Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What Womenade Shared May 1st - May 15th

May 1:  Partial rent for a mother of 2 children who lost her job when the business closed; she found a new job, and will be able to sustain going forward.  Referral:  Corey Hoffman, County Drug and Alcohol Services ($300) 3621 3

May 2:  Partial trailer park rent for a single mother and her 3 children; all have suffered life-threatening abuse.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($300) 3622 4

May 2:  Partial rent for a mother of 3 boys who is working 2 jobs, and trying to piece things together.  Referral:  Katy Griffin, Highlands Church ($300) 3623 4

May 2:  Birth certificate for a little boy whose mother can’t afford it.  Referral:  Public Health Nurse ($28) 3624 2

May 2:  Contact lenses for a man who has been wearing his for 2 months and there is a fear of infection.  Referral:  Cindy Nelson, County Drug and Alcohol Services ($140.42) 3625 1

May 2:  Groceries for a man who is currently too weak to ride his bike to and from Prado.  Referral:  David Lichti, MFC ($100) 3626 1

May 2:  Lift chair motor replacement for a disabled man who has been falling since his chair broke, making his health problems worse.  Referral:  Nicholas Cline, People’s Self-Help Housing ($274.95) 3627 1

May 2:  4 RTA passes for disabled parents and their children; the mother just had surgery and cannot drive.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($176) 3628 4

May 2:  RTA pass so a single mother of 4 can get to treatments, to and from work, and to school to pick up her children.  Referral:  Nathaniel Reynolds, County Drug and Alcohol Services  ($44) 3629 1

May 2:  Food for a family moving out of the shelter into housing and awaiting their first paychecks.  Referral:  Samantha Crouse, ECHO ($100) 3630 3

May 3:  Partial payment for a mattress for a senior man who is low-income and disabled; his current mattress has springs coming through the fabric.  Referral:  Brittany Venia, People’s Self-Help Housing ($228) 3631 1

May 3:  PG&E payment to prevent shut off for a mom who has been off work while 1 of her children has been very sick.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($198) 3632 3

May 3:  Partial rent for a woman who has been out of work on medical leave; there are also other family problems.  Referral:  Angela Rico, CAPSLO ($300) 3633 2

May 3:  Partial rent for a mother and her children; the mother was hit by a truck while riding her bike to pick up her children from school.  Referral:  Stella Medina, Lucia Mar Unified Schools ($300) 3634 3

May 4:  Partial rent for a single mom and her elementary children; her husband is behind in child support, and now he has been deported because he was here without papers.  Referral:  Julie Badalamenti and Kathleen LeMieux, Vineyard Elementary ($300) 3635 3

May 4:  Partial rent for a family with 4 children; the father has been out of a job for a month, and is actively searching for another.  Referral:  Ana Hernandez, CAPSLO ($300) 3636 6

May 4:  Partial rent for  a young father who is going to Stanford for jaw cancer.  He works at a fast food restaurant.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, Hearst Cancer Resource Center ($300) 3637 3

May 4:  Food for a client moving out of Sober Living and into an apartment.  Referral:  Jennifer Woodward, County Behavioral Health ($100) 3638 1

May 4:  Gas card so a family can take their newborn to doctor appointments.  Referral:  Jennifer Woodward, County Behavioral Health ($100) 3639 3

May 4:  Medication for a patient with a chronic condition that insurance doesn’t cover; other options are being explored for the future.  Referral:  Jennifer Woodward, County Behavioral Health ($255.95) 3640 1

May 4:  Underclothes for a single mother and diapers for 1 of her 2 children.  Referral:  Amber Balais, LINK ($150) 3641 3

May 4:  Storage of a family’s belongings for 1 month while they stay at a motel; the ranch where the father was working sold, and he will not be paid at his new job until June 6.  Referral:   Bessy Hoffman, LINK ($66.50) 3642 4

May 5:  A single mother who has been diagnosed with lung cancer is deteriorating quickly, and has many medical bills.  Payment for gas and clothes for her 11-year-old daughter.  Referral:  Bessy Hoffman, LINK ($200) 3644 2

May 5:  PG&E payment to prevent shut off tomorrow for a single mother of 3 children; she works, but her husband left the family, and her income is very low.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($208.91) 3645 4

May 5:  Partial rent for an older woman, a former farm worker.  Last year she lost her husband to cancer, and now she has breast cancer.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, Hearst Cancer Resource Center ($350) 3646 1

May 5:  Bassinet for a new baby for a family living in a small space.  Referral:  Public Health Nurse ($48.93) Debit 3

May 5:  Partial rent for a pregnant woman who lost her boyfriend of 14 years, the father of her unborn child.  He died suddenly last week of a heart attack at the age of 28 of an birth defect that wasn’t detected until after his passing.  She is grief-stricken and her doctor has placed her on immediate disability to ensure she will have a healthy baby girl.  State Disability is pending.  Referral: Stella Medina, Lucia Mar Unified Schools ($300) 3647 2

May 5:  Deposit to move a senior couple out of a shed and into housing.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($300) 3648 2

May 6:  Diapers for a 2-year-old.  Referral:  Tomoko Shoat, Martha’s Place Children’s Center ($31.23) 3649 2

May 6:  Food and clothes for a single mother and her daughter who has Autism.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK (200) 3649 2

May 8:  Dial-a-Ride passes so that a woman who is disabled can get to treatment.  Referral:  Alicia McAllister, County Drug and Alcohol Services ($60) 3650 1

May 8:  RTA month pass so a client can get to treatment sessions.  Referral:  Alicia McAllister, County Drug and Alcohol Services ($44) 3651 1

May 8:  Partial rent for a mother and her teen daughter.  The mother lost weeks of work while taking her daughter to UCLA for a serious virus.  Referral:  UCLA Health ($300) 3652 2

May 8:  PG&E payment to prevent service from being shut off for a low-income woman; plans are in place going forward.  Referral:  Jason Flanagan, People’s Self-Help Housing ($209.72)  3653 1

May 9:  Professional clothing so a woman living in a Safe House can take a new job in a law office.  Referral:  Yesenia Alonso, Women’s Shelter Program ($200) 3654 1

May 10:  Food for a family of 7; a family member was recently diagnosed with cancer, and they have medical bills that are not covered by insurance.  Referral:  Tito Ponce, People’s Self-Help Housing ($200) 3655 7

May 10:  Partial rent for a single mother and her 2 girls; mother has just started a new, better-paying job.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($150) 3656 3

May 10:  Gas so a woman can get from Paso to San Luis for counseling services.  Referral:  Barbara Turk, County Child Welfare Services ($50) 3657 1

May 10:  Gas and humidifier for a single mother and her children who left most of their belongings behind after suffering physical, emotional, and financial abuse.  Referral:  Martin Gonzalez, RISE ($50 and $38.60) 3657 and Debit 3

May 10:  Emergency gas so a brain cancer patient could be taken immediately to Stanford.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, Hearst Cancer Resource Center ($100) 3657 2

May 11:  Partial payment for a front tooth root canal for a junior college student working full time who suffered child abuse, became emancipated at age 12, and has a history of eating disorders which damaged her teeth and took a toll on her health in general.  Referral:  Barbie Bliss, retired Public Health Nurse and literacy group volunteer ($300) 3658 1

May 11:  Partial storage payment for a mother’s unit that is full of her children’s belongings.  Mother is doing well, and reunification is looking good.  Referral:  Jena Kuhnle, County Child Welfare Services ($300) 3659 4

May 11:  Partial rent for a mother who lost work hours in the winery fields due to rain.  She works hard, and has a daughter graduating this year.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina ($350) 3660 3

May 11:  Partial payment for a mattress for a hospital bed for a lady with major back problems.  Referral:  Jerry Mihaic, Independent Living Resource Center ($200) 3661 1

May 12:  Work shoes for a woman who is starting a job in a local hotel.  Referral:  Dee Torres-Hill, SLO Housing Connection ($50) 3662 1

May 12:  Partial rent to prevent eviction of a man who lives SSI and has had financial difficulties this week.  Referral:  Maribel Rodriguez, LINK ($154) 3663 1

May 12:  Partial utility bill payment for a woman with mental health stress; she has just found a new job, and this support increases her ability to learn her new job.  Referral:  Bridget Coombs, Department of Rehabilitation ($300) 3664 1

May 12:  Gas for a single mom with limited income who, after paying for rent and food, doesn’t have gas to take her children to school.  Referral:  Mary Jo Anderson, Paso Robles School District, donated by Kat Tuculet ($100) 4

May 12:  Long legged lateral immobilizer with hinge knee brace for a single mom who works full time who was seen at Noor Clinic.  Referral:  Michele Brooks RN ($185.01) 3665 3

 May 15:  Therapy for a senior woman who was recently sexually assaulted; she suffers severe depression and this event brought back trauma from past assaults.  Referral:  Claudia Guzman, RISE ($135) 3666 1

Items Donated:  baby wipes from Sharon Lechner, art supplies and notebooks for kids from Karen Kolba; diapers, wipes, and art supplies from Marla Bretches; clothing form Grace Moore; shopping bags from Gini Griffin and Jayne Auchterlonie; clothes from Monique Grajeda; 2 thermal sleeping bags from Cindy Nelson; backpack food from Elizabeth Damon-Mitchell; 50 books and art pieces from Anna Unkovich; strollers from Colleen Ryan-Rowe and Elaine Elmore; 2 adult Electra bikes from Nicki Bywater; dishes, cookware, and other kitchen items from Betsy Umhofer; professional clothes from Rose Fowler; delivery by Madeline Faye; 2 twin beds, rail, and linens donated and delivered by Mary Anne Morgan, Terry Elfrink and David Buck-Moyer; bed from Sharon Connors; household kitchen items from Paula Ranney; bed from Kristy and Paul D’Ambra; walker from Anonymous; sheets and blanket for a Foster girl from Lisa Lazzara; walker and 3 gas cards from Kat Tuculet; children’s clothes from Amanda Birdsong and Alisa Weisch; office clothes from Marya Bolyanatz; delivery by Rosemary Cleaves;

Admin Funds Donated:  Dana Starkovich, Anonymous, Rita Erwin,

Funds Donated:  The Mortgage House Fund - Roxanne Carr, Anonymous, Sharon Lechner, Rosemary Cleaves, Jeanie Petit, Debra Jackson, Judy Eisenhard, Karen Kolba, Jeanne Wilbanks, Grace Moore, Patty Clark, Marla Lee Eaton, Janice Chagoya, Peggy Freehauf, Mischelle Townsend, Melodianne Duffy, SCORE, Cindy Hahn, Tidelands Counseling, Patty Aguilar, Wendy Castleman, Denise Fourie for Kiley Goode’s Senior Project for Womenade, Lisa Bertrand, Jean Steel, Barbara Torrey, Jayne Devencenzi, Donette Dunaway, Karen Kolba, San Luis Obispo First Presbyterian Women, Colleen Spafford, Ann McMahon, Karen Tacket for Kiley Goode’s Womenade event, Kathy Greer, Dana Paquin, Michele Williams, Lira Amaya, Tracey Vardas, and Alison Piemons/PG&E Corporation Foundation/YourCause; Peti Johnson, Diana Henderson, Butch and Pam Fisher, Marilyn Reasoner, Heather MacFarlane, Phil and Joanne Ruggles, Freddi Quin, Carol Cape, Emy Young, Donna Nisbet, Catherine Scrivano, Nancy Palmer, Anne Mullan, Lynnette Di Bari, Patricia Rallis, Freddi Quin, Gail Ryan, Nancy Doherty, Margie Markus, Myra Akel, Laura Baggett, Arlene Shinderman, Terri Einhorn, Michele Schneiderman, Suzanne Schwake, Nancy Walters, Cheryl Briskey, Rhonda Richard, Lori Brief-Chavez, Karen Richards, Elaine Morin, Bayle Nix, Deborah Fielkowski, Dorothy Hollibaugh, Anna Currie, Kathleen Harvey, Gail Schwartz, Ellen Polinsky, Lori Giancola, Susan McMillan, Joyce Meredith, Linda Lee, Peggy Smith, Rebecca Robinson, Judy Jochum, Carol Burgstahler, Sharon Thacker, Carol Morrison, Julie Frank, Susan Zweig, Carolyn Tenney, Gretchen Hartsook, Patti Reed, Sharron Polkinghorne, Jo Anne Painter, Barbara Swenson, Judy Cunningham, Carole Kraiss, Christine Mateer, Elizabeth Steen, Barb Adams, Nikki Nestor, Nora Lee, Linda Adams, Adriana Kuhn, Mary Firestone, Carol Strong, Jimmie Brewer, Rebecca Larsen, Vivian Chaubet, Peggy Graue, Lydia Nelson, Barbara Underwood, Nancy Schwager, Marcia Johnson, Jennifer Eaton Fieger, Mary Dixon, Myriam Biniskiewicz, Corinne Belsterling, Bonnie Keller, De Hampton, Valerie Mecchi, Marie Kyle, Nancy Bayliss, Liz Murray, Julie Holland, Judith Thompson, Julia Rosenberg, Shelley Cole, Karen Pelz, Patricia Haines, Diane Johnson, Kathy Lewis, Nancy Kraus, Denise Hernandez, Barbara Watkins, Susan McMillan, Judith Richards, Cindy SH AU, Rosemary Nelson, Amy Hedges, Jamie Herbon, Valerie Serbein, Christina Martin, Nancy Kraus, Nancy Schmid, Janice Schmidt, Karen Gassaway, Robin Schneider, Valerie Van Meter, Rosemary Remacle, Janice Paulsen, Tina Scobel, Debra Day, Diane Niehaus, Sandra Shaw, Diane Martin, Rhonda Madden, Yvonne Williams, Donna Caley Leach, Gwendolyn Bachman, Deborah Art, Dorothy Mauger, Marcia Hashimoto, Barbara Watkins, Claudia Sorensen, Priscilla Smith, Marcia Traversaro, Sharon Con, Janet Chaney, Linda Blonsley, Elizabeth Steen, Claire Granbery Barbara Swenson, Betty Scully, Jane Fairbairn, Fran Norris, Dawn Van Ness, Ronni Gohr, Patricia Dauer, Carole Moyer, Kim Hayashi, Myra Akel, Deborah Art, Anonymous, Fred Donati, Robert Otten, Sue Smith, Karen Horst, Sandy Richardson for Kiley Good’s Fundraiser for Womenade, Ann Miller, Anne and Forest Crowe in honor of the kindness of Dr. Karen Kolba, Marla Bretches, Mary Parker, Gaye Galvan,