Monday, May 16, 2016

What Womenade Shared May 1st - May 15th

May 1:  Clothes for a 2-year-old whose family is in crisis.  Referral:  Jennie Nostrum, RISE ($150) 2694

May 1:   Motel stay for a woman with serious medical needs.  Referral:  Isaac Smith, medical social worker, Central Coast Home and Hospice ($115.80 and $231.60) 2696 and 2697

May 2:  Car window repair for a single mother and her 16-year-old son.  He recently had emergency surgery on his leg due to shattered bones; mom is suffering from anorexia and fighting to stay in recovery ($250) 2698

May 2:  Partial rent to prevent eviction for a low-income woman who is working hard to maintain self-sufficiency.  Referral:  Jason Flanagan, Peoples' Self-Help Housing ($100) 2700

May 2:  Partial payment to repair a car for parents working as much as they can.  Referral: Daniella Esparza, Martha's Place Children's Center ($300) 2702

May 2:  Partial payment for transportation for a hospice patient who is bed-bound to move from her daughter's home to a skilled nursing facility.  Referral:  Naomi Simpson, medical social worker, Central Coast Hospice ($300) 2703

May 3:  Partial payment of first month's rent for a Veteran and his wife who have have been living in their van, but now have a VASH voucher, so they will be able to maintain housing costs moving forward.  Referral:  Dee Torres-Hill, SLO Housing Connection ($300) 2704

May 3:  Partial rent for a family of 5 whose father, a farm worker, got addicted to painkillers and is receiving treatment.  Mom just started working.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina ($300) 2705

May 4:  Clothes, underwear, and shoes for a single mother and her daughter.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($200) 2706

May 4:  Motel stay for a single mother and her young son; they left her brother's house after being physically attacked and she been 58 days sober.  Referral:  Cynthia Caldeira, County Behavioral Health ($231.60) 2707

May 4:  Bus pass so a woman who is currently unemployed can get to treatment 3 times a week.  Referral:  Maria Aquino, County Drug and Alcohol Services, and shopping by Kathy Gisler ($44)

May 4:  Double stroller so a mother with a medical condition can take her children safely with her to the bus when she travels to San Luis for weekly medical appointments.  Referral:  Yesenia Silvas, Oceano School Readiness, and stroller donation from Jim and Kathy apRoberts

May 4:  Partial payment for green card renewal for a 57-year-old farm worker who is raising her 2 grandchildren, ages 3 and 9.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina ($300) 2708

May 4:  Daycare costs for a week for 2 children until their new Foster parents receive their Foster care funds.  The parents must work, and our support keeps the children in the family.  Referral:  Barbara Turk, County Child Welfare Services ($285) 2709

May 5:  Diapers for a newborn.  Referral:  Vanessa Greene, LINK (25.99) 2710

May 5:  Motel stay for a mother and her medically fragile son.  Referral:  Shona Pruitt, Women's Shelter ($309.59) 2711

May 5:  Partial rent for  a family whose father and son lost their jobs due to a company take over.  Referral:  Catherine Manning, Peoples' Self-Help Housing ($300) 2712

May 5:  Propane for a single mother with 3 children who had to buy a set of used tires.  Referral:  Stella Medina, LMUSD ($235) 2713

May 5:  Bedding for 2 Foster children who have been taken in by relatives who have beds but no bedding.  Referral:  Tomoko Rhoat, Martha's Place Children's Center ($64.30) Debit

May 6:  Storage unit for a father and his 6-year-old son.  Dad got very sick, lost his apartment, and moved into a studio that won't hold their belongings.  Referral:  Bessy Hoffman, LINK ($189) 2714

May 7:  Gas so a family in Cayucos can bring their 5-year-old to medical appointments in San Luis.  Referral:  Laura Gaisie, Transitions-Mental Health ($50) 2715

May 7:  Transportation costs so a woman struggling with a life threatening illness can travel to UCLA for an evaluation.  Referral:  Else Mai Curry, County Behavioral Health ($273.70) 2716

May 11:  Phone payment to prevent shut off tomorrow for an elderly lady on a fixed income who is having a hard time.  Referral:  Patty Ramirez, Transitions-Mental Health ($250) 2717

May 9:  Baby items for a newborn boy.  Referral:  Barbara Turk, Child Welfare Services ($100) 2718

May 9:  Shoes for a man to wear to work.  Referral:  Paterese Reynolds, County Intensive Outpatient Treatment ($100) 2719

May 9:  Chrome book for a high school junior to complete homework.  She and her family have lost their home and are moving to a motel.  Referral:  Colleen Ryan, Tidelands Counseling ($218) Debit

May 10:  Partial deposit so a mother and her 8-year-old can move to housing.  She is starting a new job.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina ($270) 2721

May 11:  Storage payment to allow a woman moving to housing to get her belongings.  Referral:  Nicole Holst, T-MH ($128) 2722

May 11:  Partial rent payment for a single mother of 3 children who works in the fields.  Her husband has been deported, and she has had to miss work because 1 of her children is acting out at school because his dad is gone.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina ($300)  2723

May 12:  Medication for a homeless patient who had all her money stolen.  Referral:  Sierra Vista Hospital social worker ($9.99) 2724

May 13:  Bus pass for a father, living in a motel with his family, to get to work and treatment.  Referral:  Nathaniel Reynolds, County Drug and Alcohol Services, and shopping by Kathy Gisler ($44)

May 13:  Partial rent for a domestic violence victim who is working 2 jobs to support her 2 children.  She got behind financially when her son fell and broke his wrist, and she had to take him to urgent care.  Referral:  Michelle Gaulden, San Luis Obispo County Mental Health ($300) 2725

May 13:  Car battery for a single mother unable to work due to a car accident.  The battery is necessary so she can drive to classes at Cuesta and take her children to school.  Referral:  Stella Medina, Lucia Mar Unified Schools ($143.63) 2726

May 13:  Food for a Cuesta student who works and goes to school full time, and has no family support.  Referral:  Andrea Devitt, Cuesta College counselor ($100) 2727

May 13:  Gas for a mom on limited income to travel from Paso Robles to be with her sick baby in the NICU.  Referral:  Sierra Vista Hospital social worker ($100) 2728

May 13:  Partial payment for a school field trip to San Francisco for a Coast student.  The family's single mother of 3 has been able to save $350 for the trip, but is short the rest.  Referral:  Danilda Reyes, LINK ($150) 2729

Items Donated:  printer and cartridges for Dana Elementary from Barbara Cotton; storage bins from Ann Jones; high chair from Anonymous; high chair, bassinet, nursing pillow from Shy Smith; sewing machine and notions from......; double stroller from Jim and Kathy apRoberts and Amanda Sorenson; plates, bowls, silverware, and cups from Marylou Gooden; bus passes from Vita Miller; sewing machine from Terry Tilton; pack-n-play and stroller from Stephanie Conner; toaster oven from Elise Carraway; children's books, backpacks and costumes from John Hostetter; golf clubs and bag for a high school junior donated by San Luis Obispo Country Club Golf Shop; silverware, utensils and pillow cases from Marylou Gooden; microwave from Linda Blonsley; refridgerator from Jane Wu;

Admin Funds Donated:  Sandra Brill, Bette Kulp, Linda Blonsley, Donna Leach, Dana Starkovich, Ladonna Rinn, Grace Nagel, Marilyn Fuller, Rita Erwin, John Thomas, Susan Austin, Sara Cress,

Funds Donated:  Amy Wagner, Patty Aguilar, Fred Donati, Lisa Bertrand, Sharon Westray, Mary Parker, Greg and Lara Baxley, Stephan Lamb, Wendy Daly, Jacque and Chuck Wheeler, Janice Woolpert, Lisa Wearda, Denise Fourie, Heather Tissue Stevenson/Heather Tissue Design, John and Deb Spatafore, Betsy MacDonald, Whiz Kids Toys, Laura Mullen, Lisa Simon, Dan Carpenter, Marylou Gooden, Linda Blonsley, Fran Norris, Marilyn Rolph, Jane Fairbairn, Francis Wagner, Janet Chaney, Rosemary Nelson, Yvonne Williams, Vivian Chaubet, Christina Martin, Sharon Con, Betty Scully, Darlene Cassell, Judy Earnest, Christi Nemetz, Donna Lacki, Donna Nisbet, Deborah Art, Norah Lee, Nikki Nestor, Robert Swaim, Jimmie Brewer, Adriana Kuhn, Karin Rivers, Freddi Quin, Janine Raby, Nancy Kraus, Shirley Richard, Toni Mahoney, Tania Schepper, Valerie Serbein, Myra Akel, Claudia Sorensen, Cynthia Grenz, Gail Ryan, Eunice King, Arlene Shinderman, Patricia Rallis, Marcia Traversaro, Julie Holland, Jane Mouw, Elizabeth Steen, Carolyn Quigley, Toni Destro, Karen Floyd, Angela Bleier, Janice Paulsen, Amy Hedges, De Hampton, Christine Hammer, Marie Kyle, Valerie Mecchi, Bonnie, Keller, Leslie Bennett, Rita Walls, Beth Ladin, Sharon Thacker, Rhonda Richard, Carol Cape, Verna O'Connell, Nancy Bayliss, Linda Smith, Jayne Devencenzi, Ron Riegier to honor his wife, Doreen and his mother Dottie, on Mother's Day, Elizabeth De Haan, Michele Williams, Zaf and Patrice Iqbal, Mary Parker, Elise Carraway and Frank Nerli, Peti Johnson, Phil and Joanne Ruggles, Barbara George, Vickie and Dan Ebert in memory of Barbara Marcum, Lauren Ruda, Heidi Harmon, Karen Horst, Sue Smith, Teddy Burton, Sandra Gillespie Linda and Peter Jankay, Roberta Kassak, Sibyl Hanson, Pamela Bleisch and Tim Strawn, Susan McCutcheon, Dawn Tyra, Linnaea Phillips, Thao Christman, Lisa Wearda, Celeste Richter, Anonymous, Diane Duenow, Anonymous, Diane Wettlaufer, Melaleuca,