on the floor.  Referral:  Jose Olivera, LINK ($250) 1425
 June 11:  Summer pool pass for 8th grade boy who has been recommended to engage in activities for health reasons.  Parents are working, but have limited resources.  Referral:  Daniel Rodriguez, LINK ($44) 1426

Items Donated:  
--> home care for cancer victim from Linda Holland; clothes to Pirates’ Closet from Vita Miller; sewing items from Marylou Gooden; blenders, toys, crib, port-a-crib, and high chair from Jen Melton; twin mattress from Rawley Regier and wood bed frame from Jess Cheda; toiletries from Doreen Wetzel; toys, electric plug covers, and stroller from Linda Jankay; North County delivery by Joy Sostrin; respite care for cancer victim from Linda Holland; high chair and baby clothes from Julie Frankel; boy clothes and exersaucer from Judy Riener; toys from Ann Fryer; co-sleeper from Lesa Smith; baby clothes from Helma Smulders; baby bouncer, bottles, sterilizer, high chair, and toys from Naomi Blakely; 2 bikes and helmets from Jim Ellman; cancer treatment transportation from Carolyn Goossens and Janell Todd; baby clothes from Katie Perez; items transported between San Luis and North County by Dee Lacy; beanies for boy with head condition being teased from Katie Perez and Carolyn Goossens  ; baby clothes from Marylou Gooden and Diana Foch; baby bjorn from Jayne Engle Allen; toddler bed, bedding, and boy clothes from Sylvia and David Gomes; children’s clothes and toys from Mariam Shah; help moving a cancer victim from Roberta Filadelfia; clothes to Pirate’s Plaza from Vita Miller; booster seat and toiletries from Rosemary Cleaves; Singer sewing kit and fabric from Beckie Geddes; clothes from Anonymous; can openers from Jayne Devencenzi; umbrella stroller from Cindy Hilton; moving support for woman and her husband who are very ill from Gary Nemetz and Bruce Rolph; twin sheets from Kathy Greer; home support for liver transplant patient from Jennifer Peracchi Harmon; items to Merry-Go-Round by Susan Updegrove; toiletries from Sally Delgado; booster from Rosemary Cleaves; high chairs from Mary Weeks, Marla Lee Eaton, and Arlene Versaw; items from Lynda Pepper; baby bouncer Justin and Rosa Couto; 3 bike helmets from Elaine Stewart; double bed and linens from Nancy Reid; blankets from Jeanette Bruton and Judy Cunningham; fabric from Katie Perez; crib sheets and children’s items from Judy Cunningham; baby clothes from Hospice Partners Hope Chest via Sharynn Chirpich; crib mattress, sheets, mattress pads, clothes and child’s chair from Molly Preston; double stroller, crib sheets and blankets, clothes, and toys from Roxanne Pryor; sunhat and blankets from Katie Perez;

Funds Donated:
Diane Wettlaufer, Melaleuca, Leona Sullivan, Kathy Long, Anonymous, Karen Muschenetz, Sally Equinoa, Phyllis Martinelli, Naomi Blakely to honor the birthday of Toni Andre, Ann Robinson, Mary Lou Johnson, Janis Woolpert in memory of Chris Money, Management Educators Council of San Luis Coastal Schools in honor of the retirement of Marylou Gooden; Nora Lee, Donna Nisbet, Chistine and Richard Cogger, Nancy Schwager, Corinne and Norman Belsterling, Karen and John Anderson, Roberta and Robert Kay, Marna and Kimball Lombardi, Joanne and Paul La Plante, Becca Hoover, Carol and Joe Strong, Jennifer Fieger, Jamie Herbon, Shirley and Ronald Richard, Stephen Lacki, Linda and Dean Adams, Christi and Gary Nemetz, Claire and Paul Granbery, Dorothy and Jack Mauger, Jacqueline and Peter Evans, Marilyn and Bruce Rolph, Sue and Robert Smith, Karen Steves, Marcia and John Traversaro, Linda and Stephen Souza, Vicki and Stanton Wyne, Jane and William Fairbairn, Arlene and Laurance Shinderman, Susan and Thomas Ashford, Frances and Brent Norris, Amy and Thomas Hedges, Betty and John Scully, Cheryl Lesinski in honor of volunteers in Room 2 at Los Ranchos, Linda and Jeff Garza, Carol Winger, Anonymous, Judy Barclay, Dawn Tyra, Sara Cress, Marcie and John Lindvall, Diane Wettlaufer,