Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday Donations to Families Womenade Serves

  • Michelle Seden and Baker Wine and Grape Analysis have a Holiday Giving tree for Womenade
  • San Luis Obispo Country Club Women adopted 3 families for the holidays and more!  Thanks Donna Jeberjahn!
  • San Luis Children's Museum donated a year-long pass to a formerly homeless family
  • Covered with Love Knitters created scarves, hats, and sweaters
  • Pajamas were donated by Central Coast Funds for Children, Muriel Harkins
  • Filled purses for the homeless from Alexandria Helms and Friends
  • Bear Valley Quilters donated 3 bags of quilts
  • The Doll Ministry created dolls for the children at the Nipomo Food Distribution

Funds from:
Barbara Pruitt's Bunco Group
San Luis Obispo United Methodist Church
Scenic Coast Doll Club
Sharon Leigh Cancer Organization
5 Cities Women's Network
Rooster Creek Tavern in Arroyo Grande

Grateful to all!

What Womenade Shared from December 1st to December 15th

December 1: Emergency clothes, diapers, and personal items for a mother, a domestic violence victim, and her 3 children who had all their belongings taken by the father.  Referral:  Dr. Erin Parsons ($300) 2296

December 1:  Partial rent for a mom whose husband is in jail.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($300) 2297

December 2: Partial rent to move a family from homelessness to housing.  Referral:  Kimberley Archie, CAPSLO ($300) 2298

December 2:  Partial rent for a family; the father's medical bills have affected their ability to keep up with payments.  Referral:  Yecenia Silvas, Lucia Mar Unified Schools ($200) 2299

December 2:  Partial rent for a single mom whose roommate moved away; she has found a new one starting in January.  Referral:  Stella Medina, LMUSD ($300) 2300

December 3:  Gas and motel stay to help a mother, including a young baby, move out of the area to another state where they will have family support. Referral:  Paula Warnes, Paso Robles Schools ($205.95) 2301

December 3:  Payment for a 5th wheel space, so a mother can use her funds to heat it and pay park utilities until the family moves to housing in the new year.  Referral:  Alicia McAllister, County Drug and Alcohol Services ($331) 2302

December 3:  Partial rent to prevent eviction; the family is behind on rent because their son was diagnosed with diabetes, and he had to go to Stanford for treatment.  Referral:  Mary Squellati, CAPSLO ($300) 2303

December 4:  Partial rent payment for single mother who had to use rent money to fix her broken car.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($350) 2304

December 6:  Eye glasses for a woman who hasn't had funds to cover the cost for years and her vision is deteriorating.  Referral:  Elisa Leigan, San Luis County Behavioral Health ($125.50) 2305

December 7:  Storage closing fee for a family that is homeless, so they can pick up important papers that are stored there before all their belongings are sold.  Referral:  Marisela Corona, LINK ($164) 2306

December 7:  Bunk bed for children reunited with their mother.  Referral:  Barbara Turk, Child Welfare Services ($305.95) Debit

December 7:  Emergency diapers for a toddler.  Referral:  Vanessa Grenne ($25.91) 2307

December 7:  Car repair so a woman can get to her job.  Referral:  David Smith and Belinda Benassi, Department of Social Services ($275) 2308

December 7:  Housing Authority payment so a Veteran can be issued a voucher to find a Section 8 apartment.  Referral:  Esther Castillo, PATH - Support Services for Homeless Vets ($124)  2309

December 7:  Double stroller for mother who walks to all appointments and stores.  Referral:  PHN, Craigslist search and delivery by Susan Updegrove and Amy Sullivan ($75) 2310

December 7:  Partial car payment for a woman whose work hours were reduced, but will go back up in January.  She needs her car to get to her job.  Referral:  Dr. Shapiro ($300.00) 2311

December 8:  Medication for a patient with severe dry eye and photophobia.  Referral:  Kim Richards, Tidelands Counseling ($205.95) 2312

December 8:  Partial deductible payment for  a woman whose car was majorly damaged in a hit and run.  She needs her car right away to continue to work.  Referral:  Nicole Holst, Transitions-Mental Health ($305.95) 2313

December 8:  Partial rent to prevent a woman from being evicted.  Referral:  Martha Diaz and Belinda Benassi, Department of Social Services ($300) 2314

December 8:  Partial rent payment for a Veteran and his family, so they can stay in their apartment.  They can pay going forward.  Referral:  Larry Lichti, CAPSLO/Veteran's Services ($116) 2315

December 9:  Clothes and motel nights for a father and his 2 children who lost all their belongings.  Referral:  Danilda Reyes, LINK ($305.95) 2316

December 9:  Eye glasses for a patient who lost her medical insurance; she will have insurance starting in the new year.  Referral:  Judy Kelly and Dr. Shapiro ($205.95) 2317

December 9:  Partial payment of a sport fine so a single mom's oldest daughter can graduate.  Referral:  Karina Ayala and Laurie Morgan, CAPSLO and SAFE ($200) 2318

December 10:  Bunks beds for a family moving their children to housing.  Referral: Barbara Turk, County Welfare Services ($305.95) debit

December 10:  Storage unit payment so a Veteran and his family can move all their belongings to housing.  Referral:  Kevin Reeder, ECHO ($307.00) 2319

December 10:  Emergency treatment for an abscess for a young Foster child,  Referral:  PHN ($220) 2320

December 11:  Sleeping bags for parents and their child living in a tent.  Referral:  Dee Torres-Hill, SLO Housing Connection, and shopping by Susan Updegrove ($)

December 11:  Restoration of electricity for a struggling family; they will be able to keep current on payments going forward.  Referral:  Kayla Kerrigan and Belinda Benassi, DSS ($300) 2321

December 11:  Phone activation for a man seeking employment.  Referral:  Alan McKean America's Jobs Center ($250) 2322

December 12:  Food for a struggling family - the mother is facing another cancer surgery soon.  Referral:  Tatiana Abundis, Big Brothers Big Sisters ($200) 2323

December 12:  Stroller for a homeless 2-month-old.  Referral:  Melinda Sokolowski, CAPSLO, and shopping by Susan Updegrove ($)

December 14:  Gas card for a student returning to college after turning her life around.  Referral:  Andrea Devitt, Cuesta College counselor ($100) 2324

December 14:  Bus ticket so a domestic violence victim can return to family support in another state.  Gas for homeless friends to take her to the Santa Maria bus station, and travel food.  Referral: Beth Raub, SlO Women's Shelter and Belinda Benassi, DSS ($208.50 Debit, $15 cash for baggage fee, $107.28 for gas and travel food) 2325

December 15:  Dental treatment for a 6-year-old boy.  Referral:  Vanessa Greene, LINK ($147) 2326

December 15:  Partial rent for a mother delivering a new baby this week.  Referral:  Vanessa Greene, LINK ($300) 2327

December 15:  Partial rent for Veteran moving to housing.  Referral:  Larry Feldt, CAPSLO Vets ($305) 2328

December 15:
  Partial rent for a woman moving into Transitions Mental Health Housing.  Referral:  Kevin Reeder, ECHO ($300)

Items Donated:  children's clothes from Helma Smulders; tent, kitchen utensils and towels, and toys from Marylou Gooden; microwave from Lihi Kamen, dishes from Janet Allenspach; blanket and toaster from Linda Thompson; pots and pans from Jacque Fondren; North County delivery by Barbara Putman; blanket and baking trays from Amy Jacobs; table from Susan Updegrove; diapers from Nancy Kraus; bottles, kitchen items, and toys from Carrie  Fogo; bed from Linda Holland; cases of diapers from Anonymous; cases of diapers from Kemay Eoyang;  Christmas trees from Arianna Ackerman and Sandra Sansoni; household items from Janet Allenspach; jogging stroller from Therese Hanlon via Jerry and Sharynn Chirpich; 4 bags of new blankets from Roy and Marty Thomas and Jerry and Sharynn Chirpich;  kitchen items from Jayne Devencenzi; Christmas gifts for 3 families from the San Luis Country Club Women, shopping by Donna Jeberjahn and Amanda Lombard and delivery by Lee Jeberjahn; yearlong membership for a family donated by The Children's Museum with special consideration from Linda Selig Blonsley; blankets from Anna Watterworth;  pajamas from Sandi Pardini; sheets from Linda Holland; linens and pillows from Janie Holland; high chair and excersaucer from Laureen Wallravin delivered by Kathy apRoberts; stamps from Dana Easton; North County delivery by Joy Sostrin; pajamas from Central Coast Funds for Children via Muriel Harkins; 14 bags of care products from Alexandria Helms and her friends delivered to Prado and the Grizzly Academy by Kat Tuculet; high chairs from Phyllis Bettencourt and Madeline Fay; food for Los Osos Backpack program from Lainie Wachter; Christmas tree and ornaments from Lisa Mishoulam; diapers from Barbara Deel;

Admin Funds Donated: 
Dana Starkovich, Leslie and Gene Rotstein, Rosemary Cleaves,

Funds Donated:  Lisa Bertrand, Roberta and Frank Kassak, Rhonda Richard, Nancy Kraus, Judith Thompson, Joanne Guvene, Freddi Quin, Evi Alford, L. Demartini, Patricia Haines, Tana Pedersen, Claire Granbery, Fran Norris, Marilyn Rolph, Karen Steves, Karen Anderson, Nancy Sweet, Julie Holland, Susan Zweig, Janice Paulsen, Frances Wagner, Patricia Kuprewicz, Betty Scully, Leah Clark, De Hampton, Carol Cape, Nancy Warren, Sharee Howell, Nancy Bayliss, Vicki Wyne, Christine Hammer, Kathy Smith-Brown, Dorothy Mauger, Jeanne Little, Beth Ladin, Jamie Herbon, Patti Haines, Amy Hedges, Marie Kyle, Bonnie Keller, Marcia Traversaro, Christi Nemetz, Nancy Warren, Myra Akel, Jo Anne Painter, Sue Bergstrom, Cynthia Grenz, Valerie Mecchi, Claudia Sorensen, Joni Ratts, Bob Brenner, Ruth Steen, Yvonne Morrow, Sandra Merrill, Anonymous, Amy Sullivan, Patty Aguilar, Jayne Devencenzi, Jean Steel, Tom and Kathy McLaughlin, California Scenic Coast Doll Club, Sharon Leigh Cancer Organization, Jayne Devencenzi, Jean Steel, Fred Donati, Michelle Williams, Peti Johnson, Penny Hobson, Rooster Creek Tavern, 5 Cities Women's Network, Valerie Stewart, Seronda Senior Services, Carla Muller, Tamara Jones, Mishoulam Insurance Services, Sandra Nichols, Relished Food Holistic Nutrition/Laureen Wallravin, Tenil VanRozeboom, Doreen Curtze, The Keenan Carter Group, Melissa McCreary, Hardy Chiropractic/Patricia Hardy, Kelley O'Neill, Heather Mooney, Terry Merlo, Mary Einkauf, Sue Maccagno Palmer, Sandra Sansoni, Pismo Curves, CJJB Enterprises, Mason Mortgage Services, Linda Bishop, Grace Nagel, Quilt Raffle, Mac and Bonnie Brinton, Evan apRoberts and Melissa Castellano in honor of Kathy apRoberts, Judy Barclay, Carla Haynie, Albert and Louise Schiebelhut, Frank and Florence Simon, Wendy Daly, San Luis Obispo Country Club Women, Katherine Coull, Helen Rehm, Joanne Weber, Muriel Harkins, Argene Tisdale, Darlene De Chance, Gay Mc Cready, Trudi Travis, Arlene Yost, Michele Ferreri-Bleuher, Jose Davies-Toll, Barbara Haupt, Ricki Pace, Leanna Kerston, Terri Ernst, Margaret Budd, Kathie Hendricks, Judith Rutter, Mary Parker, Leona Fairchild, Dana Easton, Barbara Pruitt, Barbara Pruitt's Bunco Friends, Betty Porte, J. Ingwerson, Dan and Tess Mathews, Phil and Joanne Ruggles, Chuck and Lois Crotser, Sue Smith, Bob and Carol Kerwin, Teddy Burton, Marylou Gooden, Diana Henderson, quilt raffle, Bonnie Rivera, Pam Peters, Susan Demma, Wendy Hallin, Judy Eisenhard, Ginny Kenny, Joy Pickell, Sally Woelper, Barbara Deel, Phyllis Bettencourt, Nell Quijano, Mary Weeks, Rosemary Cleaves, Katie Perez, Mariam Shah, Malka Kutner, Tina Doherty, Dianne Thompson, Madeline Stevenson, Gay Groomes, Madeline Fay, Mary Anne Morgan, Linda Fibich, Janice Chagoya, Lynn De Leo, Anonymous, Helen Powell, Arlene Versaw, Elizabeth Parker, Patricia Streng, Marla Lee Eaton, Connie Holtz, Pamela Dunlap, Carol Chenot, G.Silverstone, Dianne Kring-Sonksen, Janice Owens-Martinez, San Luis Obispo Wine Country Association, Talley Vineyard, Heather Muran,

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Womenade Donation from Davies Company Real Estate

Dawna Davies of the Davies Company made a $1,000 donation to Womenade in honor of their customers.  The Davies Company holiday card features amazing illustrations of the many ways Womenade shares with our community.  We appreciate this thoughtful support!

What Womenade Shared November 16th - November 30th

November 16:  Partial rent payment for mother who is disabled and is having back surgery in December.  Referral:  Nicole Holst, Transitions Mental Health ($200) 2263

November 16:  Partial payment for transmission repair for a mom who just got housing, and on the way home from signing papers, her engine broke.  Referral:  Kevin Reeder, ECHO ($300) 2264

November 16:  Security deposit for a woman to move to safe housing after escaping an abusive relationship.  Referral:  Lara Laity, RISE ($200) 2265  VOID replaced with 2278

November 16:  Emergency payment for injections for a child who is disabled.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, Hearst Cancer Resource Center ($103)  2266

November 16:  RTA pass so a pregnant woman living in a sober living house can get to OBGYN appointments, and food to supplement what she receives from distribution sites.  Referral:  Heather Sorensen, County Drug and Alcohol Services ($32 and $100) 2267 and 2269

November 16:  Car repair so that a woman with PTSD and Panic Attacks can try to find employment.  Referral:  David Lichti, counselor ($168.55) 2268

November 18:  Holiday turkeys for a single dad with 3 children, and a family of 7 whose dad lost his job, and 2 families of 4 who were homeless.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($100) 2269

November 18:  Food and rent for a mother and her 4 children who are living in a  garage.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK, and Twin Cities Hospital ($100 and $300) 2269 and 2272

November 18: Emergency medical tests for a woman who is ill.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, Hearst Cancer Resource Center ($300) 2270

November 18:  Anti-allergen home bedding for elderly woman with severe allergies.  Referral:  Brittany Carraway, People's Self-Help Housing ($200) 2271

November 18:  Partial rent for mother about to deliver her baby; she has been unable to work for the last month.  Referral:  Vanessa Greene, Health Navigator, LINK ($300) 2273

November 19:  Emergency formula for a newborn whose mother has run out.  Referral:  Vanessa Greene, Health Navigator, LINK ($53.98) 2274

November 19:  Gas card for a man on limited income to travel to LA for treatments after jaw/esophagus cancer, reconstructive surgery, and a tracheotomy.  His friend speaks for him, provides care, and drives him to appointments.  Referral:  Rose Levinson-Cooke, Central Coast Home Health ($150) 2274

November 19:  Partial rent so a single mother who is disabled, can move with her 17-year-old daughter into housing.  Referral:  Kimberly Archie, CAPSLO ($300)  2275

November 20:  Household items for a woman moving to housing who has nothing.  Referral:  Kimberly Archie, CAPSLO ($150) 2276

November 20:  Gas and food for a 28-year-old man who lost his job due to health issues, and is now homeless.  He is being seen for facial numbness and brain swelling.  Referral:  Jessica Mezzapesa, Central Coast Home Health ($115) 2276

November 20:  Partial payment for a car for a woman who needs to drive to see her daughters.  Referral:  Kim Schwab, County Family Treatment Court ($300) 2277 

November 20:  Glasses for a 14-year-old boy so he can see the board at school.  Referral:  Jamie Rizzo, CASA ($108.99) 2279

November 20: Past due internet payment to prevent shut off for an elderly woman who needs to finish job training using the computer.  Referral:  Beverly Cook, American's Jobs Center ($44.98) 2280

November 23:  RTA bus passes for a homeless man needing to travel to treatment and a single mom needing to get to appointments and treatment.  Referral:  Paterese Reynolds, County Intensive Outreach Treatment  and purchase by Bette Kulp ($88) 2294

November 23:  Gas for a single mom and her 4 daughters who are homeless and waiting for Section 8 housing.  Referral:  Paula Warnes, Paso Roble Joint Unified School District ($100) 2281

November 24:  Soccer fees for All Stars for brothers ages 9 and 12 who are in Foster care.  Referral:  Jenny Rutledge and Belinda Bennasi, Department of Social Services ($135 and $135) 2282 and 2283

November 24:  Security grab bar for an elderly woman with advanced dementia being cared for by her 2 daughters who have limited income.  Referral:  Rose Gevinson-Cooke, Central Coast Home Health  ($204.12) Debit

November 24:  Partial rent to prevent eviction of a single mother and her 2 sons, 1 son has Asberger's.  Referral:  Nicole Holst, Transitions Mental Health ($300) 2284

November 24:  Trailer rental for a woman moving out of homelessness.  Referral:  Patty Ramirez, TMH ($300) 2285

November 24:  Formula and diapers for a mother with 4 very young children.  Referral:  Vanessa Greene, LINK ($55.14) 2286

November 24:  Partial deposit for a senior man who is disabled and moving to housing.  Referral:  Kimberly Archie, CAPSLO ($325) 2287

November 24:  Campground fees for a single mom, a victim of domestic violence and her 2 children ages 7 and 13.  They will move to housing in a week.  Referral:  Monique Hoyos, Department of Social Services ($205) 2288

November 25:  Past due payment to prevent a client from losing all possessions.  Referral:  Paterese Reynolds, County Intensive Outreach ($200) 2289

November 25:  Emergency motel stay for an 87-year-old woman who is seriously ill.  She will move to Transitional Housing soon.  Referral:  Debbie Beckett, CAPSLO ($305.95) Debit

November 26:  Supplemental food for  a man recently leaving assisted living to a motel.  Referral:  Beth Belingheri, Central Coast Home Health ($100) Debit

November 26:  Supplemental and specialty food due to health issues in a family of 8 that has recently been housed.  Referral:  Veronica Cablayan, 5 Cities Homeless Coalition ($200) Debit

November 26: Gas for a neighbor helping a Parkfield man to stores to buy medical supplies and food.  Referral:  Naomi Simpson, Central Coast Home Health ($100) 2290

November 26:  PG&E payment to prevent shut off for a single mom and her 2 children - she is a victim of domestic violence.  Referral:  Shona Pruitt, Women's Shelter Program of San Luis ($183.87) 2291 

November 26:  Emergency motel stay for grandparents who have custody of  their 8-year-old granddaughter who they took to the ER and learned she has Type 1 Diabetes.  They had to stay to learn how to manage this disease.  Referral:  Sierra Vista social worker  ($305.95) and diabetes kit from Gwyneth Stewart

November 26:  Allan Hancock material and health fees for a woman who is recovering well and starting her life again.  Referral:  Heather Sorensen, Drug and Alcohol Services ($65) 2293

November 27:  U Haul and moving for an elderly woman who just got out of the hospital and moved her possessions out of storage to Section 8 housing.  Referral:  Twin Cities Hospital social worker ($340.71) Debit

November 30:  Partial rent for a family with 6 children; the parent who works is ill.  Referral:  Danilda Reyes, LINK ($300) 2295

Items Donated:  infant bed, blankets and sweater from Sara Fiore; for the HunanKind event sparkling cider from Judy Riener and wine from Anonymous, Linda Rawlings and Biddle Ranch Vineyards, and Karen Morgan; gift cards from Michelle Headrick; delivery by Jayne Auchterlonie; diapers, children's clothes, baby carrier, and stroller from Jerry and Sharynn Chirpich; 5 bikes from Jim Ellman; high chair and blanket from Jeannette Davis Powells; clothing, baby wipes, and toiletries from Katie Merlo; cases of diapers and wipes from Kathie Hendricks; teen gift cards from Linda Bishop and Linda Jankay; new socks from Marian Gregory; children's clothes from Helma Smulders; newborn clothes from Arlene Versaw; blanket and children's clothes from Dawn Tyra; children's clothes and books from Lesa Smith and Dakota Moulton; toys and baby items from Jessica Michelson; toiletries from Liz Johnston; toys and baby safety gate from Erika Schuetz; complete Christmas for a family from Stacy and Jeff LaBarge, Bob and Linda Westenberger, and Meghan and Sam Belongia;

Admin Funds Donated:  Rita Erwin, Dana Starkovich, Leslie Rotstein,

Funds Donated:  Dan Carpenter, Melaleuca, Diane Wettlaufer, Mary Parker, Janis Woolpert, Ann McMahon, Nancy Shearer, Dr. and Mrs. Zorus P. Colglazier, Maggie Raggatz, Carol Tickner, Kathy Greer, Dawna Davies and the Davies Company Real Estate, Lisa Bertrand, Nita La Loggia,