Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rotary Club of Pismo Beach-5 Cities Donation to Womenade

Rotary Club of Pismo Beach-5 Cities donated $920 to San Luis Obispo County Womenade to support local individuals in need. Womenade is grateful to partner with Rotary in our community! Pictured l-r: Joel Conn, Rotary President; Sandy Richardson, Womenade President; Jacque Wheeler, Womenade; and Steve Curry, Rotary Grants Director.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

What Womenade shared from June 1st - June 15th Thank you!

June 1:  Diapers and gas for a single mom who is struggling to support her child and get to counseling.  Referral:  Mary Teresi and Laura Otrondo, Martha’s Place ($84.54) 2777

June 1:  Partial payment for extensive dental work payment for the child of a single mom.  Dental care at Tolosa Children’s Dental Center ($300) 2778

June 2:  Legal documents which were lost when a single mother of 5 from Africa escaped domestic violence.  Referral:  Amber Balais, LINK ($300) Cashier’s Check

June 2:  Urology procedure for a woman with kidney problems who is without insurance.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, Hearst Cancer Resource Center ($200) 2780

June 2:  Tires for the car of a single mother of 2, so she can safely drive to find work.  Referral:  Vanessa Greene, LINK ($250) 2781

June 2:  Nicotine patches prescribed for an elderly man who has heart and lung problems in addition to diabetes and a history of cancer.  He has already made great strides to decrease his cigarette use.  Referral:  Alexa Talbert, social worker, People’s Self-Help Housing ($80) 2782

June 2:  Diapers and wipes for the child of a single mom.  Referral:  Jill Anderson, Mental Health Therapist, Martha’s Place Children’s Center  ($43.18) Debit

June 2:  Summer school clothes for 2 young girls in separate single family homes where family members are suffering from mental illness.  Referral:  Christine Flores, Transitions-Mental Health ($100) Debit and donation from Colleen Spafford

June 3:  Partial payment for family camp for a 3rd grader with severe hearing loss and her parents.  Referral:  Karen Sharp and Diane Frost, San Luis Coastal School District ($300) 2784

June 3:  Partial rent for a single mom attending treatment at Atascadero Drug and Alcohol Services.  Referral:  Paterese Reynolds, County IOT ($300) 2785

June 3:  Partial storage payment to prevent a woman living in a care facility from losing all her belongings.  Social services will help her obtain her most important items, such as family photos, before the rest is auctioned off.  Referral:  Cyndi Murray, Director of Social Services, Bayside Care Center ($300) 2786

June 3:  Gas so a LINK case worker can drive a mother to Los Angeles to assist in the immigration process.  Referral:  Dianne Bray, Atascadero School District ($100) Debit

June 5:  Diapers for a teen mother’s 2-year-old.  Referral:  Laurabeth Medlock, Trinity Presbyterian, San Luis ($34.54) Debit

June 6:  Immediate payment of partial rent for a woman who has been ill and just learned her rent has been increased.  Referral:  Sara Alley, Wilshire Community Services ($280) 2789

June 6:  Bras, underwear, and socks for a homeless woman who has lost a lot of weight since becoming homeless.  Referral:  Kimberly Anderson and Belinda Benassi, Department of Social Services ($125)  Debit

June 6:  Gas and food for a mother and her newborn being discharged from the hospital.  Referral:  Sierra Vista social worker and delivery by Jacque Wheeler ($200) Debit

June 7:  Partial rent for a woman seeking drug and alcohol services.  Referral:  Heather Sorensen, Grover Beach Adult Outpatient Treatment/County Behavioral Health ($300) 2790

June 7:  Partial payment for RV repair so a homeless man can live in it at a local park that has a space open. Referral:  Nicole Holst, Transitions-Mental Health ($300) 2791

June 7:  Kids Camp registration and field trip fees for a 3rd grader who, along with his dad, has been homeless for 2 months.  Stress is increasing due to the upcoming loss of structure, routine, and relationships with school about to be out.  Referral:  Dana Francis, counselor, Cayucos School ($50 and $100) 2792 and 2793

June 7:  Salon station rent for an 67-year-old hairdresser who is self-employed and works 3 days a week to supplement her SS income of $671 per month.  She has been in the hospital since June 1, and has not been able to work since May 25th.  Referral:  Wendy Beres, French Hospital ($300) 2794

June 9:  Partial YMCA summer camp fees for the son of a single mother so he can be in a supervised environment while she works full time.  Referral:  Manuel Barba, County Mental Health ($188) 2795

June 9:  Partial funding so a family with 2 babies can move their RV to a park.  Referral:  Ricardo Vazquez, ECHO shelter ($300) 2796

June 9:  Room payment for an older lady who works in the fields.  She is going to have cancer surgery after suffering in pain for a year, but because she needed to work, she didn’t get medical care.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, Hearst Cancer Resource Center ($300) 2797

June 9:  Glasses for a gentleman in need.  Referral:  Lorena Gomez, CAPSLO ($175) 2798

June 9:  Bassinet for a baby due by C-Section on Monday.  Referral:  Jill Anderson, Martha’s Place ($59.11) Debit

June 9:  Household items for a pregnant young woman moving to housing.  She is doing well in meeting her treatment plan.  Referral:  Lorena Gomez, CAPSLO ($175) Debit

June 9:  Clothes and shoes for a woman recently released from jail who is in a sober living home and doing well in treatment.  Referral:  Lorena Gomez, CAPSLO ($150) Debit

June 9:  Work clothes and shoes for a man who recently obtained a job, and is doing well in treatment.  Referral:  Lorena Gomez, CAPSLO ($150) Debit

June 9:  Britta-type water filter pitcher for a family with a baby whose water quality is questionable.  Referral:  Public Health Nurse, and shopping by Jacque Wheeler ($)

June 9:  Activity floor mat for an infant who needs help with developmental growth.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Jacque Wheeler ($)

June 9:  Emergency payment of partial rent for a woman who just moved to housing with a roommate who can’t make his part of the rent because of a medical emergency with his child.  The lease is in her name, and she will lose the new housing without full payment.  Referral:  Lynn Gizzard, San Luis Obispo County Health ($250) 2799

June 10:  Partial payment for a gentleman applying to take the Nursing State Boards again.  He worked at ASH for 9 years, and was terminated due to taking sick time to care for his father.  Referral:  Jeannette Garcia, CAPSLO/VETS ($300) 2800

June 10:  Partial payment for Green card/residency card for a 59-year-old woman who is a farm worker.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina ($300) 2801

June 10:  Gas for a mother who is having trouble getting her child to Martha’s Place and herself to therapy for domestic violence.  She just had a baby, and has not yet returned to work.  Referral:  Mary Teresi and Casey Roos, Martha’s Place Children’s Center ($50) Debit

June 10:  Partial rent for a gentleman who missed work 4 days because he hit a deer and rolled his car on the way to work.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina ($275) 2802

June 10:  Partial dental lab costs for a Medi-Cal patient who is in need of extensive dental work requiring a partial implant.  Referral:  Lorena Gomez, CAPSLO ($300) 2803

June 10:  Partial rent for a pregnant woman living in a sober living home.  Referral:  Kim Schwab, DAS/Family Treatment Court ($300) 2804

June 10:  Motel stay for a mother and her teenager while housing assistance is sought.  Referral:  Christine Flores, T-MH ($100) Cash out

June 13:  AYSO soccer registration for 2 sons.  Their single mom is caring for 6 children.  Referral:  Janice Chagoya, Lucia Mar Unified Schools ($100 and $100) 2805 and 2806

June 13:  Partial rent payment for a Goodwill Warehouse employee who has had his hours decreased.  His counselor is working with HASLO to have his rent reduced accordingly.  Referral:  Larry Feldt, CAPSLO/VETS ($300) 2807

June 13:  Undergarments, clothes, and shoes for a man who is paying out of pocket for very expensive medication.  He is HIV in recovery and high risk.  Referral:  Lorena Gomez, CAPSLO ($150) Debit

June 14:  Tires to make driving safe for a woman of limited means.  Referral:  Kayla Kerrigan and Belinda Benassi, DSS ($304.86) 2808

June 14:  Payment to a treatment specialist for an elderly man who is low-income and battling gum disease.  Referral:  Fiona Phillips, People’s Self-Help Housing ($232) 2809

June 14: Partial payment for Sensory Integration evaluation and treatment for a 4-year-old boy who was premature, received early intervention services from Tri-Counties, no longer qualifies under that program, and is having behavioral issues.  Referral:  Suzanne Gorter, MFT ($300) 2810

June 14:  RTA bus pass for a single mom in treatment for the first time and flourishing.  Referral:  Rosie Armemdariz, County Adult Treatment Court Collaborative (Donated pass)

June 14:  RTA bus pass for a young man working diligently to change his life.  Referral:  Rosie Armemdariz, County Adult Treatment Court Collaborative (Donated pass)

June 14:  Summer camp for a teen girl whose single mom has been able to save a part of the cost.  Referral:  Stella Medina, Lucia Mar Unified Schools ($300) 2811

June 14:  RTA bus pass for a young woman in a sober living house can get to her new job.   Referral:  Nathaniel Reynolds, County Drug and Alcohol Services (Donated pass)

June 14:  Glasses for a 3rd grader, who receives Special Education support, to have at school.  Referral:  Dana Francis, counselor, Cayucos School ($300) 2812

June 14:  Partial rent for a woman who is dealing with pancreatic cancer.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, Hearst Cancer Resource Center ($300) 2813

June 15:  Bed rail to help a woman who is elderly stay safely in her bed.  Referral:   Becky Jones, CenCal Health ($21.48) Debit

June 15:  ID for teen girl to get a job.  Referral:  Joanne Benham, Youth Programs Director, TAPP/CAPSLO  ($29) 2814

June 15:  Partial deposit for a 50-year-old client who has full time employment at Wal-Mart and has found a room to rent in Paso.  Referral:  Kevin Reeder, ECHO Shelter ($300) 2815

Items donated:  baby clothes from Dottie Andoli; 4 bikes from Jim Ellman; crib to keep a baby from getting out of his pack-n-play and leaving his house from Heather Thomas; delivery by Eloisa Medina; delivery by Kat Tuculet; 4 cases diapers from Kathie Hendricks; stroller, dishes, and potty from Debbie Bennett; dishes and silverware from Rita Vogi; comforter, sheets, and towels from Kelli Cole; sheets, towels, and newborn clothes from Amber Idell; baby clothes from Katie Robinson;
Admin Funds donated:  Dana Starkovich,

Funds donated:  Barbara Deel, Susan Demma, John Baas, Paula Montgomery,  Lynn Grizzard, Joanne and Phil Ruggles, Sue Smith, Jean Steel, Jayne Devencenzi, Mary Parker, Jacquoline Williams, Carrie Zinn, Patrice and Zaf Iqbal, Linda Olson in memory of Don Thibido, Anonymous,

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What Womenade Shared May 16th - May 31st - Thank you!

May 16:  Partial payment so a man can receive an emergency radiology test.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, Hearst Cancer Resource Center ($300) 2730

May 16:  Partial rent for a single mother and her 4 children.  Mom works in a fast food restaurant, and her paycheck was sent to the wrong place through no fault of the mother.  Referral:  Mary Squellati, CAPSLO ($300) 2731

May 17:  Car radiator for a family's auto so they can travel from North County to see their baby in the NICU.  Referral:  Sierra Vista Hospital social worker ($174) 2732

May 18:  Partial rent to prevent eviction for a single mom and her 2 children; the father passed away suddenly, and she used the rent money to pay for his funeral expenses.  Referral:  Karina Ayala, CAPSLO ($300) 2733

May 19:  Utility payments for a mother and her 2 children.  Referral:  Magena Ammen, RISE ($75 and $105) 2735 and 2736

May 19:  Driver Training fee and DMV fee so a teen, the son of 2 parents who are disabled, can get to his new job as a Teen Wellness Provider at CHP clinics.  Referral:  Kayla Wilburn, CAPSLO ($120 and $33) 2737 and 2738

May 19:  Gas so a formerly incarcerated mother who has been working full time at her minimum wage job, paying rent, and staying sober for 3 years can travel to LA to see her daughter who is dying of cancer.  Referral:  Janet Allenspach, CAPSLO ($100) 2739

May 19:  Childcare for the children of a single mother who has just found a full-time job.  She will be able to afford this cost in the future.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina ($275) 2740

May 19:  Gas and diapers for a mother and her 1-year-old who are homeless; the mom just lost her spouse to a drug overdose.  Referral:  Laura Ottrando, Martha's Place Children's Center ($100) 2741

May 19:  Tires for a single mother.  She uses her car for doctor appointments, taking her daughter to school, and looking for work, and her current tires are bald.  Referral:  Melissa Jenkins, Wilshire Community Services ($400) 2742

May 19:  California ID card for a pregnant client in the IOT program.  Referral:  Paterese Reynolds, Intensive Outpatient Treatment ($28) 2743

May 20:  Rent payment to a sober living home for a single mother of 3 escaping an abusive husband and drug use.  Referral:  Corey Hoffman, County Drug and Alcohol Services ($300) 2745

May 20:  Partial rent to a sober living home for a woman who has no family or friends.  She has started a job at limited hours.  Referral:  Heather Sorensen, County Behavioral Health ($300) 2746

May 20:  Food and gas for a mother living in a motel with her 2 sons.  Referral:  Diana Howard, RISE ($200) 2747

May 20:  Rent for a field worker who broke her ankle.  She has a soft cast on now, and plans to go back on the fields as soon as they put a full cast on her leg.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina ($380) 2748

May 21:  Partial rent for a woman in a sober living house.  Referral:  Nathaniel Reynolds, County Drug and Alcohol Services ($300) 2749

May 23:  Partial rent for a Veteran who is recovering from surgery.  He is due to return to work in June.  Referral:  Esther Castillo, VASH/PATH ($385) 2750

May 24:  Partial car registration for a woman having trouble affording the smog check and fees required.  Referral:  Emily Zubritsky, Family Care Network ($300) 2751

May 24:  Partial rent to house a chronically homeless Veteran.  By July his income will increase, so he will be able to pay his part of housing.  Referral:  Larry Feldt, CAPSLO, Veterans ($117) 2752

May 24:  Respite care so a 62-year-old quadriplegic can be cared for while his wife attends their daughter's college graduation in Northern California.  Their daughter has colon cancer.  Referral:  Victoria Roberts, Cherish Home Health, Cambria ($376) 2753

May 25:  Driver's license so a mother can drive her daughter to mental health services.  Referral:  Christina Flores, Transitions-Mental Health ($25) 2754

May 25:  Food for 2 families who have had to use their limited funds for medical emergencies.  Referral: Fiona Phillips, People's Self-Help Housing, and shopping and delivery from the Coast by Linda Holland and Lisa Bertrand ($400) 2755

May 25:  RTA passes and cooked food for a single mother and her 14-year-old daughter who have been homeless for 6 months.  Mom is on disability and only makes $545 a month, so no one can rent to her.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($84 and $200) 2756 and 2757

May 25:  Crib for a mother who is 36 months pregnant.  A family member gave her a crib, but it is unsafe.  Referral:  Public Health Nurse ($116.13) Debit

May 26:  Storage unit payment to allow a woman who has been sober for months and reunited with her children to get all her belongings.  She now has a job working as a housekeeper.  Referral:  Dee Torres-Hill, SLO Housing Connection ($300) 2758

May 26:  RTA month passes so 2 clients can get to required Court appearances.  Referral:  Rosie Armendariz, County Drug and Alcohol Services, and purchase by Kathy Gisler ($88)

May 26:  Mattress and bedding for a young pregnant couple moving from homelessness.  Referral:  PHN ($130) 2759

May 26:  Car registration so a woman who is mentally and physically disabled and currently housed can work at a temporary job at Camp Roberts.  Referral:  Dee Torres-Hill, SLO Housing Connection ($204) 2760

May 26:  Gas so a young man can get to and from treatment.  Referral:  Paterese Reynolds, Intensive Outpatient treatment ($100) 2761

May 26:  Gas and diapers for a family having trouble living on 1 low-wage salary.  The mom is not working because of the high cost of childcare.  Referral:  Mary Teresi and Casey Roos, Martha's Place Children's Center ($100) 2761

May 26:  Diapers for the young son of a single mom; she is also taking care of her mother who has cancer.  Referral:  Mary Teresi and Casey Roos, Martha's Place ($22.15) 2761

May 26:  Emergency car repair so the father of 8 can get to work.  The family paid all their tax return toward the repair.  Referral:  Stella Medina, Lucia Mar School District ($300) 2762

May 26:  Partial payment to help a family of 9 children send their mother's body home to be buried.  All of the children are of limited means, and are contributing all they can.  Referral:  Rose Levinson-Cooke, Central Coast Home Health and Hospice ($300) 2763

May 26:  Medical imaging payment for a woman with stage 4 breast cancer.  Referral:  Gloria Caine, Hearst Cancer Resource Center ($152.49) 2764

May 26:  Tires for a victim of long time abuse who works in the fields and is working very hard to become independent.  Referral: Jessica Mondragon, RISE ($331.07) 2765

May 27:  Partial rent for woman who entered sober living.  She is looking for a job.  Referral:  Nathaniel Reynolds, County Drug and Alcohol ($300) 2766

May 27:  Driving class for student who has improved his school attendance, registered for summer school, and has a part-time job.  Referral:  Christine Flores, T-MH ($100) 2767

May 28:  Kindle books and clothes for 3 siblings who had to leave their home with nothing.  The family is splitting, and the children are moving East to find a more affordable place.  One child is autistic, and books and drawing are his coping tools.  Referral:  Colleen Ryan and Elise Thompson, Tidelands Counseling ($300) 2768

May 29:  Car seat for an infant due in 2 weeks.  The mother has totally turned her life around, and has returned to school.  Referral:  Janet Allenspach, CAPSLO ($55.55) Debit

May 31:  Partial rent for a woman who has recently switched jobs, and hasn't been paid yet..  Referral:  Amanda Brown and Belinda Benassi, County Department of Social Services ($300) 2769

May 31: Partial water bill payment to prevent shut off today for the 19-year-old mother of a 20-month old who lives with her parents on the Coast.  Referral:  Public Health Nurse  ($220) 2770

May 31:  Partial RV space deposit for a single mother and her 4 children who are moving from homelessness.  Referral:   Ricardo Vazquez, ECHO Shelter ($280) 2771

May 31:  Partial deposit to allow an abuse victim and her teenage son to move to transitional housing.  Referral:  Shona Pruitt, Women's Shelter Program ($300) 2772

May 31:  Partial deposit to allow a man with a 4-year-old son to move to transitional housing.  Referral:  Shona Pruitt, Women's Shelter Program ($300) 2773

May 31:  Utility bill payments for a 30-year-old who has been dealing with breast cancer, and is now in her 3rd round of cancer issues with spinal cancer.  Her husband is on National Guard active duty.  Referral:  Shelley Kilcoyne, Central Coast Home Health ($141.41 and $90.98 and $35.84) 2774, 2775, 2776

Items donated:  baby toys and child carrier from Annie Chambers-Coteil; handmade children's quilts and blankets from Katie Perez; detergent from Bonnie Rivera, Mary Anne Morgan, Madeline Fay, Rosemary Cleaves, Nicki Bywater; diapers from Candace Gouldeman and Rosemary Cleaves; toys from Lori Sonnabend; sheets from Cheryl Alikhan; diapers and wipes from De Hampton; diapers from Sue Zweig; diapers, wipes, and gift card from Nancy Kraus; bounty of diapers and wipes from Trilogy Womenade delivered by Julie Holland; toys, costumes, and shelf from John Hostetter; 2 large boxes of toys and colored pencils from Lesa Smith and Whiz Kids Toys; 4 wetsuits, fins, and booties from Susan Updegrove for children served by Family Care Network; children's clothes, diapers, and grocery bags from Susan Updegrove; trike and afghan from Marcie Lindvall; RTA month pass from Jen Melton;

Admin Funds donated:  Leslie Rotstein, Katie Perez,

Funds donated:  Diane Wettlaufer, Jen Melton, Carrie Zinn, Anonymous, Karen Blum, Betsy Umhofer in honor of Jacque Wheeler, Judy Barclay, Kat Tuculet, Maggie Ragatz, Fred Donati, Diana Henderson, Maria Page, Ginny Kenny, Dianne Thompson, Judy Eisenhard, Katie Perez, Mariam Shah, Madeline Fay, Mary Anne Morgan, Loretta Sonnabend, Jacque Fondren, Barbara Crawford, Lola Zybura, Mary Lois Franks, Lynn Heinrich, Barbara McPherson, Karyn Carnes, Rosemary Cleaves, Gwen Carton, Joy Pickell, Janice Chagoya, Marla Lee Eaton, Bonnie Rivera, Nancy Shearer, Gail Applegate, Candace Guildeman, Nicki Bywater, Wendy Hallin, Lauren Knuttila, Christen Zybura, Madeline Stevenson, Su Tsao, Nicole Pazden/Elder Placement, Kathy Greer, Janet Kourakis, Lisa Bertrand,