Thursday, May 20, 2010

Womenade Honor Donations Updated

Deb Jones Life of Richard Hill

Steve and Jayne Marriage of Carol Core
Devencenzi and Mark Shaffer

Marcie Lindvall Life of Lucian Swearingen

Linda Bishop Life of Lucian Swearingen

Sandy Richardson Birth of John Lincoln Peshong

Sandy Richardson Life of Jamie Postma

Lisa Wearda To Honor Marylou Gooden – Christmas

Rawley and Doug Deacons, Trudi, Friends of Morro
Regier Bay Presbyterian Church

Sandy Richardson To Honor Linda Bishop

Lisa Wearda To Honor Marylou Gooden

Carol’s Mom To Honor Carol Devore

Shanti Gooden To Honor Marylou Gooden

Sandy Richardson To Honor Marylou Gooden

Lisa Wearda To Honor Marylou Gooden – Christmas

Janet Holland To Honor Sharon Harvey

Lois Crotser To Honor Dr. Jeff Herten

Sandy Richardson To Honor James T. Kerlin

Colleen Spafford In Remembrance Rosemary Maino

Mary Parker and Toni Higgins To Honor the wedding of Kristin Stoker

Lisa Wearda To Honor Marylou Gooden

Susan McBride To Honor Susan and Dwight Roper

Linda Bishop In Memory Marianna O’Key

Linda Jankay In Memory Marianna O’Key

Wendy Daly In Memory Marianna O’Key

Wendy Daly In Memory Carol Astaire’s mother

Marcie Lindvall In Memory Marianna O’Key

Marcie Lindvall In Memory Dorothy Bishop

Anneka Scranton To Honor Carol Devore

Friday, May 14, 2010

Henry W. Bull Foundation

Womenade has received a $1,000 grant from the Henry W. Bull Foundation! We are grateful for this connection, and will use these funds, as well as all donations we receive, to help those in need in San Luis Obispo County.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Thanks from SLO Child Development Center

Hi Ladies, I just wanted to share a story with you about how Womenade has affected our Center. We have asked for your help four times now for everything from glasses to tires and rent. Each time, you have been so generous to our families in need. When people come to us in crisis, and we think that Womenade may be able to help them, we tell our families that we have "fairy godmothers". When one of the mothers returned today with her thank you card for the glasses she purchased last week, she came up with a quizzical look and asked, "How do I give mail to my fairy godmothers?". I thought that was really special and indicative of the wonderful work you do. Thank you with all of our hearts!

Terri Kurczewski
Executive Director

San Luis Obispo Child Development Center
1720 Bishop St.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Enjoy CPK and Contribute to Cancer Cure

Cypress Ridge Women's Golf Club is collaborating with California Pizza Kitchen on June 2nd. Dine in or out on that date and 20% of your check will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. A flyer is required to qualify. E-mail Sandy to obtain one.