Friday, October 21, 2011

Play it Forward

Tim Kubinski, retired MLB player, in conjunction with the San Luis Obispo Parks and Recreation Department, is sponsoring a baseball camp for boys and girls aged 5 through 18, on November 12 and 13.  The event is at Santa Rosa Park:  9-11 a.m. for 5-8 year old kids; noon-2 p.m. for 9-18 year old kids.  Price of admission is due on Sunday...a frozen turkey/voucher.   Turkeys will be given to the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo Women's Shelter, and Womenade.

For more information:  781-7300 or

Engle & Associates Insurance

At Wednesday's Oktoberfest Golf Tournament, Engle & Associates Insurance donated the proceeds from its 8th Hole contest to Womenade.  Thanks to Scott Engle and Jayne Engle Allen for presenting Womenade $365!

Monday, October 3, 2011

3rd Quarter 2011 Sharing List

Here is the sharing list for 3rd quarter!  Thank you for all you have done to make life a bit better for many on the Central Coast.

Womenade's Board:  Marcie Lindvall, Linda Jankay, Julie Jones, Linda Bishop, and Sandy Richardson. October shopper:  Joy Seiler.

Watch for potluck information coming soon!  If you can't attend a potluck, consider sending a donation to Womenade, 6099 Marshall Way, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.  Thank you so much!

Donated from 2003 to September 30, 2011: 
Donated 3rd quarter, 2011:                                                   $    5,299.94
Needs filled 3rd quarter:                                                       $    6,743.23
Balance September 30, 2011                                                 $           3.97
July 1: Partial rent for assault victim facing eviction and a cut in her wages. Referral: Jane Pomeroy, Sexual Assault Recovery and Prevention ($300)
July 2: Bus pass for shelter client to get to her new job. She is unable to afford a pass until her first paycheck. Referral: Sami Shermerhorn, North County Women's Shelter and purchase by Toni Higgins ($60)
July 7: Legal payment for a client whose spouse is stalking her and her children. Referral: Sami Shermerhorn, North County Women's Shelter and fee reduction from Attorney Shelly Silva ($50)
July 12: Dental exams for 6 children under age 13. Referral: Cecilia, CHDP ($660)
July 13: Gas card for mom to get to medical appointments. Referral: PHN, First Time Mothers Program ($100)
July 13: Eye glasses for 15-year-old girl. Referral: Cecilia, CHDP, North County ($60)
July 13: Eye glasses for young boy. Referral: Cecilia, CHDP, Coast ($95)
July 13: YMCA child care for 2 elementary students so the older siblings can go to summer school rather than do childcare. Mother must work; father is in jail for molesting mom. Referral: Andrea Blanco, San Luis Coastal ($120)
July 14: Baby bouncer for infant in struggling family. Referral: PHN, South County and shopping by Toni Higgins ($21.55)
July 17: Clothes washing machine for mom bringing home a newborn. Referral: CAPSLO, North County ($225)
July 18: Potty for toddler in family struggling to pay for food and diapers. Referral: PHN, San Luis ($16.16)
July 23: GED English and math test fee for young mom. Referral: PHN, South County ($60)
July 23: Diapers for struggling family. Referral: PHN, Coast ($34.44)
July 24: Walker for toddler in small apartment being cared for by grandmother. Referral: PHN, Coast, and shopping by Toni Higgins ($26.94)
July 24: Double stroller for 2 toddlers. Mom will use this as transportation for the children to stores and appointments; no car. Referral: PHN, South County, and shopping by Toni Higgins ($125)
July 26: 2 potty chairs and a vacuum cleaner for 2 families. Referral: PHNs, Coast and South County and shopping by Toni Higgins ($75.39)
August 2: Partial rent for a family with 3 children. Referral: PHN, North County ($250)
August 3: Restaurant gift cards for 17-year-old and his disabled mom to use in Washington, D.C., as he gets settled to attend Howard University. His father died recently. Referral: Ingrid Pires, Hospice Partners of the Central Coast ($65)
August 8: Bus passes for 18-year-old South County woman to attend counseling sessions in San Luis. Referral: Jane Pomeroy, SARP, and shopping by Roberta Filadelphia ($60)
August 8: Registration fee for 2 children, 1 with special needs, to attend the Boys and Girls Club in South County. Referral: PHN ($50)
August 8: Tag along for single mom to transport her toddlers behind her bike. She is currently walking them 45 minutes to their school, then walking home again to catch a bus to ride an hour to work. Referral: Laurie Morgan, SAFE, South County, and delivery by Judy Riener and Hunter Long ($40)
August 11: Dental surgeries for 9 children under age 9. Referral: Cecilia, CHDP ($450)
August 11: Extensive dental surgery for 2-year-old. Referral, PHN, San Luis ($100)
August 11: School clothes and shoes for 3 children in a family of 5 and jeans for a teen (with 5 siblings) being raised by his single grandma. Referral: PHN, South County and shopping by Marcie Lindvall ($170.17)
August 17: Gas cards for a victim of severe domestic violence to attend counseling and medical appointments. Referral: Sami Schermerhorn, North County Women's Shelter, and purchase by Roberta Filadelfia ($100)
August 17: Car seat for young child being reunited with his mom who has successfully completed inpatient drug treatment, and is now unable to work because she must have daily drug counseling as well as take her children to various counseling and therapy appointments. Referral: Louise Tobin, County Child Welfare, and shopping by Roberta Filadelfia ($71.86)
August 18: Re-keying a house for a mom and her children who are victims of domestic violence and abuse. Referral: Lisa Martinez, Women's Shelter San Luis ($110)
August 19: Partial rent for single mom and her 2 children under age 5. Mom is working full time trying to start over after domestic abuse. Referral: Angela Barakat, San Luis Child Development Center ($400)
August 19: Cell phone payment for 52-year-old breast cancer victim undergoing chemo. She was on unemployment, now they won't give her state disability or social security (she has fallen between the cracks of both programs), she has no funds, and is living in her car. Referral: Drew Washer, French Hospital social worker ($187.95)
August 24: Diapers and formula for new baby girl going home to foster care with her 5-year-old brother. Referral: Janaan Miles, FCN ($65.29)
August 25: School clothes for first grade girl. Referral: PHN, South County ($39.87)
August 26: Dental treatment for 4 children aged 11 - 13. Referral: Cecilia Merrill, CHDP ($395)
August 29: Swing for colicky infant of mom who is not well. Referral: PHN, South County, and price reduction from Merry-Go-Round ($29.19)
August 29: Surgical center and anesthesia payment for a father's eye surgery (Pterygiu). Referral: PHN, First Time Mother's Program ($800 from Morro Bay Presbyterian Church donation; reduction in cost by the surgery center)
August 30: School clothes and shoes for a 7-year-old; she was teased the first days of school for wearing tattered clothes. Referral: PHN, Coast ($29.09 and $43.63)
August 30: Underwear and potty for 3-year-old. Referral: PHN, Coast ($26.18 and $16.16)
August 30: Soccer shoes for brothers aged 13 and 17 whose mom has been ill, and the family cannot afford them. Referral: Cecilia Merrill, CHDP ($96.93)
August 30: Birthday dinner for a mom from her husband and son. They are living in a motel after losing jobs and housing. Referral: Kirt Collins, principal, Hawthorne Elementary ($30)
August 31: Diapers for children in 3 families. Referral: PHN, First Time Mothers Program (S90.43)
August 31: Food for family whose rent has increased suddenly and substantially. Referral: PHN, First Time Mothers Program ($100)
September 6: Gas cards for mom to travel to breastfeed and deliver breast milk for her premature baby in Sierra's NICU. Referral: Jill Doyle, North County Women's Shelter ($100)
September 6: Backpack and lunch box for 6-year-old girl. Referral: PHN, San Luis ($12.05)
September 7: Eye glasses for 15-year-old from the Coast. Referral: Cecilia Merrill, CHDP ($60)
September 8: Partial rent deposit for abuse victim making her transition to independence. Referral: Sami Schermerhorn, North County Women's Shelter ($50)
September 8: School clothes for the son of a disabled Iraqi vet. Referral: PHN, South County, and shopping by Debbie Bennett ($100)
September 13: Clothes for two toddlers. Referral: PHN, North County and shopping by Debbie Bennett ($42.56)
September 13: Dental treatment for 13-year-old girl in pain. Referral: Cecilia Merrill, CHDP, North County ($110)
September 14: Double stroller for mom of 2 toddlers to use when walking from bus stop to housing. Referral: Chenoa Wilkerson, San Luis Obispo Department of Social Services, and garage sale super-shopping by Susan Updegrove ($50)
September 15: Water bill payment for grandmother who is raising her grandchildren. The mom, a drug abuser, has been in jail and no longer is in the children's lives. Referral: Sarah Rudd-Lawlor, Big Brothers, Big Sisters ($97.07)
September 21: Gas cards for South County unemployed mom to visit her baby (born at 27 weeks) in Sierra Vista's NICU. Referral: Social Worker, Sierra Vista and delivery by Linda Bishop ($100)
September 22: Dental treatment for 13-year-old boy and a young girl with an abscess. Referral: Cecilia Merrill, CHDP ($220)
September 22: 4 car seats for 4 of 5 children placed in foster care with their grandparents. Referral: Heather Zickuhr, San Luis Obispo county social worker, and shopping by Debbie Bennett ($142.78)
September 22: Clothes and stroller for baby of homeless teen mom. Referral:   PHN, San Luis, and shopping by Debbie Bennett ($104.50)
September 26: GED fees for 30-year-old South County mother of 7 who wants to improve her possibilities for employment. Referral: Larry Feldt, CAPSLO ($155)
September 26: Emergency tooth extraction for young child. Referral: Cecillia Merrill, CHDP ($84.15)
September 30: Tracfone and minutes for 18-year-old abused high school girl to stay in contact with the North County Women's Shelter as she deals with her situation. Referral: Sami Schermerhorn, North County Women's Shelter ($21.32)

Items Donated:  Children's clothes from Helma Smulders; children's clothes from Susan Updegrove; baby clothes from Irene Roselli; double stroller from Toni Higgins; port-a-crib from Toni Higgins; infant clothes, toys, tub, walker from Jason and Natasha Varley; port-a-crib from Kate and Damien Mavis; for a Los Osos family that lost all in a fire:  children's clothes and games from Kat Tuculet, gift certificate, kitchen items, and toiletries from Vanessa Fugimoto, toiletries from Linda Bishop, children's clothes and books from Gwen Fahy, grocery card from Paula Sigman, bike and clothes from Jen Caffee delivered by Craig Stewart, kitchen items from Anne Appel, Rosemary Cleaves, and Toni Higgins, children's clothes and toys from Erin Schimke, dolls from Caitlin Elam, toys and books from Marylou Gooden, children's clothes from Kimberlee Leroux, groceries from ?, clothes, books, and toys from Susan Updegrove; towels, lamp, and kitchen items from Bonnie Brinton; baby blankets, towels, and coffee pot from Vanessa Fujimoto; clothing, diapers, food, and toiletries from Lynn DeLeo; pack-n-play and toiletries from Mary Spence; port-a-crib from Alana Spence Rodgriguez; bike and helmet for Foster boy from Jim Ellman delivered by Jutta Jacobs; diapers from Kemay Eoyang; clothes and kitchen organizer from Rosemary Cleaves; boys clothes from Heather Minnoch; for a San Luis family who lost all in a fire - girls clothes and shoes from Jane Faber, clothing and diapers from Jackie Miller, clothes and more from Gwen Fahy, clothes and more from Rose Fowler, gift card from Judy Riener, diapers and toys from Marylou Gooden, clothes from Helma Smulders, gift certificate and clothes from Jodie Steele, diapers and shoes from Francine Johnston, toys, books, and food certificate from Sharynn Chirpich, diapers from Riman Alfadel, and delivery by Jodie Steele: stroller from anonymous; baby gate from Carol Tickner; children's books from Judy Riener; children's clothes from Elaine Stewart; girl's clothes from Monica Carinio; children's books from Judy Riener; toddler clothes from Monica Carinio; bike from James Ellman to 18-year-old Paso boy; baby clothes from Kathy Hannula; breast pump from Jeannie Goshgarian, toiletries and holiday cards from Carol Leong; toiletries, pack-n-play and high chair from Ladonna Rinn; toiletries delivered to Grizzly Academy by Kat Tuculet; school supplies for Family Care Network from Taffy Duran, Jayne Engle Allen, Rona Goode, Donna Ramos; bike for boy in Paso Robles from Jim Ellman; for a mom and her 2 daughters moving into housing, a set of dishes from Arlene Yost, a coffee maker, electric can opener, glass baking dishes, some pots and pans from Lainie Wachter, towels from Anne Appel and Hospice Hope Chest, and Rosemary Cleaves, Lynn DeLeo, and Diane Henderson; 3 cases of toothpaste from Jeff Hollister, DDS delivered by Mercedes Swem shared with Grizzly Academy, Family Care Network's Transition Unit, and public health nurses; toddler bed from Ronna Goode; children's clothes from Donna Ramos and Helma Smulders; children's clothes from Kimberlee Leroux and piggy bank donation from Genevieve Leroux; port-a-crib from Jeanne Goshgarian; children's clothes from Tracey Frances and ?; umbrella stroller from ?: high chairs from Marla Lee Eaton, Lynn DeLeo, and Rosemary Cleaves; dental procedure by local dentist for San Luis High School student; crib/toddler bed from Jennifer Clark; diapers from Kemay Eoyang; stroller, booster, and toys from Vanessa Fujimoto; crib with bedding and stroller from Jeanne Goshgarian; baby clothes, diapers, potty, and wipes from Debbie Bennett; toiletries from Jayne Auchterlone. Items donated from June 30 through September: $3,587.00

Funds Donated:  Mary Parker, Diane Wetlauffer, Linda Rawlings Family Trust, donation in memory of Matt Equinoa by John and Marcie Lindvall, donation in honor of Ann Bernhardt by John and Marcie Lindvall, Mary Parker, Stephanie Coray, Marcie Owens, Florence Simon, In Honor donation from Elizabeth Curren, Rosemary Cleaves, Patricia Streng, Candyce Espinoza, Caroline Inouye, Arlene Versaw, Elizabeth Miller, Lynn De Leo, Kathryn Forenza, Betty Symons, Carla Haynie, Joy Pickell, Christine Beckwith, Barbara Crawford, Ginny Kenny, Connie Holtz, Lynda Burnsed. Debbie Bennett, Loretta Sonnabend, Marla Lee Eaton, Barbara Deel, Nell Quijano, Diana Henderson, Madeline Stevenson, Nicole Pazdan, Carol Leong, Sally Delgado, Rosemary Cleaves, Linda Jankay, Carol Astaire, Linda Blonsley, Leona Sullivan, in memory donation from Rosemary Cleaves, Diane Wetlaufer, Congregation Beth David for Womenade's Laguna backpack program; Dianna Jackson in memory of Bob Brownson, Melaleuca, Carol Devore in memory of Muriel Israel and Evelyn Peterson, Diane Ludin, Donna Howard, Linda Williams, Lishie Nankervis, Maribeth Peterson, Connie Buffa, Marianita Borgstrom, Jacquelyn Miller, Evelyn Ruehr, Elaine Gardiner, Gail Sears, Susan Updegrove, Naomi Blakely, Julie Jones, Jayne Devencenzi, Roberta Filadelfia, Ros McQuade, Marylou Gooden, June Gelling, Diana Foch, Sally Equinoa, Kat Tuculet, Marilyn Fuller, Julie Schultz, Wendy Daly, Barbara King, Lola Zybura, Mary Parker, Carol Tickner, Judy Riener, Barbara King, Congregation Beth David, Diane Wettlaufer, Karen Daniel, Phyllis Martinelli, Carol Astaire: Total: September 30, 2011: $5,299.94.