Sunday, February 15, 2015

Spring Fling to Benefit Womenade

2nd Annual Spring Fling to Benefit San Luis Obispo County Womenade

Sunday, May 17th, 2015, at 3:00 p.m.  $40 per person

Sauer-Adams Adobe, 964 Chorro Street, San Luis Obispo, across from the Old Mission Church

Live music; taco bar, beer, wine and margaritas; raffle

For sponsorships or tickets
Contact Andrea at 805.801.3086  or

What Womenade Shared from February 1st - 15th

February 2:  Partial deposit for rent for young man who is working as a gardener.  His mom is on the streets, and has substance abuse issues.  Referral:  Dave Platt, County Social Services ($300) 1723

February 2:  Lab payment for dentures for elderly cancer patient who lost her teeth from cancer therapy.  The lab is greatly discounting their work for her.  Referral:  Noor Dental Clinic ($400) 1724

February 2:  Food and clothes for a family that has just moved to our area and has nothing.  LINK is running out of funds for Atascadero.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($300) 1725

February 2:  Clothes for a teen boy whose father passed away last week.  He is now living in a small room with just a refrigerator; we are helping with a donated microwave delivered by Naomi Blakely.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK  ($200) 1726

February 2:  Food and gas for a family of 4.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($150) 1727

February 2:  Bus passes for 2 parents to visit their new baby in NICU.  Referral:  Sierra Vista social worker, and delivery by Naomi Blakely ($)

February 2:  Car repair for a single mother of 2 who has just recovered from severe depression.  Referral:  Ivette Felix, LINK ($250) 1728

February 2:  Partial back rent due to an error made by 2 different agencies for a woman who has cancer and mental health problems.  Referral:  Kelly Hannula, Independent Living Resource Center ($254) 1729

February 3:  Partial room rent for single mom who will be evicted in 2 days without payment.  Her work hours were cut last month.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($350) 1730

February 3: Partial rent for single mother.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, LINK ($350) 1731

February 3:  Partial payment for food, gas, and lodging for woman to take her seriously ill husband to UCLA for intensive treatment for a month.  Referral:  Dr. Elisa Feingold ($300) 1732

February 3:  Food for single mother and her 5 children who have been left by the husband with no income and without most of her belongings.  Referral:  Sandra Garcia, County Mental Health ($300) 1733

February 4:  Partial rent for family.  The father’s hours were cut this month.  Referral:  Diana Howard, LINK ($300) 1734

February 4:  Partial rent for mother and her 2 daughters.  She is working hard to get things back together after her husband was sent to jail for domestic abuse.  Referral:  Katy Griffin, Highlands Church ($300) 1735

February 4:  Food and gas for homeless family.  Dad has found recently found a job.  Referral:  Daniel Rodriguez, LINK ($300) 1736

February 5:  Storage fee for a single mom and her 3 children who are about to lose the belongings due to homelessness.  Referral:  Eloisa Medina, ECHO ($300) 1737

February 6:  Rental assistance for a single mom who has had her salary reduced because of the season.  Referral:  Stella Medina, family advocate, Lucia Mar School District ($200) 1738

February 6:  Partial rent for a single mother of 2 who was out of work due to surgery.  Her son was in a car accident, and the bills for this also set her back.  Referral:  Katy Griffin, Highlands Church ($300) 1739

February 6:  Rental deposit for mother and child fleeing domestic violence.  Referral:  Kathleen Martin, Veteran’s Administration ($400) 1740

February 6:  Partial payment for bilateral hearing aids for a 2nd grade boy.   Insurance does not cover this.  Dad is working.  There are 5 children in the family.  Referral:  DeAnn Oliver, nurse, San Luis Coastal Schools ($300) 1741

February 7:  Clothes for a woman who is down to under 100 pounds due to complicated medical conditions.  Referral:  Rose Levinson-Cooke, Central Coast Home Health and Hospice ($200) 1742

February 10:  Back rent to prevent a single mother of 4 children from losing housing.  Referral:  Elena Chavez, ECHO ($250) 1743

February 11:  Payment to move a 72-year-old woman into a room.  Referral:  Elosia Medina, ECHO ($275) 1744

February 11:  Partial payment of car repair so that a hard-working mother can get to work and take her children to and from school.  Referral: Tim Parker, Food Bank ($300) 1745

February 12:  Diapers for children in 4 families.  Referrals:  PHNs and LINK ($113.29) 1746

February 12:  Cell phone for 2 months while homeless female veteran secures a job.  Referral:  Larry Feldt, Housing Specialist for Veterans, CAPSLO ($70) 1747

February 12:  Food and gas for working mother and teen who have been homeless since the mother’s illness kept her from work.  They will soon be placed in Section 8 housing and just need a little support until that happens.  Referral:  Veronica Cablayan, Homeless Prevention, LINK ($200) 1748

February 12:  Food for single mom of 3 who needs portable food to carry the family over until they move into housing and their enrollment in Cal Fresh is approved on March 3rd.  Referral:  Veronica Cablayan, Homeless Prevention, LINK ($100) 1748

February 13:  Gas and food for mother and her teen son.  She is in the Psych Tech program and he is working at Taco Bell.  Referral:  Andrea Devitt, counselor, Cuesta College ($100) 1748

February 13:  Partial rent for young family.  Dad works in landscaping but has had fewer hours recently; mother goes to school and works part time and is active in Head Start parents’ group.  Referral: Adriana Marquez, CAPSLO ($300) 1749

February 14:  Partial payment of back rent so that a 39-year-old woman with several mental health issues can get back into a sober living home.  She’s on disability and receives $200 a month.  Referral:  Cynthia Caldeira, Drug and Alcohol Services ($300) 1750

February 14:  Work clothes for a young woman who has just been hired to work in an office.  Referral:  Sara Tindula and Linda Rawlings, Family Treatment Court ($200) 1751

February 14:  Payment for 5 nights stay in Motel 6 for homeless woman who just had neck surgery to correct an injury sustained from sleeping in her car for 6 months.  She will be moving into housing soon.  Referral:  Rose Levinson-Cooke, Central Coast Home Health, and emergency payment delivery by Roberta and Bill Filadelfia ($300) 

Items Donated:  
--> silverware, coffee pot, and other household items from Diane Graham; blankets and jacket from Ilona Stone; children’s clothes from Cindy Cahn, Katie Perez and Jolie Burrows; food for the camping family from Kathy apRoberts delivered by Lynn De Leo; journals and sketchbooks for the camping children from Kathy apRoberts; blankets, onesies and jacket from Ilona Stone; high chair and children’s clothes from Rosemary Cleaves; children’s clothes from Helma Smulders and Darcy Thille; wipes and diapers from Bonnie Marzio; cases of diapers from Tim Parker and the Food Bank; North County delivery by Dee Lacey;  Pirate’s Closet delivery by Sharon Westray; teen clothes from Michele Starling; diapers and onesies from Nipomo Kiwanis;

Funds Donated:    
--> Fred Donati, Lisa Bertrand, Mary Parker, Martina Knight, Teresa Devore in honor of Marina Borgstrom, Frank Miller, Patrice and Zaf Iqbal, Karen Pauly, Libbie Agran, Jen Melton, Joanne and Phil Ruggles, Barb Evanish, Keller Williams Realty, Judy Barclay, Michele Williams, Terra Verde Environmental Consulting, Laurie Coggan, Lisa Jouet, Diane Wettlaufer, Kathi Hendricks in honor of Olivia Glidden’s 12th birthday, Lisa Jouet, Leona Sullivan, Peti Johnson, Nipomo Kiwanis,