Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What Womenade Shared November 1st - November 15th

November 3:  Thyroid biopsy for a single mother.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina from CHC ($120) 3132

November 3:  Food and gas to help a Veteran who is caring for his elderly father.  His unemployment benefits have been held up because he started a training program to better his chances of finding a sustainable job in the future.  Referral:  Beverly Cook, America’s Job Center ($100) Debit

November 3:  Medication and partial utility payment for a single mother of 2 high school students.  She is currently borrowing money until her court date on the 15th when she hopes spousal support is re-instated or wages garnished.  Referral:  Catherine Manning, People’s Self-Help Housing ($150 and $150) 3133 and 3134

November 4:  Entry to a Sober Living home for a gentleman who has no family or friends who can help him.  Social services will be able to help him get a job going forward.   Referral:  Laurie Post, Twin Cities Hospital social worker ($300) 3135

November 4:  Food and gas for a mother of 4 whose husband left her a few weeks ago and she is struggling to keep her family together on her minimum wage job.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($150) 3136

November 4:  Clothes and hygiene supplies for a man who has just been released from custody.  Referral:  Paterese Reynolds, County Intensive Outpatient Treatment ($150) 3137

November 4:  Public defender fees for an elderly woman doing well, being taken off probation, and struggling with finances.  Referral:  Jennifer Woodward, County Drug and Alcohol Services ($120) 3138

November 4:  Food for a mother and her 3 children who are moving to housing.  Referral:  Jennifer Woodward, County Drug and Alcohol Services ($100) 3139

November 4:  Partial rent for a woman who had surgery and is unable to work for the next few weeks.  Referral:  Jose Comacho, Family Care Network  ($300) 3140

November 4:  Glasses for a 39-year-old man who is disabled and can’t see to participate in his vocational rehabilitation.  Referral:  Andrea Herrera, Transitions-Mental Health  ($75) 3141

November 4:  Warm clothes and shoes for the 2 little girls of a formerly incarcerated single mom who is working as a motel maid.  Referral:  Janet Allenspach, CAPSLO ($150) 3142

November 7:  Partial rent to move from homelessness to a room a 52-year-old man in a wheelchair after an accident caused blindness in 1 eye and the loss of a leg.  Referral:  Lori Eister, Transitions-Mental Health ($250) 3143

November 7:  Partial rent for a Veteran in addiction treatment.  Referral:  Mayra Martinez, HUD VASH ($144) 3144

November 7:  Utility payments for an 87-year-old woman struggling with dementia.  Due to her illness, she missed the deadline to renew her Medi-Cal, and Social Security withheld $300 from her $847 monthly payment.  Referral:  Brittany Venia, People’s Self-Health Housing ($98, $22.41, $33.68) 3145, 6, 7

November 7:  RTA monthly passes for 2 men attending groups 4 days a week and Court on Fridays.  Referral:  Rosie Armendariz, County Adult Treatment Court, and shopping by Nicki Bywater ($88)

November 7:  RTA pass for a woman in her last month of treatment.  Referral:  Maria Aquino, County Drug and Alcohol, and shopping by Nicki Bywater ($44)

November 7:  RTA pass for a young man who is homeless and needing travel from Atascadero to San Luis twice weekly for his treatment sessions.  Referral:  Else Mai Curry, County Behavioral Health, and shopping by Nicki Bywater ($44)

November 7:  Shoes for 2 children of a single mom; the family is living out of their car.  Referral:  Martha’s Place Children’s Center ($100) 3148

November 7:  Driving lessons for a single mother with a young child.  Referral:  Public Health Nurse ($150) 3149

November 8:  Partial payment for a Veteran who had a stove fire in their public housing.  With our initial payment for repair, HASLO will allow them to set up a payment plan going forward.  Referral:  Michael Ostash, HUD/VASH ($300) 3150

November 8:  Partial funeral costs for a family whose mother passed away and their father is in dialysis.  Referral:  Elosia Medina ($300) 3151

November 8:  Children’s Health Insurance premium for a single dad caring for his 4 children.  Referral:  Stella Medina, LMUSD ($195) 3152

November 8:  Motel stay while a room is found for a 53-year-old woman with chronic respiratory failure who is unable to stay at the shelter because of medications she takes for chronic pain.  Referral:  Cyndi Murray, Bayside Care Center social worker ($265.12) Cash

November 8:  Partial rent payment for a single mom of 2 children whose husband went to jail last week due to a violation of his parole.  Referral:  Katy Griffin, Highlands Church ($300) 3153

November 8:  Food for a disabled father and his daughter who has just come to live with him due to safety issues at the mom’s home.  Clothes for the 15-year-old daughter.  The father lives on $800 a month.  Referral:  Terrie Humphrey and Barbara Turk, Department of Social Services ($300) Debit

November 9:  Referral:  Partial rent for a single mother who is struggling through a difficult time.  Referral:  Jessica Baza, CAPSLO ($100) 3154

November 9:  Kitchen items for a young woman moving to housing.  Referral:  Belinda Benassi, Department of Social Services ($100) 3155

November 9:  Food for an elderly couple whose perishable food has gone bad during a move to housing.  Referral:  Tito  Ponce, People’s Self-Help Housing ($100) 3156

November 9:   Breast milk storage freezer bags for a new mother.  Referral:  Public Health Nurse ($19.97) Debit

November 9:  Car registration for a single mother struggling with car repairs to get her vehicle fit to drive her children to school.  Referral:  Daniela Garcia, Lucia Mar Families in Transition ($92) 3157

November 10:  Restoration of electricity for a family that has been without power since September, using an ice chest for food storage and candles/flashlight for lighting.  The single mother of 2 has a job interview today.  Referral:  Belinda Benassi and Danilyn Quezada, County Department of Social Services ($292.49) 3158

November 10:  Partial rent for mother who is recovering from Pneumonia and Valley Fever.  When she returns to work, she will be able to maintain her rent and the rent she pays for her 17-year-old son living in a residence that cares for him and his mental health issues.  Referral:  Michelle Bechard, County Child Welfare Services ($200) 3159

November 10:  Clothing support for a mother and her family of 4 boys.  Referral:  Stella Medina, Lucia Mar Unified Schools ($100) Debit

November 10:  Gas card for the single mother of a 4-year-old who is struggling to make it through the semester.  Referral:  Andrea Devitt, Cuesta College counselor ($50) Debit

November 10:  Healthy food for a teen who lives in a household where mom buys mostly junk food.  Referral:  Colleen Ryan, SLO Coastal Therapy ($50) Debit

November 11:  Clothes for a mother and her 8-year-old son.  Referral:  Colleen Ryan, SLO Coastal Therapy ($100) Debit

November 11:  Food for a victim of domestic violence who called law enforcement after being threatened with murder/suicide.  Referral:  Stella Medina, Lucia Mar Unified School District ($150) 3160

November 11:  Emergency motel stay for a woman just discharged from the hospital.  Referral:  Lisa Salopek, Central Coast Home Health social worker ($228.74) 3161

November 14:  Car repair for  a man living in a Sober Living home.  Referral:  Rocio Willard, County Behavioral Health ($161.99) 3162

November 14:  Baby bottles for newborn triplets in a struggling family.  Referral:  Public Health Nurse ($17.88) Debit

November 14:  Baby front carrier for a mother needing to take her infant on the bus.  Referral:  Public Health Nurse ($18.88) Debit

November 14:  Potty chair for 2 siblings.  Referral:  Public Health Nurse ($14.17) Debit

November 14:  Partial rent for a single mother and her 2 children involved in a domestic abuse situation; they were served a 3 day notice to pay rent or quit.  Referral:  Katy Griffin, Highlands Church ($300) 3163

November 14:  Partial rent for a woman and her children who recently left their abusive relationship, and he was the financial provider.  Referral:  Janett Garcia, RISE ($200) 3164

November 15:  Groceries for a mother of 5 who is going to school full time and working almost full time and having difficulties making ends meet.  Referral:  Bailey Drechsler, Cuesta College  ($300) Debit

November 15:  Life alert system for a 69-year-old single woman who is terminally ill and living alone.  Referral:  Kelly Allen, Dignity Health Hospice ($102.59) Debit

November 15:  After school childcare for 2 sisters who were removed from their drug exposed home and are now living with their aunt and uncle; the girls arrived with no possessions.  Referral:  Lizzy Dembosz, Kinship Center ($300) 3165

November 15:  PG&E payment to prevent shut off for a new mother who just found out she has cancer and can’t work due to aggressive treatment.  Referral:  Gloria Caine, Hearst Cancer Resource Center ($208.88) 3166

Items Donated:  toiletries and art supplies from Arlene Yost; wipes from Cheri Briskey; small appliances from Linda Thompson; diapers from KeMay Eoyang, children's clothes, detergent, and cooking oil from Heidi Boatman; delivery by Kat Tuculet; Backpack food from Carla Lalley, Leslie Rotstein, and Carol Devore; bike from Christi Nemetz; kitchen items from Susan Updegrove; bed linens from Ann and Bill Palmer, a bounty of purchased IKEA bags for Nipomo Food Distribution from Jen Melton; dishes from Steve and Jayne Devencenzi; baby items from Anonymous; pots and pans from Lydia Werner; children's jackets from Anonymous; yarn for knitters at the Woman’s Honor Farm from Ann Gough’s Friday Knitting Group via Judy Lange; mastectomy bras and prosthesis from Anonymous; crib and linens from Michelle Garner;

Admin Funds Donated:  Dana Starkovich, Rita Erwin,

Funds Donated:  Patty Aguilar, Lisa Bertrand, Sharynn Chirpich, Marina Garza, Zaf and Patrice Iqbal, Anonymous,  Anneka Scranton, Jayne Devencenzi, Jean Steel, Carol Devore, Karen Muschenetz, Liz Curren, Jeannette Powles, Vita Miller, Deborah Whitson, Evelyn Ruehr, Linda Quesenberry, Karen O’Grady, Rochelle Johnson, Maribeth Peterson, Jana Coulston, Susan Hood, Pat Avant-Kern, Micki Avant, Fred Donati, Arlene Versaw, Phyllis Bettencourt, Madeline Stevenson, Carol Pillsbury, Candace Guldeman, Malka Kutner, Gwen Carton, Jerrie Anne Jeffries, Carol Boatman, Flatirons Mortgage & Investments Inc., Mariam Shah, Leslie Jones, Grace Nagel, Janice Chagoya, Nicki Bywater, Marilyn Knollenberg, Kathi Cohl, Bonnie Rivera, Carol Chenot, Tina Doherty, Lynn Heinrich, Ardith Julien-Heinrich, Joy Pickell, Madeline Fay, Mary Anne Morgan, Marla Lee Eaton, Janis Dreyer, Linda Walker-Hill, Linda Burke, Rosemary Cleaves, Jayne Devencenzi, Tom and Kathy McLaughlin, Michele Williams, Hands Gallery Event, Lisa Simon, Anne Syer, John and Marcie Lindvall, Sue McCutcheon, Mary Parker, Ann McMahon, Marilyn Reasoner, Butch and Pam Fischer, Catholic Daughters, Daniel Gibbons, Joanne and Phil Ruggles, Karen Horst, Sue Smith, Ginny Kenny, Lynn De Leo, Susan Demma, Congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Luis Obispo County, Michael McGee, Diane Wettlaufer, Ann Miller, 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

What Womenade Shared October 16th - October 31st

October 21:  Partial car payment to help a woman get a vehicle in order to maintain employment and reunify with her children.  Referral:  Jessica Mathia and Belinda Benassi, Child Welfare Services ($300) 3113

October 21:  Childcare and meals for 4 children while their mother, a farm worker, is recovering from a mastectomy.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, Hearst Cancer Resource Center ($325) 3114

October 21:  Food for a recently disabled mother and her 3-year-old.  Referral:  Blanca Flores, Central Coast Home Health ($100) 3115

October 23:  Partial payment for replacement of missing molars so a senior woman on a limited income can eat a healthy diet.  Referral:  Brittany Caraway, People’s Self-Help Housing ($317) 3116

October 24:  Partial deposit to move a combat Veteran and his family that includes 4 children from a 1-bedroom apartment to a 3-bedroom unit.  Referral: Michael Ostash, HUD-VASH ($300) 3117

October 24:  Planner for a Foster child to use with his school work. Referral:  Linsey Boncquet, Family Care Network and shopping by Linda Thompson

October 25:  Bras and under garments for a young woman.  Referral:  Trista Ochoa, Transitions-Mental Health ($100) 3118

October 25:  Handicap door knobs, the flat kind you push down, for all doors in the apartment of a woman who is low income and suffering COPD and Lupus.  Referral:  Megan Richert, Central Coast Home Health ($300) Debit

October 25:  Food for a family of 6 to hold them over till November.  The father just had emergency surgery and the mother was laid off from her seasonal job.  Referral:  Stella Medina, Lucia Mar Unified School District and shopping by Linda Thompson ($150) 3130

October 25:  Room rent for a single mother and her 3 children.  They were evicted from their apartment, and are staying in a room until they can find something bigger they can afford.  Referral:  Ricardo Vazquez, LINK ($300) 3119

October 25:  Car payment for a formerly homeless woman who now has a place and needs her car to look for work.  Referral:  Jennifer Woodward, County Drug and Alcohol ($300) 3120

October 25:  Replacement of front vehicle axles so a 60-year-old woman can drive to her cancer treatments.  Referral:  Kevin Reeder, Transitional Food and Shelter ($278.05) 3121

October 25:  DMV registration payment so a woman doesn’t risk losing her job and apartment.  Referral:  Dan Keller, Transitions-Mental Health ($250) 3122

October 26:  Sensory Integration therapy for a 6-year-old, an abuse victim.  Referral:  Suzanne Gorter, LMFT ($200) 3123

October 27:  Gas and partial car payment for a victim who suffers PTSD and severe depression from multiple rapes.  Referral:  Marina Garza, LMFT ($200 and $100) 3124 and Debit

October 27:  Food and gas for parents of an infant boy in the NICU.  Parents spent the first 2 weeks of their baby’s life sleeping in the UCLA  Medical Center waiting rooms with little food for themselves and their other child, a toddler.  Referral:  Sierra Vista social workers ($200) Debit

October 27:  Gas so a child can be driven to Head Start.  Both mother and child are domestic violence victims, and the boy just had surgery as a result of being beaten by his dad.  Referral:  Tala Romero, CAPSLO ($100) Debit

October 28:  Background check so a woman can get a job.  Referral:  Paterese Reynolds, County Intensive Outreach Program ($62)  3125

October 28:  Gas card for a single mom, a re-entry student with 3 children, who fled a domestic violence situation.  Referral:  Andrea Devitt, Cuesta counselor ($100) 3126

October 28:  Martial arts classes for a student in therapy who needs a physical exertion outlet.  Referral:  Robin Kirby,  San Luis Obispo County Office of Education ($99) 3127

October 31:  Car payment for a formerly homeless single mom with a toddler and a newborn who just moved in to a trailer.  Referral:  Public Health Nurse ($200) 3128

October 31:  Car repair for a woman who was released from custody recently and is looking for a job and planning to earn her GED.  Referral:  Rocio Willard, San Luis Obispo County Behavioral Health ($280) 3129

Items Donated: 
Los Osos Backpack food from Jackie Miller and Susan Hood; children’s jackets from Sarah Johnson; Backpack food from Amanda Lake; children's bouncer and clothes from Faith Wu; bunk bed from Kay; Los Osos Backpack food from Melodianne Duffy; booster and stroller from Jane Larkin; coffee pot from Linda Thompson, twin and double bed linens from Marylou Gooden; diapers and wipes from Robin White, baby wipes, can openers, and reusable bags from Judy Eisenhard, pack-n-play from Rosemary Cleaves, swim cap from Sarah Levanway, diapers from Olivia and her mom; driving by Linda Jankay;

Admin Funds Donated:  Leslie Rotstein, Darlene Krouse,

Funds Donated:  Ann Miller, Diane Wettlaufer, Diana Foch, Betsy MacDonald, Madelyn Millholland and Warren Lowry, Melaleuca, Kat Tuculet, M. W. Gibson, Wendy Daly - Open Studios, Peti and Donna, Ingrid Pires, Cindy Sullivan in honor of John and Marcie Lindvall's 50th anniversary, Darlene Krouse, Ann McMahon, Frank and Sandy Richardson in honor of John and Marcie Lindvall’s 50th anniversary, Cathy Marvier, Faith Wu, Judy Eisenhard, Gail Sears, Joan Kennedy-Fox, Peti Johnson, Anthony Salome, Laurie Wermuth, Vita Miller, Susan Hood, Carol Devore, Liz Curren, Francine Harrell, Nancy Johnson, Martha Azevedo, Lynda Allen, Charla Whitman, Jillian Vancura, Libbie Agran, Evelyn Ruehr, Linda Quesenberry, Christine Johnson, Jeannette Powles, Rawley Regier, Terri Norlock, Ball Drop donations, Maggie Raggatz, California Scenic Coast Doll Club, Kathy Gisler, Kathy Greer, Jayne Devencenzi - Open Studios; Jennifer Miner, Grace Moore, Stefanie Pieters, Deborah Burgo, Laura Shepardson, Donna Gang, Paula Marie Ranney, Robin White, Michelle McGill, Sally Woelper, Janice Chagoya, Rosemary Cleaves, Debra Jackson, Sharon Lechner, Mary Anne Morgan, Peggy Ann Freehauf, Michelle Townsend, Barbara Rosenthal, Diana Henderson, Lynda Allen, Nan Williamson, Carrie Zinn, Bob and Carol Kerwin,