Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shared from April 16 - 30


April 16:  Diapers and wipes for toddler.  Referral:  PHN and delivery by Dana Lundy and Julie Diffenbaugh ($41.02) 1336

April 16:  Safety gate so a mom can bring home a Foster child.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Anne Appel

April 16:  Safety gate and baby bathtub thermometer.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Anne Appel

April 16:  Clothes for 13-year-old boy who has been placed with his mother and is in desperate need.  Referral:  Belinda Benassi and Lori Spire, Department of Social Services ($100) 1337

April 17:  Partial past due utility payment to restore service for a large, struggling family.  Referral:  Jenna Wolfson, social worker, Family Care Network ($300) 1338

April 17:  Vacuum cleaner for family whose autistic child broke their old one.  Referral:  Tammee Green, CAPSLO ($106.92) 1339

April 17:  Trac-phone and minutes for homeless, pregnant mother of 2 living in their car who needs to communicate with social services.  Referral:  Erin Holmes, County social worker ($47.45) 1340

April 17:  Partial car repair for mom who is being evicted.  In recent months, she has lost 2 brothers and a job.  She currently has a job interview, and a car in necessary.  Referral:  Belinda Benassi and Oscar Rubio, County Welfare Services ($300) 1341

April 18:  Gas and motel stay for woman to go to UCLA for medical testing.  Referral:  Dorothy Irwin and Belinda Benassi, County Social Services ($305.95) 1342

April 18:  Partial utility payment to prevent shut off for single mother of 3.  Referral:  Tammee Green, CAPSLO ($300) 1343

April 21:  Partial car repair for single mother with 2 small children, so she can take everyone to therapy, school and medical appointments.  Referral:  Rachel Tarver, Martha’s Place Children’s Center ($300) 1344

April 21:  Transfer bench for single mom to use to move her daughter during and after seizures and when bathing.  Referral:  DeAnn Oliver, San Luis Coastal nurse, and shopping by Anne Appel

April 23:  San Luis city bus passes for students aged 15 and 17 having difficulties getting to school.  Referral:  Lisa Simard, Olive Grove Charter School ($50) 1346

April 23:  Food and gas for a single mom with children ages 8 and 2 who lost her job due to blood poisoning and hospitalization.  She is ineligible for disability, but would have received it if she had worked at her job for 1 more week.  Referral:  Tatiana Abundis, Big Brothers/Sig Sisters ($300) 1347

April 24:  IPad repair for special needs son of single mom who works 7 days a week.  The iPad is necessary for him to complete his schoolwork.  Referral:  Daniel Rodriguez, LINK ($100) 1348

April 24:  Partial payment for special needs middle school student to attend the San Francisco class trip.  He has worked hard all year, and his single mom has managed to save $300 toward this trip.  Referral:  Daniel Rodriguez, LINK ($200) 1349

April 24:  Dental treatment for 10-year-old.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($110) 1350

April 25:  Motel stay for single mother and 3 children to keep them from going homeless before their housing is ready May 1st.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($340) 1351

April 27:  Formula for a seriously ill infant who has been going to the doctor for testing, and needs specific baby formula to help keep food in the system.  Mom is not working; dad works full time.  Referral:  Daniel Rodriguez, LINK, and shopping by Rosemary Cleaves ($100) 1352

April 27:  Unscented diapers for baby with allergies.  Referral:  PHN ($50.51) 1353

April 28:  Partial payment for medical procedure for youngest of 5 children.  Very low income family with multiple healthcare concerns.  Referral:  Cristina Macedo, CAPSLO ($300) 1354

April 29:  Car repair for woman who just received a full time caregiver position with an agency.  She is living in rural North County while in recovery.  Referral:  Kelly Hannula, Independent Living Resource Center ($300) 1355

April 30: Gas card for parents to visit their premature baby while he is in the NICU for the next 2 months.  Father is hard-working vineyard employee.  Referral:  Sierra Vista social worker ($100) 1356

Items Donated:   
-->Diapers from Vita Miller; hair brushes for Pirates’ Closet from Edna Marie Cole; port-a-crib and stroller from Julie Holland; crib and high chair from Carol Marble; 4 hand knit baby blankets from Ruth Nagano; can openers from Anonymous; clothes for Pirates’ Closet from Assistance League; socks from Rose Marie Krantz; books from Anonymous; Cookie Crock gift certificate from Linda Williams to a homeless family in dire need; port-a-crib from Phyllis Bettencourt; high chair and can openers from Diane McKeague; crib from Phyllis Martinelli retrofitted and delivered by Terry Elfrink; bike from Heidi and Hannah Gill; clothes and toys from Mariam Shah; 2 twin beds from BJ Semmes; stroller and high chair from Deborah Whitson; bed from Leslie Jones; port-a-crib, high chair, books, and toys from Leo MacCallum;
Funds Donated:   
--> Melaleuca, Ingrid Pires, Timmy Gong, Cloud Star, Dawna Davies, Anonymous, Anneka Scranton, Vita Miller, Lana Hollady, Linda Quesenberry, Central Coast Circle of Friends, Meghan Gilbert, Andrea Wasko, Evelyn Ruehr, Marie Allen, Liz Curren, Darlene Krouse, Carol Devore, Marianita Borgstrom, Judy Riener, Lisa Wearda, Lisa Simon, Michelle Tasseff, Ann McMahon, Marilyn Fuller, Diana Foch,

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shared From April 1 - 15

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April 1:  Partial rent for single mom and her children.  Referral:  Ivette Felix, LINK  ($300) check number 1320

April 1:  Partial rent for single mother on medical leave due to an injury.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($300) 1323

April 1:  Partial rent for single mother whose hours at the hotel where she works have been cut, and she is struggling with her son’s mental instability since his father left.  Referral:  Romi Ramirez, LINK ($250) 1324

April 2:  Driver’s license fee so a woman can take her husband, newly diagnosed with cancer, to appointments.  They have no income.  Referral:  Drew Washer, French Hospital social worker ($48) 1325

April 2:  Partial PG&E payment for mother of 5 children whose husband left her for another woman.  The electricity has been off for 6 weeks.  Referral:  Stella Medina, LINK ($300) 1326

April 4:  Clothes for a 17-year-old who has returned home after living on the streets.  Referral:  Belinda Benassi, CWS ($150) 1327

April 4:  Bumbo to help child sit up.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Anne Appel ($)

April 8:  Partial deposit for Housing Authority placement for homeless Vet and his wife.  He has finished school to be a Psych Tech, and will hopefully be employed soon; his wife is disabled.  Referral:  Kelly Hannula, Independent Living Resource Center ($300) 1329

April 8:  Child safety gate to protect toddler.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Anne Appel ($)

April 8:  Dental treatment for 16-year-old boy.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($110) 1330

April 10:  Partial rent for single mother of 2 who is in the process of finding a job.  Referral:  Romi Ramirez, LINK ($300) 1331

April 11:  Emergency gas so a family can drive to safety at the Women’s Shelter.  Referral:  Lyndal Hayes, Family Care Network ($50) 1332

April 12:  Electric plug covers to protect a toddler and a sweater for an 18-month-old.  Referral:  PHN and shopping by Anne Appel ($)

April 14:  Childcare registration fee for children of a single mom.  Referral:  Lisa Martinez, Women’s Shelter ($50) 1333

April 15:  Partial payment for tuition to SkillsUSA for a bright, hard-working student who has raised a good part of the funds herself.  Referral:  Ivette Felix, LINK ($50) 1334

April 15:  Dental treatment for 15-year-old boy.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($110) 1335

Items Donated:  Stove from Bob Campbell; dishes and glasses from Naomi Blakely; sofa from Amy Hedges; 6 can openers from Kathy Greer; 4 dining chairs from Karen Morgan; washer and dryer for developmentally delayed parents from Julie Jones delivered by volunteers from Mountainbrook Church; cordless phone for a handicapped woman from Marylou Gooden; sheets and towels from anonymous; backpack tags from Kim Meyer; crib from Lisa Aquino delivered by Terry Elfrink and David Buck-Moyer; baby boy clothes from Helma Smulders, Susan Updegrove, and Merry-Go-Round scrip; toiletries and cards from Carol Leong; can openers from Susan Updegrove;

-->Funds Donated:  Naomi Blakely, Sandee McLaughlin, Angela Soll, Mary Parker, Lisa Bertrand, Elaine Gardiner, Carol Devore in memory of Norm Tiber and Sue Parks, Julie Schultz, Janet Kourakis, Debbie Bennett, Lainie Wachter in memory of Sue Parks, Judy Barclay, Nancy Mullin, Janis Woolpert, Valerie Endres, Gayle Harbert, Mila Vujovich-La Barre, John Spatafore, Carol Tickner, Diane Wettlaufer, Carol Leong,