Friday, July 31, 2015

What Womenade Shared From July 1st - July 15th

July 1:  Partial utility payment for family whose electricity has been shut off.  Referral:  Diana Steinhauer, County social worker ($200) 2030

July 1:  Emergency motel stay for abused mother and her 2 and 4-year olds until they can get safe housing.  Referral:  Adrienne Lomp, LINK Health Navigator ($151.74) 2031

July 2:  Emergency gas card for family to take their 8-month-old to the hospital in Madera for the 12th time.  Referral:  Sierra Vista social worker ($100) 2032

July 2:  Child safety gate to protect toddler.  Referral:  PHN, and shopping by Roberta Kassak ($)

July 7:  Emergency gas card for a man’s family member to take him from Grover Beach to Santa Barbara for a surgery appointment.  Referral:  Alyssa Canada, social worker, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital ($50) 2033

July 7:  Emergency gas card so a mother can take her son to Santa Barbara for a medical appointment.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($50) 2034

2035 Void

July 9:  Phone card so the mother of a 1-year-old entering residential treatment can keep in touch with her child’s foster parents.  Referral:  Kim Schwab, County Drug and Alcohol Services, and shopping by Roberta Kassak ($45)

July 9:  Smog check and car registration for a Veteran who recently became housed after being homeless for 6 years.  Referral:  Fiona Phillips, People’s Self-Help Housing ($48 and $80) 2036 and 2037

Void 2038

July 9:  Safety cook top so elderly woman can remain independent.  Referral:  Brittany Carraway, People’s Self-Help Housing ($91.99) 2039

July 10:  Partial rent for a mom who works long hours, and has never asked for help before.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($300) 2040

July 12:  Emergency car seat for newborn to safely leave the hospital with her mother.  Referral:  Sierra Vista social worker ($97.07) 2041

July 13:  Partial security deposit for a disabled single mom to move from homelessness to housing.  Referral:  Pat Blackwell and Belinda Benassi, County Department of Social Services ($306) 2042

July 13:  Glasses for a woman Veteran who received glasses from the Lions within the last year and is not eligible again; she has had eye surgery.  She has been offered a job if she can get new glasses.  Referral:  Esther Castillo, PATH ($200) 2043

July 13:  Emergency tires so a woman can safely drive from South County to her job in Morro Bay.  Referral:  Stella Medina, Lucia Mar School District ($85.95) 2044

July 13:  Boys Club Summer Camp for 3 special needs brothers.  Fees have been reduced, and parents are paying part when they get their check in August.  Referral:  Stella Medina, Lucia Mar Schools ($200) 2045

July 13:  Electricity bill payment to prevent shut off for man just diagnosed with cancer.  Referral:  Drew Washer, French Hospital social worker ($151.70) 2046

July 13:  Partial debt payment so a man who is part of the 50 Now Program can start anew.  Referral:  Lori Maggelet, Transitions Mental Health ($200) 2047

July 14:  PG&E payment to prevent shut off for a single mom who has gotten behind on bills, but now has a payment plan to become self-sufficient.  Referral:  Jason Flanagan, People’s Self-Help Housing ($28) 2048

July 14:  Partial rent for woman and her mother who are struggling to stay housed.  Referral:  Yecenia Silvas, Oceano School Readiness ($300) 2049

July 14:  Partial payment for electric bill to prevent shut off for family with children.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($100) 2050

July 15:  Bike lock, headlight, and protective vest for a woman riding each morning at 3:00 a.m. to her new job.  Referral:  David Lichti, counselor ($41.75) 2051

Items Donated:  
--> Books from Whiz Kids and Lesa Smith; cloth grocery bags made by the SLO Honor Farm; North County delivery by Barbara Putman; books from Nita La Loggia; shoes and children’s clothes from Jacque Fondren; children’s cloths from Nancie Seydel; children’s chairs and toys from Anonymous; school supplies and backpacks for foster children and teens served by Family Care Network from Anonymous, Kathie Hendricks and her granddaughter Olivia, Baxter and Moerman Jewelry; refrigerator for a dad and 5 children from Barbara Rosenthal; crib from Roxanne Pryor set up by Terry Elfrink; 2 beds from Lesa Smith; dresser from Carol Astaire; toys from Karen Morgan; refrigerator for a woman who lost her husband to cancer and is caring for her daughter who has cancer from Lauren Rueda; kitchen items and shower curtain from Naomi Blakely; 2 cases of diapers from Peti Johnson; bike from Naomi Blakely; children’s quilts and blankets from Katie Perez; dining table and chairs from Vickie Rabourn; flatware from Jolie Burrows; clothes for Pirates’ Closet from Baywood Navy – shopping by Carol Devore; school supplies from Marian Kaser; linens, trundle bed, and kitchen items from Joan Hughes for a family moving to housing; kitchen supplies and twin bed from Danny Sullivan for a family moving to housing, delivered by Susan Updegrove; toddler bed repaired and delivered by Tom and Jayne Auchterlonie;

Fund Donated:
 Lisa Bertrand, Tim Banducci Golf Tournament, Diana Henderson, Mary Parker, Judy Barclay, Sophia Moreno, Laguna Lake Ladies Golf Members, Phil and Joanne Ruggles, Kroger, Sue Smith, Carol and Bob Kerwin, Madelyn Millholland and Warren Lowrey, Fred Donati, Anonymous, Carol and Jay Devore, Elizabeth Curren, Susan Hood, Lainie Wachter, Daphne Meyers, Rochelle Johnson, Yolanda Waddell, Maribeth Peterson, Evelyn Greenwald, Evelyn Ruehr, Jeannette Powles, Gail Sears, Peti Johnson,

Admin Funds Donated: 
Dana Starkovich, Leslie Rotstein, Rita Erwin,

What Womenade Shared from July 16th - July 31st

July 16:  Fruits and vegetables for diabetic homeless woman who has had gastric bypass surgery.  Referral:  Rose Levinson-Cooke, Central Coast Home Health and Hospice, and shopping by Roberta Kassak ($100)

July 16:  Supplemental food for 4 people living together on a rural property, and dealing with physical and mental health issues.  Referral:   Rose Levinson-Cooke, Central Coast Home Health and Hospice, and shopping by Roberta Kassak ($100)

July 16:  Gas card for man to travel to LA for surgery.  Referral:  Stella Medina, Lucia Mar Schools ($100) 2052

July 16:  Haircut and work shoes for a Veteran’s wife to begin work as a CAN.  Referral:  Jeannette Garcia, Goodwill ($100) 2052

July 16:  Partial room rent for a man and his children who are close to homelessness.  Catholic Charities can’t fund room rentals.  Referral:  Mendy Wilson, Catholic Charities ($250) 2053

July 16:  Legal documents so that the 17-year-old daughter in an abused family of 4 at the shelter can attend school.  A local attorney is assisting.  Referral:  Jessica Mondragon, RISE ($300) 2054

July 16:  Tooth extraction for a man in great pain.  Referral:  Cecilia Merrill, CDHC ($115) 2055

July 16:  Partial car repair payment for a woman who can’t drive to treatment until her vehicle is fixed.  Referral:  Elisa Leigan, County Behavioral Health ($250) 2056

July 17:  Payment for brake repair parts for a Veteran sharing custody of his teen daughter.  Referral:  Jason Flanagan, Peoples’ Self-Help Housing ($200) 2057

July 17:  Partial rent for a woman recovering from hip replacement surgery.  Referral:  Amber Grimme and Martha Landells, CAPSLO ($200) 2058

July 17:  Gas for mother to take her son to a geneticist in Madera.  Referral:  School psychologist and Adrienne Lomp, Link Health Navigator ($50) 2059

July 17:  Partial rent for a 63-year-old man in poor health working 2 jobs to keep his apartment.  Referral:  Dee Torres, SLO Housing Connection ($250) 2060

July 20:  Payment for breast cancer testing.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, Hearst Cancer Resource Center/French Hospital ($95) 2061

July 22:  RTA 31-day bus pass to allow single mom to get to treatment.  Referral:  Paterese Reynolds, County Intensive Outpatient Treatment, and shopping by Roberta Kassak ($44)

July 22:  Food and gas for family of 5.  Mom just got a job over The Grade, but first paycheck is not till August 5th.  Referral: LINK ($250) 2062

July 23:  Partial rent for at-risk woman.  Referral:  Lynn Grizzard, SLO County Mental Health ($250) 2063

July 23:  Gas for man who has a part time minimum wage job he has been unable to get to every day because he can’t fuel his car.  Referral:  Lupe Solis, Goodwill ($100) 2064

July 23:  Partial rent for woman who has missed 2 weeks of work due to her father’s death.  Referral:  Jason Flanagan, Peoples’ Self-Help Housing  ($200) 2065

 July 23:  Children’s Museum entry for mom, so that counselor can help her learn to navigate public places with her 2-year-old.  Referral:  Jill Anderson, Martha’s Place ($8) 2066

July 24:  Gas bill payment to prevent imminent shut off for struggling woman.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($267.54) 2067

July 24:  Mobile hot spot and Internet card so a mother near death can facilitate custody arrangements for her 12 and 14-year-old daughters. Referral:  Cheri Birchard and Ingrid Pires, Wilshire Hospice ($136.28) 2068

July 27:  Emergency car brake repair for a single mom who works in the fields.  She and her children were victims of domestic violence.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($196.12) 2069

July 31:  Water bill late fees and partial rent for a hard-working single dad.  Referral:  Steve Devencenzi ($267.08) 2070

Items Donated:   Port-a-crib from Alison Haupt; board books from Roxanne Pryor; calculator from Marcie Lindvall for a homeless man taking a math class; school supplies and monitor from Bette Kulp; microwave from Joanne Frye delivered by Lisa Bertrand; bike from Jim Ellman; North County delivery by Dana Lundy; school supplies and backpacks from Deb Spatafore, Linda Thompson, Blonsley Law , Kathy and Jim apRoberts, Alison Haupt, and Leslie Rotstein; school supplies from Anonymous, Janet Allenspach, Marci Powers, Susan Updegrove, Susan Dressler, and Diane McKeague; tv, cd player, toys, and 100 books from Fred Donati; backpacks from Rob Angela and Anonymous; 14 backpacks and school supplies from Etna Interactive, Ryan Miller, president; 5 hand knit baby blankets from Ruth Nagano; bed frame from Linda Bishop; school supplies from Marsha Alpert; backpacks from Lisa Aquino; school supplies from Anonymous and Laurie Coggen; delivery by Stu and Monica Soren; toiletries from Jayne Auchterlonie and delivery to Grizzly Academy by Kat Tuculet; North County delivery by Colleen Spafford; furniture from Nell Ward; school supplies from Anonymous X 2; refrigerator and stove from Janie Holland; children’s play set and port-a-crib from Estate Sale

Funds Donated:   Sandra Brill, Diane Wettlaufer, Laguna Lake Ladies Golf Club, Mariam Shah, Ingrid Pires, Melaleuca, Darlene Krouse, Anneka Scranton, KW Realty Central Coast, David Blakely to celebrate Linda Olsen’s birthday, Nita La Loggia, Kathy Greer, Anonymous, 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Backpack/School Supply Drive for Family Care Network

Womenade just concluded a backpack and school supply drive for over 50 foster children and teens supported by Family Care Network.  Pictured are Kathy apRoberts and Nita La Loggia of Womenade and Pieter Neethling of Family Care Network.  Thanks to Etna Interactive, Blonsley Law, and the many Womenade friends who participated.  41 backpacks, 180 glue sticks, 3700 writing/drawing Instruments, and 15,800 pieces of paper were shared!

Etna Interactive Donation

Special thanks to Ryan Miller and his staff for all the backpacks and school supplies for children and teens. Pictured are Etna Interactive's Community Action Committee Members, Lindsey Lopez and Sarah Perry with Womenade's own Kathy apRoberts on the left.   Backpacks are headed to Family Care Network today!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

What Womenade Shared from June 16 - June 30th

Donated from 2003 to March 31, 2015          $   478,648.19
Donated 2nd Quarter                                      $     29,206.87
Shared 2nd Quarter                                        $     38,687.40
Balance June 30, 2015                                   $          489.54
Total Items Donated 2nd Quarter:                 $      12,686.30

June 16: Diapers for a young baby in a struggling family. Referral: PHN ($16.19) 1990

June 17: Car payment for woman who has faced loss of family and friends. She has been financially helping her daughter through a divorce, helping her mother through cancer treatments, and now has been laid off.   Referral: Mariana Gutierrez, SLO Family Resource Center ($150) 1991

June 18: Fruits, vegetables, and protein foods for a diabetic man who hasn't been able to eat a lot of the food donated from the Food Bank. Referral: Rose Levinson-Cooke, Central Coast Home Health ($150) 1992

June 18: Gas so a family can visit a new mother who is in ICU with heart problems after the birth of her child. Referral: French Hospital social worker ($50) 1992

June 22: Tires so a 19-year-old single mom who is 3 months pregnant can safely get to work from the room she rents at Nacimiento Lake. Referral: Christine Childs and Belinda Benassi, Child Welfare Services ($300) 1993

June 22: Food for a man, his wife, and their 2 adult children living in a 5th-wheel. The father is a diabetic, has MS, and is recovering from surgery.  Rose Levinson-Cooke, Central Coast Home Health ($150) 1994

1995 to replace lost 1936

June 22: Car repair to allow recently housed mother of a teen who lived in her car for 3 years and suffered domestic violence to get to her new job. Referral: Lori Maggelet Transitions Mental Health, 50 Now Program ($300) 1996

June 22: Stroller for a homeless mom with a 2-week-old baby that will soon leave the NICU. Referral: PHN, and shopping by Roberta Filadelfia ($73.51) 1997

June 22: Stroller for a 2-month-old baby. Referral: PHN, and shopping by Roberta Filadelfia ($73.51) 1997

June 22: Partial rent payment for a woman in a jobs program and searching for work. Referral: Jeannette Garcia, Goodwill ($300) 1998

June 22: Smog check so a single mom living in her RV with her son can get the vehicle registered and park legally without fear of tow or tickets. Referral: Dee Torres, SLO Housing ($120) 1999

June 22: Partial deposit so an elderly, disabled woman can move to housing. Referral: Amber Grimme, CAPSLO ($300) 2000

June 23: Partial rent to help a Veteran who has fallen on hard times. Referral: Mindy Truex, PATH/VASH ($300) 2001

June 23: Steel toe boots for a man who has begun work pouring cement and building rock walls, and his tennis shoes are not safe. Referral: Janet Allenspach, CAPSLO ($165.95) 2002

June 23: Car repair for woman needing transportation to her job. Referral: Linda Rawlings, Drug Treatment Court and Sara Tindula, Department of Social Services ($250) 2003

June 23: Eye appointment and sturdy glasses for an adopted special needs boy. Referral: Casey Roos, County Mental Health ($305.60) 2004

June 23: Glasses for a woman who can't afford them due to other medical costs, and has been unable to get help from other groups. Referral: Amanda Hartman, social worker, Dignity Home Health ($159.99) 2005

June 23: Partial rent to help a Veteran secure housing. Referral: Mindy Truex, PATH ($300) 2006

June 24: Emergency partial court fees for mother. She and 2 of her children were molested by the children's father. Referral: Magena Ammen, RISE ($250 and $50) 2008 and 2009

June 24: Certified birth certificate from another county for a client to get a Section 8 voucher. Referral: April Madden, San Luis Obispo Behavioral Health ($39.95) 2010

June 24: Bike helmet for special needs boy and for a mom who will be biking pulling her children in a bike trailer. Referral: Letty Mendoza, Transitions Mental Health and shopping by Cyndy Later ($50.74) 2019

June 26: Emergency motel stay for 2 nights for a mother and her 5-year-od and 12-year-old who need to be safe until they can get into ECHO. Referral: Sonia Green, LINK ($235.20) 2012

June 26: Work boots required for safety for a client with Atascadero Drug and Alcohol who has a new job. Referral: Margaret Fagundes, County Behavioral Health ($76.95) 2013

June 26: Swim pass and lessons for a single mom's 3 children. One child has Down's syndrome. Referral: Janice Chagoya, counselor, Lucia Mar ($285) 2014 Replaces 2011

June 27: Emergency gas so a mom can take her 3-year-old child who has multiple health problems to Madera Hospital. Referral: Bessy Hoffman, LINK ($75) 2015

June 27: Two nursing bras for a new mother whose milk is being restricted by too tight underwear. Referral: PHN ($37.98) 2016

Jun 27: Fan for family living in a garage. Referral: Sonia Greene, LINK ($22.56) 2016

June 27: High chair and 2 potties for children in 3 families. Referral: PHN ($62.93) 2016

June 27: Floor play mat for 6-month-old to improve muscle strength. Referral: PHN ($22.44) 2016

June 27: Floor play mat for young baby. Referral: PHN, and shopping by Cyndy Later ($43.19) 2019

June 27: Emergency car seat and clothes for at-risk baby. Referral: Sierra Vista social worker ($87.63) 2017

June 29: Gas cards for 2 young men so they can get rides from friends to drug treatment sessions. Referral: Andrea Devitt, Cuesta College ($100) 2018

June 29: Crib mattress for young baby to go with a crib donated by Roxanne Pryor. Referral: PHN and shopping by Cyndy Later ($53.99) 2019

June 29: Tennis shoes and socks for woman living in a transition house for the homeless. The doctor has ordered her to increase physical activity due to health issues. Referral: Miriam Castillo, Transitions Mental Health ($100) 2020

June 29: Underwear and shoes for 2 grandchildren who have just been placed in their grandfather's care. Referral: Adrienne Lomp: LINK Health Navigator ($100) 2020

June 29: Storage fee to prevent homeless family from losing all their belongings. Referral: Katy Griffin, Highlands Church ($180) 2021

June 29: Partial rent for a teen living on her own who just started working 2 jobs. Referral: Lori Maggelet, Transitions Mental Health ($300) 2022

June 29: Summer childcare for a 4-year-old. Referral: Romi Ramirez, CAPSLO ($215) 2023

June 29: Partial rental deposit for a mom and her 7 children. Referral: Dee Torres, SLO Housing and Mariana Gutierrez, San Luis Coastal ($300) 2024

June 29: Food and clothing for children in several struggling families. Referral: Elena Chavez ($300) 2025

June 30: Partial rent for young father, a self-employed gardener with kidney disease, and his family. His wife is working long hours to support the family. Referral: Stella Medina, Lucia Mar School District ($300) 2026

Items Donated: Bed for a disabled teen from Laura Mullen; 4 large bags of beautiful handmade quilts from Judilyn Duba, Merrily Beck, and the Bear Valley Quilters; diapers from Laura Fulton; double stroller from Laurabeth Medlock; toys and books from John Hostetter; diapers and blankets from Carol Astaire; apartment fan from Tina Dodd-Wilson delivered by Tom Auchterlonie; home health care supplies from Leslie and Dave Jones; diapers and wipes from Kathy Hendricks; household furniture from Jeanne Geiger; dishes from Marsha Alpert via Kathy apRoberts; microwave, bags of kitchen items, linens, and school supplies from Cal Poly dorms via Terry Elfrink and Vicki McPartland; diapers and wipes from Bonnie; bikes for a boy with Asperser's and a mom pulling her children in a bike trailer from Jim Ellman; toiletries and cloth grocery bags from Kathy apRoberts; cloth grocery bags from Anonymous; North County delivery by Dee Lacey; swim suits for 3 children from Ed and Janice Chagoya; bassinette and blanket from Stephen Brown; children's clothes from Helma Smulder; children's clothes and toys from Dana Lundy and Julie Diffenbaugh; children's books from Anonymous; Children's toys and sweatshirt from Muriel Harkins. Total Items Donated 2nd Quarter - $12,686.30

Funds Donated:   Melaleuca, Peti Johnson, David and Bonnie Wolfe, Phyllis Martinelli, Carol Astaire, Marilynn Banducci, Marcie and John Lindvall, Linda and Roy Rawlings, Florence and Frank Simon, Stephanie Barclay, Marylou Gooden, Farmer's Market donor via Linda Jankay, Linda Bishop in memory of her uncle Gordon Hamblin, Linda Jankay, Kathy Greer, Michelle Williams, donation in honor of Sara Tadaro,

Admin Funds Donated: Dana Starkovich, Rita Erwin, Leslie Rotstein,