Friday, September 26, 2008

Referral from a Neighbor Network

Please help me help Jose Carlos and 4 fellow students in Copan Honduras! I am raising funds to buy 5 computers with printers for these wonderful students and I need your help now. I have someone who can personally deliver the computers to Honduras so please donate today to:
Heart of Everything,Inc
c/o Susan Mullen
2200 Greenwood Ave.
Morro Bay, Ca. 93442

Or go to the website and donate and please note that the donation is for Jose Carlos Computer. is the site.

Your contribution is tax deductible! Please give today.

Jose Carlos is entering the 12th Grade at a high school in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. He wants to go to college and study engineering. He is a delightful young man, humbled by the financial support provided to him for his schooling. A computer would really assist him as well as his fellow students in their journey to and through college. Please donate today.

With much appreciation

Susan Mullen

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Hand Up Inc.

Rosemary Cleaves, new Womenade member, our blogspot creator, and Dr. Ke-Ping Tsao's favorite cousin, is a grass roots leader on the other coast! Her group, A Hand Up Inc, stores household furniture and supplies, and once a week sets up a formerly homeless person in housing that has everything needed for a successful fresh start.

Read what the local news says about this amazing group!,0,1369709.column August 2008
and,0,3316219.column July 2008


Some time ago, I wrote about Kiva, an organization that lets you invest in individuals around the world who are trying to feed their families and have a working wage. It's so much like Womenade in that you can select the person you'd like to help, and he/she can pay you you can invest in someone else all over again! As little as $25.00 can help someone become independent.

Here are some Kiva facts: 35 months old, raised over $42,000,000, 98% repayment rate, 83,294 entrepeneurs helped, and 144 countries represented. You can even give Kiva gift certificates to your friends, so they can pick people to help!

Check out the site: