Monday, January 23, 2012

Melaleuca Donation

During 2011, Melaleuca donated $912.13 to Womenade!  If you want more information, contact Elaine Stewart:  Thanks, Elaine!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Engle & Associates Insurance to Benefit Womenade in 2012

Engle & Associates Insurance is giving back to the community in 2012 by donating $5.00 to San Luis Obispo County Womenade for every referral made to their office!  The company's goal is to hit at least 200 referrals and give $1,000 to Womenade.  Contact information:  (805) 781.6336 or  Womenade is grateful for this ongoing support!

December Sharing

Look What You Shared in Just December!
Special thanks to Susan Updegrove who spent hours and miles helping those in need in our county in December!

December 2: Electricity payment for Cambria family whose father lost his job and mom works part time. Referral: Cecilia Merrill, CDHP ($162.47)
December 2: Gas bill payment to prevent shut off for parents and 2 young children. The mom lost her job and the dad's hours have been cut. Referral: PHN, South County ($162)
December 2: Car insurance reinstatement for man who just lost his job. Referral: County Resource Specialist ($72)
December 2: Partial rent for single mother of 3 who got behind in payments when she was off work dealing with cancer. Referral: County Resource Specialist ($500)
December 5: Food for Laguna Middle School Backpack Program. Shopping by Nan Tarpinian ($30.08)
December 5: Partial rent payment for family that has just accepted foster placement of nieces and nephews; since placement, the uncle has been diagnosed with heart failure and cancer. Referral: Angela Barakat, San Luis Child Development Center ($500)
December 6: Partial rent for a family of 7. The mother works, but the father has not been able to find employment. Referral: John Soderlund, Department of Social Services ($500)
December 6: Back utility payments to reinstate power for working mother of 4. Referral: Department of Social Services ($402.79)
December 7: Food and diapers for 3 mothers and their young children. Referral: PHN, North County, delivered by Arya Jones ($300 and $145.30)
December 8: Gas card for single abused mom to get to work. Referral: Lisa Nosal, SARP ($100)
December 8: Crib and swing for 2 young babies. Referral: PHNs, Coast, and shopping by Susan Updegrove ($177.79)
December 9: Car seat for young child currently riding unsafely. Referral: Chenoa Wilkerson, County Social Services, and shopping by Susan Updegrove ($168.16)
December 13: Appointment and lab work for young girl being watched for cancer. Referral: Cecilia Merrill, CHDP ($115)
December 15: Water and electricity payment to prevent shut-off to family with children. Referral: County Resource Specialist, San Luis ($131.24 and $131)
December 15: Stroller for new mom to use for appointments and shopping. Referral: PHN, North County and super shopping by Susan Updegrove ($5)
December 15: Bed for struggling family sleeping on the floor. Referral: Marylou Gooden, principal, Los Ranchos Elementary and shopping by Marylou and Susan Updegrove ($37.71)
December 15: Car and utility payments for struggling family. Referral: Angela Barakat, SLCDC ($324.00 and $93.42)
December 15: Partial rent for family with 2 daughters; father is now on unemployment. Referral: County Employment Resource Specialist ($500)
December 15: Gas cards and laundry quarters for Marine Veteran and his family. Referral: Angela Barakat, San Luis Child Development Center ($120)
December 15: Part rent to prevent mom of 1-year-old from losing her housing. Referral: Social worker, North County ($500)
December 15: Counseling for 3 women: one who miscarried, one with panic attacks, and one suffering severe post-partum depression. Referral: Lisa Fraser, CAP-SLO ($250)
December 16: Gas cards for single mom of 3 unable to work because she needs to stay with her young son who is fighting cancer at Lucille Packard Hospital, Stanford; another teen son died recently. Referral: County Child Welfare Service, North County ($100)
December 16: Gas cards and diapers for mother of 4, a cancer victim who is separated from her husband who lost his job. She is unable to work and is waiting to have her 3rd surgery. Also, warm jacket for the mom, toys and gift cards for her children. Referral: Monica Lara, LINK, Coast, and shopping by Susan Updegrove ($100, $297.39, and $32.30)
December 16: Water payment to prevent immediate shut off for struggling woman. Referral: County Employment Resource Specialist ($140.52)
December 16: Gift card for mother of 4 who is separated from her husband and has had her hours reduced to part-time. Referral: Monica Lara, LINK, Coast and purchase by Susan Updegrove ($200)
December 16: Gift card for single mom of 4 children who just came out of the Women's Shelter in North County. Referral: Monica Lara, LINK, Coast and purchase by Susan Updegrove ($200)
December 20: Food for Laguna Middle School Backpack Program. Shopping by Roberta Filadelfia ($69.10)
December 20: Crib, car seat, and stroller for North County family moving to their own place and getting their 1-year-old back from foster care. Referral: County social worker and shopping and delivery by Roberta Filadelfia ($339.60)
December 20: Clothes for 9-month-old boy. Referral: PHN, San Luis and cost reduction by Merry-Go-Round ($32.86)
December 20: Pre-existing insurance payment for man preparing for a bone marrow transplant; he is unable to work. Referral: Elaina Weiss, LCSW, Dr Palchak's office of Cancer Oncology ($500)
December 20: Car seat for new infant. Referral: PHN, North County; purchase and delivery by Julie Jones ($82)
December 20: Two week's motel for mother and her 3 and 4-year-old boys (1 is diabetic). Mom is due to have a baby girl on the 28th. Referral: Janice Sykes, County social worker ($540)
December 21: Water bill payment for woman who had her water shut off after a busted pipe and extra costs. Referral: Amanda Brown, County Resource Specialist ($264.10)
December 22: Part rent and utilities payments for mom with cancer. Referral: Monica Lara, LINK, Coast ($200, $59.83, $19.56, $120.47, $23.06)
December 22: Medical payments for mother and her two daughters who are suffering with Lyme disease. Referral: Julie Schultz ($500)

December 22: RTA month pass for mother of 2 and human trafficking victim to get to therapy sessions. Referral: County social worker, Paso Robles ($40)
December 23: Rental deposit to allow a single mom and her child to move to a safe place. Referral: Kayla Kerrigan, County Resource Specialist ($500)
December 23: Food for father and his young son. Additional support from Linda Jankay, Jennifer Stokes, and Wendy Daly ($25)
December 23: Diapers and wipes for new baby. Referral: PHN, South County ($28.03)
December 23: Gifts for twin 12-year-old girls whose parent was just incarcerated, and made no plans for the children's Christmas gifts. Referral: PHN, and additional support from Linda Jankay and Wendy Daly ($25)
December 28: Utility payment for elderly woman with health issues. Referral: Sharon, Coast ($169.70)
December 29: Car seat for 2-year-old being returned home to her father. Referral: Barbara Turk, Count Social Services ($53.86)
December 30: Replacement stroller for baby whose stroller was lost in a car fire. Referral: Julie Wilson, Family Care Network and shopping by Susan Updegrove ($63.02)
December 30: Foam bed topper for woman suffering from Lupus and Dystopia. Referral: Elaine Gardiner, Cancer Connections; shopping and delivery by Susan Updegrove. ($149.22)
December 30: Toys to encourage a 9-month overweight baby to move. Referral: PHN, San Luis, and shopping by Susan Updegrove ($18.31, $8.08)
December 30: Swing for young baby. Referral: PHN, San Luis ($30.17)
December 31: Medical payments for woman fighting cancer. Referral: Lisa Simon ($200)
Donated Items and Funds
ITEMS:  Dollhouse from Teana and Karley Fredeen; boy clothes from Cici Wynn; 2 child safety gates from Lois and Chuck Crotser; toddler bed from Elizabeth Seymour; port-a-crib from Jerry and Sharynn Chirpich to replace bed bug infested one; toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant, floss from Phyllis Martinelli, Marylou Gooden, Linda Jankay, and more for Community School - San Luis Obispo; crib mattress from Pat Cano with delivery by Monica Carinio; stroller, high chair, port-a-crib from Joy and Jesse Sostrin; port-a-crib from Cici Wynn; Tim Kubinski and Marcie Lindvall coordinated giving holiday turkeys to families at Family Care Network, Child Development Center, San Luis Obispo Women's Shelter, and those cared for by Public Health Nurses - deliveries by John and Marcie Lindvall, Linda and Peter Jankay and Linda and Roger Bishop; backpack from Engle & Associates Insurance; infant boy clothes, crib sheets, port-a-crib, stroller, and toys from Jeannie Goshgarian; queen bed from Erin Schimke delivered by Meg and Don Swearingen and Mladen Bladov; infant girl clothes from Joannah Gilbert; for young people at Family Care Network delivered by Marcie Lindvall: iron from Christine Gibbins, 4 backpacks from Sharon Hanley, towels from Loretta Sonnabend, dishes from Mariam Shah, hamper, sheets, and pillowcases from Phyllis Bettencourt, sheets, pillowcases, linens, towels, and toiletries from Madeline Stevenson, cleaning and laundry supplies from Lynn De Leo, laundry basket and supplies from Mariam Shah, and more; can openers for families receiving food at Dana and Nipomo elementary schools from Linda Bishop, Elaine Gardiner, Sally Equinoa, Mariam Shah, Lynn De Leo, 6and many more with delivery by Phyllis Bettencourt; baby girl clothes from Mariam Shah; high chairs from Nell Quijano and Ginny Kenny; Thanksgiving meals from Pam McKiernan, Hospice Partners, Hope Chest for families in need at Los Ranchos, delivered by Sharynn and Jerry Chirpich to families in need at Los Ranchos Elementary; children's play kitchen, highchair and doll bed from Jesse and Joy Sostrin and daughter; infant girl clothes and toys from Corinne Furnice and her granddaughter; Santa for the San Luis Shelter from Cindy Blankenburg and the Nipomo Kiwanis; 2 sofas to San Luis Women's Shelter from Helen Powell; 2 boys' jackets from Heather Minnoch; bike and scooter from Jesse and Joy Sostrin; cooking oil, hams, and turkeys for families at Dana Elementary from; queen bed to San Luis Women's Shelter from Robert McKee; toys from Mercedes Swem; children's clothes from Helma Smulders; baby clothes from Diana Foch; high chair from Diana Henderson; high chair from Marla Eaton; toys and clothes from Julie Jones; baby clothes from Heather Equinoa; bed linens from Marylou Gooden; jogging stroller from the Chirpichs; blankets and homemade quilts from Barbara Pineda and Carol Lockwood; diapers, wipes, baby clothes, and socks from Nora Dolan and the Avila Bay Club Tennis "B" Team; student-made blankets from San Luis Obispo High School ASB to families at San Luis Obispo Child Development Center; holiday gifts to the DeGroot children from Rosemary Cleaves and Diana Henderson delivered by Julie Jones; holiday presents for a family purchased by staff at Payless Shoes and facilitated by Lainie Wachter; from the amazing South County Womenade friends-15 bottles of vegetable oil for moms to use to make and sell tamales to help their families over the holidays; holiday gifts for a family from Paula and Ron Sigman; storage containers for family living in a motel that has been turned into a rental unit from Anonymous; holiday gifts for a family from Anonymous; toys from Jenifer Stokes; toys from C.L. Smith facilitated by Sandra Meredith and Marnie Greene; infant clothes from Helma Smulders; toys from Jennifer Stokes; diapers, wipes, children's socks and underwear and gloves, gas cards, blankets, and more from The Women's Network of San Luis Obispo; toys for young boy from Wendy Daly; toys from Jennifer Stokes; diapers and gifts from Linda Jankay; children's books and toys from Elaine Stewart; gas cards from Kat Tuculet; holiday cards for art projects in South County schools from Vanessa Fujimoto; food for Laguna's Backpack program from Vanessa Fujimoto.  Items donated from September 30 through December 31, 2011: $6,491.84.
FUNDS: Mary Parker, Marilyn Fuller, Mona Tucker, Barbara King, Scenic Coast Foundation, Darlene Krouse, Maria Elena Jarson in honor of Marylou Gooden, Marylou Gooden, Wendy Daly, Sally Equinoa, Sara Cress, Helen Anderson, Barbara Evanish, Robin Letters, Linda Jankay, Andrea Waterbury, Naomi Blakely, Nan Tarpinian, Madeline Stevenson, Kathy Long, Don and Meg Swearingen, Nicole Pazdan, Jayne Engle Allen, Susan Coward, Tess Mathews, Elaine Gardiner, Diane Wettlaufer, Melaleuca, Debbie Bennett, Linda Murray, Colleen Spafford, Bart and Maryalice Jones; Steve and Sheri Hauck, Marcie Lindvall, Mary Parker, Nan Williamson, Ros McQuade, Jill Councilman and Justin Vineyard & Winery, Jerry and Sharon Hanley, Janice Chagoya, Nell Quijano, Joy Pickell, Phyllis Bettencourt, Diana Henderson, Rosemary Cleaves, Gail Applegate, Madeline Stevenson, Cheryl Alikhan, Mariam Shah, Marla Eaton, Nancy Shearer, Christine Gibbens, Kitty Rice, Sally Delgado, Lynn De Leo, Loretta Sonnabend, Judith Carleson, Patricia Streng, Sue Tsao, Rosemary Cleaves, Donna Jeberjahn, Barbara King, Betty Symons, Sandy Amborn, Lola Zybura, Susan Polk in honor of Dana Easton, Linda Bishop, Kathi Pettersen, National Exchange Club of San Luis Obispo, Diane Wettlaufer, Candyce Espinoza, Kathi Greer, Pierre Palmer, Melaleuca, Sema Alptekin, Karen Muschenetz, Gail Sears, Lainie Wachter, Maribeth Peterson, Carol Devore, Ann Martel, Elizabeth Curren, Susan Hood, Marianita Borgstrom, Phyllis Martinelli, Carol Astaire, Jean Dyer, Mary Parker, Elaine Gardiner, Marcy Owens, Barbara King, Carol Tickner, Jill Councilman and Justin Vineyards and Winery, Janet Dietz, Central Coast Chapter of the Womens Council of Realtors, Naomi Blakely in remembrance of Elyse Ungar's father, Nancy Gertler, Linda Booker in honor of Vanessa Fujimoto, Kathy Hendricks, San Luis Obispo Association of Realtors, Ginny Kenny as a gift to Nipomo Book Club II, Su and Ping Tsao, Marilyn Banducci, Florence Simon, Virginia Austin, Georgie Arnold, Mary Theresa Baiamonte, Sue Benitez, Sandra Betterton, Sue Bettger, Jill Bolster-White, Vivian Borden, Wendy Bourdon, Melissa Bresnahan, Grenda Ernst, Judy Boyer, Donnie Bryan, E. Cabrera, Jane Carey, Edna Carr, Claudia Collier, Carol Conway, Mary Cornelius, Madonna Dailey, Niccola Dana, Alison Denlinger, Ross Eliot, Ruth Anne Ferreri, Phyllis Frank, Danielle Fried, Lory Griffith, Barbara Haas, Kathi Hanauer, Shirley Heim, Elizabeth Helgerson, Amelia Sherman, Karen Karner, Melanie Karp, Joyce Kling, Linda Kolach, Mandy Leastman, Wendy Lewis, Nanette Madding, Greg Malik, Maureen Marquis, Debbie Martin, Susan McCormick-Lilley, C. McDonald, Janice McKee, Holly Moen, Mary Morrison, Regina Neel, Lynelle Newitt-Hollarman, Eileen O'Grady, Cathie Orrick, Barbara Partridge, Kathleen Peterson, Joyce Rabellino, Clytee Ramsey, Patricia Reading, Jeanne Robbins, Dona Robertson, Irene Roselli, Joan Ryder, Debra Sanford, Susan Sawade, Heidi Sealy, Lynda Shoemaker, Jerri Walsh, Dianne Weatherford, Jan Wolff, Diane Wettlaufer, Morro Bay Presbyterian Church, Linda Selig Blonsley, Jo Ann Bissel, Melaleuca, Lisa Simon, Elsie Deitz, Darlene Krouse, Wendy Daly in memory of Jim Daly, Carol Bych, Tess Mathews, Karen Morgan, Kat Tuculet, Judy and John Schaefer, Janet Holland in honor of her mother - Nora Gallison, Barbara Blanke in honor of Susan Roberts, Mary Parker, Henry W. Bull Foundation. Total: December 31, 2011: $33,866.79.