Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hospice Partners Hope Chest Thrift Store

Please donate your gently used furniture, linens, houseware, dishes, jewelry, books, clothing, and shoes. No TVs or computers.

Proceeds benefit Hospice patients and their families on the Central Coast.

445 Higuera St. 545-5955

Health Care Forum

Thursday, November 19, 2009
6:00 p.m.
Congregation Beth David
10180 Los Osos Valley Road
San Luis Obispo

Sponsored by Central Coast Clergy and Laity for Justice
More Information: Carolin Hall: 704-3356

The Latest Sharing List!

As of October 27, 2009:

Womenade Donations: $59,081.24
Needs Filled: $58,783.99
Balance October 27, 2009 $297.25

August 19: Partial rent for pregnant woman coping on her own. Referral: Mary Squellati, SAFE ($300)

August 19: Medication for 1 month for self-employed woman in her 50s who suffered a heart attack and was unable to pay for necessary medication; she has run a San Luis Obispo daycare for 20 years. Referral: Julie Jones ($200)

August 19: Bassinet for baby boy due next week. Referral facilitated by PHN, South County ($29 in Merry-Go-Round scrip)

August 20: School clothes for two high school brothers in struggling family. Referral: Julie Jones ($200)

September 3: Dental exams and e-rays for 4 upper elementary children. Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($449.10)

September 3: Partial payments for dental surgeries for 5 children under the age of 4 whose parents have lost their jobs. Referral: Cecelia CDHP ($250)

September 3: A high-risk young mom trying to get her one-year-old
back from foster care. She is struggling working part-time. Her checking account at was closed due to insufficient funds, and she desperately needs to open another checking in order to receive direct deposit checks, which is the required manner of payment at her place of employment. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, South County ($300)

September 5: Port-a-crib for young baby’s bed. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, North Coast ($43.50 in Merry-Go-Round scrip)

October 1: Gas card for family to transport baby to Stanford for care for Cystic Fibrosis. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, San Luis Obispo ($100)

October 1: RTA bus passes for mother of 5 to go back to school at Santa Barbara Business College. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, South County ($35)

October 2: Groceries for family with none; parents recently laid off and infant in hospital. Delivered by Marcie Lindvall. Referral: Cecelia, CDHP ($100)

October 3: Dental procedure for young child at Clinica De Tolosa. Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($69.62)

October 3: Dental procedure for elementary boy. Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($110)

October 3: Dental surgeries for two toddlers. Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($150)

October 3: Crib for a new baby of a recovering addict. Crib sheets donated by Anne Appel. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, South County ($128.10)

October 3: Red Cross CPR class for a mother of two children who is seeking a job as a home health aide. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, South County ($45)

October 3: Red Cross CPR course for mother of three boys who recently got hired by a home health service as a nurse’s aide. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, South County ($45)

October 5: Loan to hard-working mother whose roommate moved out leaving her with a deposit shortfall. Referral: Andrea Blanco, Laguna Middle ($300)

October 6: Warm clothes for homeless toddler girl. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, North County, delivery by and extras from Debbie Bennett ($65).

October 2: Bassinet for newborn in very low-income family; delivered by Anne Appel. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, South County ($50 scrip from Merry-Go-Round)

October 2: Stroller for a medically fragile young baby; delivered by Anne Appel. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, South County ($35 scrip from Merry-Go-Round)

October 14: Half payment for letterman jacket for resource student who has classroom difficulties, and has found running the one positive spot in his life. He is one in a family of 8 children. Referral: Janet Lewis, resource specialist, Paso Robles High School ($150)

October 19: Partial water bill payment for hard-working family of 5 children ages 3 through 13 going through difficult times. Water has been turned off and the family has been carrying water from neighbors to wash, drink, and flush. Referral: Andrea Blanco, Laguna Middle School ($200)

October 21: Warm clothes for two toddler brothers and another young boy. Referral: Facilitated by PHNs in South County and San Luis Obispo, shopping and delivery by Carol Tickner ($63.08)

As of October 27, 2009, Womenade Donations: $58,881.24
Needs Filled: $58,583.99
Balance October 27, 2009 Hostesss Anneka Scranton $297.25

hours of bill-paying and organization help for woman caring for her brain-injured husband from Conny Gut; diaper bag from Jackie at Mia’s; diapers from the Blakely Family; tiny baby bed from Sharynn Chirpich for newborn in a small trailer; 3 infant blankets from SLO Quilters Club via Kim Meyer; baby toys from Anne Turner; mouse and keyboard from Pat and Raul Cano; sewing machines for young girls in Foster care from Marcie Lindvall and Marty Thomas; bounty of diapers from Debbie Bennett; diapers and wipes for the DeGroots from Diana Henderson; diapers from Rosemary Cleaves; backpacks for Family Care Network from Sandy Amborn; San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum passes donated by their volunteers and given to clients of PHNs, Family Care Network, First Time Mothers Program, Jack’s Helping Hand, and School Readiness families in South County S.A.F.E. - 65 in all; pack-n-play as bed for medically fragile child in small living conditions from Pat Cano and Monica Carinio delivered by Debbie Bennett; clothes for toddler boy purchased from Hospice Partners Hope Chest by Anne Appel and others donated by Elaine Stewart; jeans for young girl purchased from Hospice Partners Hope Chest by Anne Appel; baby monitor from Diana Foch; baby girl clothes from Erin Schimke delivered by Arlene Yost; warm clothes for homeless preschool girl purchased and delivered by Laurel Siembieda: stroller purchased and delivered by Francine Johnston: trundle bed to Women’s Shelter family by Kathy Greer and delivered by Ken and Judy Riener; baby clothes from Summer Long; sewing machine for client at Family Care Network from Diane Wettlaufer; carseat from Elaine Stewart; mattress from Elaine Stewart; twin sheets from Gini Ortiz, mattress pads from Kat Tuculet, a bounty of pillows, sheets, blankets from Carol Astaire; boys clothes and shoes from Carol Tickner; diapers from Linda Jankay; stroller purchased and delivered by Francine Johnston;

Sunday, October 18, 2009

National Adoption Day

From our Beca Ponce: National Adoption Day on November 14th. Adoptive and Foster families, those supporting adoptive and foster families, and anyone considering adoption or becoming a foster parent are invited. Cost is FREE. There will be massage chairs, bounce houses, face painting, etc., and child care will be provided. RSVP by October 30th to Gina Gindrich, 781-1776

SLO Child Development Center

From our Wendy Daly: Winemaker Dinner/Auction at The Carlton Hotel, October 23rd, 5 - 9 p.m. Tickets $65. All proceeds benefit the therapeutic child development services at SLO Child Development Center. Tickets: 461-5100 ext. 126.

Fort Hope

" />From our Julie Schultz: The annual Fort Hope BBQ Fundraiser is being held at Ft. Hope, 8020 Mary Hall Road, Arroyo Grande, Sunday, October 25th, from 2-6 p.m. Tickets are $35/person. Kids 17 years or younger are free. Let me know ( if you're Interested in spending the day fishing, gold panning, archery, eating or just enjoying the surroundings. If you have no idea what Fort Hope is, check out Pat Loomis's program for disadvantaged children at

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Local American Red Cross Sponsorship Program

Sample great ideas for gifts in honor of your friends and family.
Contact Natalie Schaefer:

$50 to provide a CPR class for a member of the Latino community
$80 to sponsor a Water Safety Instructor training
$100 to adopt a mannequin
$150 to sponsor a lifeguard training
$400 to sponsor 1 sign language interpreter to teach safety classes
$100 worth of disaster supplies for the Sea Train container
$150 sponsor one Disaster Volunteer training scholarship
$65 build classroom disaster kit for a high school youth club

And more!