Friday, December 26, 2014

Wells Fargo Bank Donation

Wells Fargo Bank just donated $5,000 to San Luis Obispo County Womenade!  Extremely grateful to have this amazing contribution to help us meet the needs of people in our community.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

EcoBambino Supports Womenade

This week shop at EcoBambino, 863 Monterey in downtown San Luis, have your gift wrapped, and donate to Womenade!  So grateful to Ariana Spaulding and her staff for supporting our community through Womenade!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Donation from HumanKind Fair Trade

HumanKind Fair Trade, 982 Monterey Street in San Luis, donated $432 to Womenade. Thank you LynAnne and staff, and all shoppers and volunteers who made the Dec. 6th event such a success!

What Womenade Shared from Dec. 1 - Dec. 15

December 1:  Shoes for 3 siblings.  Referral:  Janice Chagoya, counselor, LMUSD, and shopping by Cooper Melton and Debbie Melton with Cooper’s garage sale funds ($60)

December 1:  Gas bill payment to prevent shut off for single mother of 3 who lost her job and is looking for another and partial PG&E payment in partnership with LINK to restore electricity to the family.  Referral:  Ivette Felix, LINK ($146.18 and $170) 1618 and 1619  1619 void; replaced with 1626

December 1:  Rent and utility payment for family living in Section 8 housing and working to get stable again.  Referral:  Daniel Cano, LINK ($221 and $63.73) 1620 and 1621

December 1:  Jogging stroller for mother who needs to walk over rough roads to transport her toddler.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Susan Updegrove with partial payment from Merry-Go-Round scrip ($)

December 2:  Partial rent for single mother with small child.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($377) 1622

December 2:  Partial security deposit for single woman and her family who have finally found housing.  Referral:  Nicole Hoist, DSS, Homeless Services ($300) 1623

December 2:  Emergency car seat for 2-year-old who has grown out of hers.  Referral:  Barbara Turk, Department of Social Services, and shopping by Susan Updegrove ($)

December 2:  Gas card for family to get their children to school from their remote campsite.  Referral:  Janice Chagoya, counselor, LMSD ($100) 1624

December 3:  Diapers, food, and gas to last a family to next week when they will receive regular support.  Twin boys are out of diapers.  Dad works out of town, and gas is an issue.  Referral:  Daniel Rodriguez, LINK ($200) 1624

December 3:  Warm clothes for toddler.  Referral:  PHN ($100) 1624

December 3:  Mom with 3 children has no financial support, and has been living with her parents.  The tires on her vehicle are bald, and new ones are needed to keep the children safe.  Referral:  Daniel Rodriguez, LINK ($230) 1625

December 5:  Warm clothing for a 6-year-old homeless boy.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($100) 1627

December 5:  Warm clothes for children in 2 Foster care families to have at their parents’ places during visitation.  Referral:  Linda Rawlings, Family Treatment Court ($200) 1627

December 5:  Winter break childcare to help mother who has disabling physical health conditions and PTSD from domestic violence.  Referral:  Jill Anderson, Martha’s Place  ($153) 1628

December 8:  Partial rent for struggling family.  Mother stopped working because she couldn’t afford a babysitter; father is working 2 jobs.  Referral:  Rocio Hernandez, family advocate, San Luis Coastal Schools ($300) 1629

December 8:  Partial rent for an older gentleman who is going blind and is hard of hearing.  Referral:  Ivette Felix, LINK ($350) 1630

December 10:  3 excersaucers for young toddlers.  Referral:  PHNs and shopping by Roberta Filadelfia ($103.38) 1632

December 10:  Gas and groceries for a young family whose 1-month-old is hospitalized.  Referral:  Sierra Vista social worker ($200) 1633

December 10:  Underwear and shoes for mother and her 2 daughters escaping domestic violence.  Referral:  PHN ($100) 1633

December 10:  Gas, groceries, and partial rent for a single mother with 2 children aged 8 and 2 who is getting established after domestic violence.  Referral:  Sandra Garcia, San Luis Obispo County Mental Health ($150 and $150) 1631 and 1634

December 11:  Car repair so single mother can get to work.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($200) 1635

December 11:  Gas bill payment for single mom who recently lost her job.  Referral:  Ivette Felix, LINK ($96.50) 1636

December 12:  Initial rent to move homeless violence victim to housing.  Referral:  Lisa Martinez, San Luis Obispo Women’s Shelter ($300) 1637

December 12:  Payment of 4 bills due from a senior citizen who just lost 1 of her 2 jobs.  Referral:  Jason Flanagan, People’s Self-Help Housing  ($25, $139, $51.34, and $136.95) 1638, 1639, 1640 1641

December 13:  Gas for single mother of 2 children to travel to San Luis from Paso for mental health services.  She is a domestic violence victim and a cancer survivor.  Referral:  Sandra Garcia, San Luis Obispo County Mental Health ($100) 1642

December 15:  Month RTA bus pass for Cuesta re-entry student aged 46 who just lost her car, had to move out of her apartment because the building was sold, and is grieving the death of a close friend.  Referral:  Andrea Devitt, Cuesta College counselor ($44) 1643

December 15:  Holiday toys for 3 boys whose father just had his work hours reduced.  They live in a one-bedroom apartment.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($200) 1644

December 15:  Payment to maintain phone service for single father of 2 who needs his phone to find full time employment.  Referral:  Tammee Green, CAPSLO ($80) 1645

Items Donated:  
Bed from Shirley Humerian; women’s bike, coffee pot, and children’s chairs from Sharon and Jerry Hanley; bed from Roxanne Pryor; North County delivery by Terry Elfrink and David Buck-Moyer; baby gates from Jen Melton; children’s items from Tina Doherty; double stroller from Terry Elfrink and Vicki McPartland;  refrigerator from Dee Torres; Denny’s card from Rita Erwin; personal care products to Morro Bay Pirates’ Closet from Judith Resnick; onesies, baby socks, diapers, hand-knit baby hats, and wipes from Trilogy dinner; blankets, sweaters, shoes, and suitcases from Bluma Felix; clothes for mother and her 2 daughters escaping domestic violence from Linda Bishop, Kelli Cole, Elaine Stewart, and Monica Carinio; port-a-crib, linens, scarves, and hats from Katie Perez; pillows, blankets, and bears from Beverly Cohen; North County delivery by Roberta and Bill Filadelfia; North County delivery by Joy Sostrin; toys from Maggie Anderson; toiletries, clock, and phone from Doreen Wetzel; clothes for Pirates’ Closet from Baywood Navy;

Funds Donated:  Martina Knight, Jim and Deborah Whitson, Mary Parker, Lisa Bertrand, Sue Stenovec, Peti Johnson, Sue and Robert Smith, Jane and William Fairbairn, Sandra and Steve Dubow, Karen and John Anderson, Bonnie and David Wolfe, Nancy Kraus, Stacy Murphy, Linda and Stephen Souza, Linda and Jeffrey Garza, Christi and Gary Nemetz, Shirley and Ronald Richard, Fran and Brent Norris, Elizabeth Steen, Betty and John Scully, Amy and Tom Hedges, Gail and Tom Ryan, Cynthia Grenz, Jamie Herbon, Wayne and Tana Pedersen, Christine and William Sweeney, Carol and Joe Strong, Elaine and John Morin, Marilyn and Bruce Rolph, Jacqueline and Peter Evans, Nora and Odell Lee, Karen Steves, Donna Nisbet, Tom and Kathy McLaughlin, Linda Olson, Linda Del, Marti Lindholm, Wendy Daly, Diana Henderson, Dan Carpenter, Andrea Devitt, Florence and Frank Simon, Judy Barclay, Joanne and Phil Ruggles, Julie Moody, Nancy Husten, Linda Jankay, Andrea Waterbury, Carol Astaire, Terri Trebil and Ronald Chappel, Dorothy and Jack Mauger, Philip and Theresa McPherson, Michael and Francine Johnston, Patricia Sweet, Barbara Moynier, Patria Griffin, Aimee Armour-Avant, Cynthia Mills, Cynthia Schoniger, Marilyn Wills, Janice Cullers-Scott, Peggy Jones, Sandy Volk, Helen Sipsas, Wanda Mathis, Connie Holtz, G. Silverstone, Arlene Versaw, Melanie Smith, Pamela Dunlap, Marla Lee Eaton, Barbara Deel, Dianne Kring-Sonksen, Helen Powell, Janice Owens-Martinez, Diane Wettlaufer,

What Womenade Shared from Nov. 16 - 30

November 17: Partial rent for single mom who is going through a difficult time. Referral: Romi Ramirez, LINK ($300) 1597

November 18: Food to help single mom after she has taken in her sister's family when they escaped domestic violence. Referral: Daniel Rodriguez, LINK ($150) 1598

November 18: Partial rent for family with young children; the father was recently in a car accident, and the mother's wages don't cover the rent. Referral: Elena Chavez, LINK ($300) 1599

November 19: Partial rent for single mom with 3 children who is going through a divorce. Referral: Katy Griffin, Highlands Church ($300) 1600

November 19: Partial rent for single mom with a 6-year-old daughter. Referral: Katy Griffin, Highlands Church ($300) 1601

November 19: Partial property tax payment for victim of sexual assault. Referral: Magena Ammen, RISE ($200) 1602

November 19: Partial rent for single mom working 2 jobs. She is a victim of domestic violence. Referral: Jose Olivera, LINK ($300) 1603

November 20: Diapers for a toddler. Referral: PHN ($36.70) 1604

November 25: PG&E payment to prevent shut off on the 26th for family whose mom had to take leave from work to care for mentally ill child. Referral: Amy Vilanueva, Family Care Network ($278.46) 1605

November 25: Food, interview clothes, and household supplies for parents who have successfully worked to have their children returned to them. Referral: Amy Vilanueva, Family Care Network ($250) 1606

November 21: Partial rent for single mom who had an unexpected bill, and is unable to complete her rent payment. Referral; Elena Chavez, LINK ($325) 1607

November 25: Food and medicine for foster family whose primary employer passed away causing a delay in paychecks; at the same time, 3 siblings were placed with the family, and Foster care payments will not start until December. Referral: Belinda Benassi, County Child Welfare Services ($250) 1608

November 25: Laundry deposit so a mother can use a laundromat to wash her family's clothes. Referral: Dot Stauble, CAPSLO ($100) 1609

Void 1610

November 25: DMV fees and car insurance for mother of 4 children. Referral: Brenda Vaughan, ARK ($136 and $56.55) 1611 and 1612 (VOID 1612) 1617

November 26: Thanksgiving dinner for 2 large families who don't have appliances. Referral: Sonia Greene, LINK ($200) 1613

November 26: Storage facility fee for a homeless family. Referral: Sonia Greene, LINK ($100) 1614

November 26: Initial denture payment so woman, who lost her teeth due to a severe infection, can be treated by CHC. ($200) 1615

November 26: Partial rent for single mother who has experienced economic hardship due to an unexpected surgery. Referral: Rocio Hernandez, LINK ($300) 1616

Items Donated:  high chairs from Lori Sonnabend and Mary Ann Morgan; heaters from Anonymous; toddler basketball hoop from Judy Barclay; blankets from Phyllis Bettencourt and Ginny Kenny; toiletries from Jaclynn Nesbitt; gifts for ASN from Elaine Gardiner; North County delivery by Dee Lacy; South County delivery by Elise Carraway; toiletries from Jayne Auchterlonie delivered to Prado/Grizzley by Kat Tuculet; microwave, bedding, and towels from Elise Carraway; twin bed from Maureen Forsberg; trundle bed from Roz Phillips; 5 hand knit crib blankets from Ruth Nagano; rugs from Anonymous; baby food blender and toy from Samantha Lalush; infant toys from Whiz Kids; refreshments for HumanKind event from Gail Sears, Marcy Owens, Ann Smith, Sandy Amborn, Marilyn Fuller, Colleen Spafford, Kathy Greer, Marty Babcock, and Karen Blum;

Funds Donated:  Diane Wettlaufer, Elisa Feingold, Phyllis Martinelli, James and Casey apRoberts, Melaleuca, Ann McMahon, Sandy Amborn, Natalie Schaefer, Elise Carraway, Kathy Greer, Mary Lou Lynch,

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Today! Dec. 6th

Grandma's Frozen Yogurt and Waffle Shop
307 Morro Bay Blvd. in Morro Bay
2-5 p.m.
Collecting teen and preteen clothes and new toys for all ages for Womenade projects, including Morro Bay High's Pirates' Closet.

HumanKind Fair Trade
982 Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo
5-8 p.m.
20% of sales from the evening donated to Womenade

Thanks to these businesses for supporting San Luis Obispo County Womenade

Friday, December 5, 2014

Keller Williams in Pismo Beach Donates to Womenade

Special thanks to Teri McKay and Keller Williams Realty in Pismo Beach. Womenade received $275 from their event December 4th, and we are their charity of the year for 2015! Grateful!