Tuesday, July 22, 2014

School Supplies and Diapers Needed

Womenade is helping Family Care Network send 100 children of all ages back to school in August.
If you'd like to help, backpacks for ages K-12th are needed.  Plus any of the following supplies.  Please bring to 6099 Marshall Way in Old Country Club, San Luis by JULY 28th.  There are tax donation slips at the door.  Thank you!

·         1 inch binders
·         Lined paper for writing (the more the merrier)
·         Regular #2 Pencils
·         Pens (Black, Blue, Red)
·         Large erasers
·         Pencil cap erasers
·         Crayons (Several smaller boxes would be more helpful than one 150 piece box)
·         Glue Sticks
·         Plastic Rulers
·         Protractors
·         Dividers
·         Graph Paper
·         Twin Pocket Folders
·         Pencil Cases
·         Colored Pencils
·         Small Staplers and Staples


 July Diaper Drive:  Engle and Associates Insurance at 1236 Higuera in San Luis is sponsoring a diaper drive for Womenade!  Even partial packages may be donated.  Wipes are needed, as well.  Items may also be delivered to their Morro Bay office:  1203 Main Street.  Thanks Jayne Engle Allen for making this happen!  And thank you for bring diapers!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What Womenade and You Shared from July 1 - 15


July 3:  Childcare for single mom with 2 children.  Referral:  Daniel Rodriguez, LINK ($300) 1442

July 3:  Dental treatment for 12-year-old boy.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($110) 1443

July 3:  Childcare for 4-year-old who has been placed in multiple homes and is now in an adoptive home.  She needs socialization before entering preschool in the fall.  Referral:  Casey Roos, County Mental Health ($246) 1444

July 3:  Childcare for 18-year-old mother who has found employment and needs childcare paid until she receives her first paycheck.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, LINK 1445

July 3:  Double stroller for mother’s toddler and newborn.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Edna Marie Cole ($35)

July 3:  Partial rent for mother who works for a school district but is not paid in summer.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($300) LINK

July 3:  Food, diapers, and wipes for  6 families living under 1 roof with 11 children.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($300) 1447

July 7:  Food for children staying with family while mother and daughter are at Stanford for the daughter’s myeloid leukemia treatment.  Referral:  Tatiana Abundis, Big Brother/Big Sisters ($200) 1448

July 7:  Skateboard for 12-year-old’s birthday.  He and his sisters are staying with his grandmother while his mother is with another sister staying at Ronald McDonald House for months.  Referral:  David Lichti, LMFT MFC ($53.98) 1449

July 7:  Partial rent for elderly couple moving to housing after living in their car.  Referral:  Larry Feldt, CAPSLO ($300) 1450

July 9:  Child’s birth certificate to help grandmother assume custody of 12-year-old grandchild.  Referral:  Lydie Mason, County Mental Health ($28) 1451

July 8:  Partial payment for replacement of electrical boxes for single woman displaced from her rural home due to fire.  Electricity is needed for the home and well pump.  Referral:  Karla Quiroga, AIDS Support Network  $100 gift certificate from Miner’s Hardware ($300) 1452

July 9:  Diapers for children in 2 families.  Referral:  Yecenia Silvas, Oceano School Readiness ($50.72) 1453

July 9:  Partial deposit to secure an apartment for a 30-year-old single mom working 2 jobs.  Referral:  Kathleen Brintnall, ECHO ($200) 1454

July 10:  Partial rent for family threatened with eviction after the father was laid off from work.  Their 4-yrear-old daughter, who makes frequent trips to specialists at SBCH, has a medical condition that depends on stable housing.  Referral:  Alyssa Canada, pediatric social worker, Santa Barbara Cottage Children’s Hospital ($300) 1455

July 11:  Clothes for a domestic violence victim now living with her son.  Referral:  Linda Quesenberry, Transitions Mental Health ($150) 1457

July 11:  Dental treatment for 17-year-old boy.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($110) 1458

July 14:  Stroller for toddler of single mom.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Edna Marie Cole ($25)
July 14:  Gas card for family with special needs child to move to another city where the parents will have employment and grandparent support.  Referral:  PHN ($100) 1759
Items Donated: 
--> Hand knit scarves and hats for Womenade and Pirate’s Closet from the Women’s Honor Farm; 2 twin bed frames, children’s clothes, and high chair from Jean Lloyd; juicer, thermos, and toiletries from Doreen Wetzel; clothes for 10 children from Helma Smulders; wetsuit for foster boy to attend camp from Jennifer Hart; clothes for mother from Vita Miller; 3 huge bags of clothing from Cindy Mayr; dresser from Andrea Devitt; quilt and blanket from Katie Perez; $100 gift certificate for electricity plates for single mom from Miner’s Hardware; formula from Karla Quiroga; bags of children’s clothes, potty, high chair, diaper bag, and linens from Niki Moerman and Jean Lloyd; brochures, business cards, note cards, tax receipts, and stationery from Jen Melton; cutting of 2 cases of receipts by Staple’s, San Luis; playmat and toy from Susan Updegrove; swing and bouncer from Linda Murray; hand knit blanket from Lisa Murray; North County delivery by Dee Lacy; twin sheets and blankets from Sharynn Chirpich; 

 Funds Donated: 
-->  Mary Parker, Lisa Bertrand, Joanne and Phil Ruggles, Wilshire Health & Community Services, Diana Henderson, Sue Elliott Smith, Anne Gough, Amanda Dillen, Janice Champion, Judy Barclay, donation in celebration of Tim Banducci’s birthday, Ann McMahon, Diane  Wettlaufer,

Monday, July 7, 2014

Diaper Drive For Womenade at Engle and Associates Insurance

July Diaper Drive:  Engle and Associates Insurance at 1236 Higuera in San Luis is sponsoring a diaper drive for Womenade!  Even partial packages may be donated.  Wipes are needed, as well.  Items may also be delivered to their Morro Bay office:  1203 Main Street.  Thanks Jayne Engle Allen for making this happen!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sharing List from June 16th - 30th and 2nd Quarter Report

Donated from 2003 to June 30, 2014                        $  354,404.33
Donated 2nd Quarter:                                                 $  17,793.25   
Shared 2nd Quarter:                                                  $   22,125.26
Balance June 30, 2014                                                $          46.20

June 16:  Homeless grandma has found an $8-an-hour job; partial childcare payment so her granddaughters, ages 4 and 5, don’t have to stay at the shelter while she works.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($200) 1427

June 17:  Partial payment for chair to help mother with her handicapped daughter.  Referral:  DeAnn Oliver, San Luis Coastal Schools ($60) 1428

June 17:  Food and gas for struggling family.  Referral:  Grisel Mendoza, Family Care Network ($150) 1429

June 17:  Food for family members who are victims of a serious crime.  Referral:  Andrea Blanco, San Luis Coastal, and Martha Landells, CAPSLO ($200) 1429 Car repair support for this family from Melissa Musgrave, San Luis Coastal Schools, and Deborah Whitson and Morro Bay Presbyterian Church

June 18:  Gas card for family of limited means to visit their newborn in the NICU.  Referral:  Sierra Vista social worker and purchase and delivery by Jacque Wheeler ($100) 1440

June 18:  Diapers and clothes for 3 ½-year-old boy who arrived at the shelter with his mom and has no clothing.  Referral:  Ivette Felix, LINK, and shopping by Jacque Wheeler, with reduced charges from Target and scrip from Merry-Go-Round ($30.23 and $26.29) 1430 and 1440

June 19:  Water bill and food for single mother with 3 children under age 5.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($160) 1431

June 23:  Summer YMCA childcare for children.  Mother, a victim of sexual abuse, works full-time.  Referral:  Daniel Rodriguez ($300) 1432

June 23:  Partial back rent for mother who has had her work hours reduced and father who works at a seal coating company that has had less work since the beginning of the year.  Referral:  Tamara Thomas, Casa Grande Apartments ($200) 1433

June 23:  Jogging clothes and event participation fee for a mother recently released from the SLO Women’s Honor Farm.  She discovered running while in jail, and is now running 6 miles a day.  She is currently living at a sober living facility, and will meet with Michele for weekly runs.  Referral:  Michele Gordon, Parent Connection of San Luis Obispo County and Lisa Fraser, San Luis Obispo County Child Abuse Prevention Council  ($150) 1434

June 23:  Dental treatment for 17-year-old girl.  Referral:  Dr. Tran ($110) 1435

June 24:  Swim lessons for children of a single mom.  They survive on $800 a month.  We are partnering with South County Youth Coalition for these lessons that will teach water safety and provide a positive summer experience for the 2 daughters aged 6 and 13.  Referral:  Stevie Vasquez, CAPSLO and DSS ($127) 1437

June 25:  Cell phone bill for unemployed abuse victim being tracked by her abuser using GPS on her phone, so she needs to change her number.  Referral:  Lisa Martinez, Women’s Shelter ($89.39) 1438

June 25.  Diapers for 2 toddlers.  Referral:  PHN ($72.60) 1439

June 27:  Crib mattress for toddler.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Jacque Wheeler ($25) 1440

June 30:  Twin bed frame and sheets for little girl – mattress donated by Cyndy Later.  Shopping for sheets by Jacque Wheeler.  Referral:  Barbara Turk, Child Welfare Services ($13 and $42.28) 1440 and 1441

June 30:  Bus pass for mother of 2 to meet appointments at support clinic.  Referral:  Lydie Mason, County Behavioral Health ($44) 1416  

Items Donated:    
--> Sun hat for a baby that spends most times in a stroller from Katie Perez; blankets from Katie Perez; 4 hand knit blankets from Ruth Nagano; changing pad from Linda Holland; bed from Nadine Dolan; baby bottles and bottle warmer from Dana Lundy; bike from Budd Dressler; crib from Debbie Bennett; twin mattress from Cyndy Later delivered; children’s clothes from Helma Smulder; 4 cases of diapers and 1 case of wipes from Kathie Hendricks; clothes and diapers from Marian Gregory; twin bed for little girl living in a small trailer from Roberta and Bill Filadelfia; crib mattress from Tina Dodd-Wilson; children’s clothes from Arlene Versaw; BBQ to Family Care Network foster home from Monica Soren; crib from Linda Bishop and Linda Jankay, chair for new mom from Linda Bishop.  Total 2nd Quarter:  $7,680 

Funds Donated:
--> Debbie Bennett, Linda Murray, family of Kathy ApRoberts in celebration of her birthday, Barbara Rosenthal, Melalueca, Marilyn Banducci, Colleen Spafford, Linda Bishop in memory of Virginia Johnson, Anne Ream, and Geoff Lloyd.  Total 2nd Quarter:  $17,793.25  Mary Parker, Lisa Bertrand,