Thursday, February 16, 2012

Peak Program at C.L. Smith Elementary

Natasha Latta writes us:  I am getting a program going at the C.L. Smith Elementary School for families who are struggling financially. It is called PEAK (Promoting Extracurricular Activities for Kids). The program is going to help kids who cannot afford it plug into community enrichment activities. Whether it be art, music, sports, whatever their passion - we want to make that possible for them. Exposure to adult mentors, critical thinking, creativity, socializing with peers is really crucial, and so many kids don't get this now that schools are cutting curriculum.  If you or any of your members are interested in supporting or donating funds - we will take whatever help we can get.  Thank you!  Natasha:

Sharing Update for January through February 16

January 3:  Crib and mattress for teen mom raising a newborn in a teen center home.  Referral:  County Social Services and shopping by Susan Updegrove ($237.01)

January 3:  Underwear for mom who has no funds.  Referral:  PHN and shopping by Carol Tickner ($40.72)

January 5:  Rugs in home with limited furniture to keep 12 and 24-month children off unsafe floors.  Referral:  PHN, San Luis and shopping by Carol Tickner ($68.27)

January 6:  Crib and mattress for mom whose 5-month-old is sleeping unsafely in a bassinet.  Referral:  Heather Senecal, counselor, San Luis Coastal, and shopping by Susan Updegrove ($237.91)

January 7:  3 AP test fees for the oldest child of a struggling mom of 3.  She is an honor student who is trying to reduce future college fees by reducing the number of college classes.  Referral:  Tim Sullivan, County Employment Resource Specialist ($171)

January 7:  Partial rent for South County cancer victim who is waiting for bone marrow transplant.  Referral:  Elaine Gardiner, Cancer Connection ($400)

January 7:  Prescribed, specialized, used wheelchair for permanently disabled man.  Full price new is $1,400.  Referral:  John Soderlund, County Employment Specialist ($500)

January 10:  Car seat and booster seat for 18-month-old and 4-year-old of single mom who has been working hard to get her children back with her.  Referral:  Julie Wilson, Family Care Network, and shopping and delivery by Carol Tickner ($73.81)

January 10:  Computer for 8-year-old boy living in the Atascadero Shelter purchased from the Exploration Station.  Referral:  Sami Schermerhorn, Shelter Manager ($15)

January 10:  Gas cards for mom to take her son to Stanford for treatment of his brain cancer.  Referral:  Mary, Jack’s Helping Hand and purchase by Carol Tickner ($200)

January 11:  Glasses for a young girl whose parents are on limited income.  Gateway and Cecillia Merrill, CDHP ($60)

January 11:  7 AP tests for 2 sisters and 1 other student.  All the girls are                   paying part of the test fees.  Referral:  Chris Jones, Paso Robles High Assistant Principal ($329)

January 11:  Car seat for infant.  Referral:  PHN, North County and shopping by Carol Tickner ($96.44)

January 12:  Part payment of rental deposit; Paso family is making small deposit payments and full rent.  Referral:  Kayla Kerrigan, County Employment Specialist ($500)

January   Diapers for the toddler of a single mom.  Referral:  Kim Meyer and shopping by Carol Tickner ($39.86)

January 13:  Part rent for a family who has fallen behind in payment because of less work in December.  Referral:  John Soderlund, County Employment Resources, North County ($500)

January 13:  Part rent for a victim facing eviction today.  Referral:  Jeannette Page, SARP ($500)

January 13:  Washing machine for family of 8.  Mom is unemployed and Dad is only working part time.  Referral:  Alma Bernal, CAPSLO, South County and shopping by Carol Tickner and Alma; delivery and set up by Alma ($439.33)

January 16:  Gym shoes and socks for elementary student.  Referral:  Erin Schimke, teacher, San Luis Coastal, and delivery by Carol Tickner  ($63.02)

January 19:  Counseling sessions for abused woman with limited finances.  Referral:  Lisa Martinez, Women’s Shelter ($200)

January 19:  Campsite rent, diapers, and wipes for a disabled mom and her children.  Referral:  Esther Castillo, CAPSLO, and shopping by Carol Tickner ($175 and $98.49)

January 20:  Gas card and prepaid cell phone for victim of domestic violence.  Phone is needed to keep in contact with detectives and district attorney.  Referral:  Erin Holmes, County social worker, and shopping by Sheila Kircher ($40.48)

January 23:  Bilingual counseling for mother of 3 who is suicidal, mother of 2 with post-partum depression, and older mother of 4 stressed from a difficult pregnancy, financial problems, and lack of support.  Referral:  Lisa Fraser, Child Abuse Prevention Council ($450)

January 24:  2 pair of shoes for sexual assault victim wearing ones too large.  Referral:  Kristy McCray, SARP, and shopping by Carol Tickner ($64.63)

January 24:  3 safety gates for children in 2 families.  Referral:  PHN, South County, and shopping by Carol Tickner ($63.54)

January 24:  Utility payment for family that received a 15-day shut off notice.  Referral:  Kayla Kerrigan, county resource specialist ($241.34)

January 26:  College textbooks for student starting Cuesta.  Referral:  Cecilia Merrill, CHDP ($49.87)

January 26:  GED exam payment to improve single woman’s chance for employment.  Payment for parking at AHC.  Referral:  Esther Castillo, CAPSLO ($180)

January 26:  Part rent for woman working 2 jobs who has found an apartment to share.  Referral:  Lisa Murdoch ($300)

January 26:  Emergency shelter for woman assaulted at the homeless shelter; her perpetrator is still free.  She will have housing starting the 1st..  Referral:  Jane Pomeroy, SARP, and payment delivery by Roberta Filadelfia ($330.12)

January 26:  Water bill payment for cancer victim financially struggling.  Referral:  Michelle Ellis, nurse, Hearst Cancer Resource Center ($97.47)

January 26:  Diapers for toddler of single mom.  Referral:  PHN, San Luis, and shopping by Carol Tickner ($39.86)

January 25:  Toys and clothes for 3-year-old girl in struggling family.  Referral: PHN, South County, shopping by Carol Tickner, and store credit from Merry-Go-Round

January 26:  Stroller, high chair, port-a-crib, clothes, and car seat for baby due in February.  Referral:  Karen Arrona, social worker, San Luis County, shopping by Carol Tickner, and store credit from Merry-Go-Round ($96.54)

January 26:  Partial payment for propane for family who has run out.  Referral:  Eva Cheek, County Employment Resource Specialist  ($500)

January 30:  Train tickets and motel costs for South County young dad and his wife to go to UCSF for brain surgery after his having unexpected seizure while driving.  Referral:  Pat Blackwell, County Resource Specialist ($500)

January 30:  Dental surgeries for a 4-year-old with an infection, and a 4-year-old boy needing surgery.  Referral:  Nina, Dr. Walker’s office ($150)

January 30: Microwave, small refrigerator, baby clothes, diapers, and water for disabled mother and new infant who are living in one room of a trailer in a remote part of the county.  Referral:  PHN, South County ($239.18 and $15.06)

February 1:  Inhaler and heart medication co-payment for 67-year-old living on a few dollars over the monthly limit to qualify for support.  Referral:  Tim Sullivan, County Employment Specialist ($415)

February 2:  Part rent for single mom with 2 children under age 3.  She has gotten a 2nd job, but has not yet received her 1st paycheck.  Referral:  Linda Klintworth, Department of Social Services ($250)

February 2:  Part health insurance payment for mother of 2 who is having weekly chemo and is not able to continue her job at with San Luis Obispo County Office of Education.  ($500)

February 3: Used stacking washer/dryer for family with 3-year-old daughter with Cerebral Palsy who relies completely on a G-tube for feeding, but parents are committed to training her for oral feeding, which means lots of laundry that gets mildewed by the time they get to the laundry-mat.  ($500)

February 5:  3 nights motel stay for abused woman.  Referral:   Jane Pomeroy, SARP and purchase by Sheila Kircher ($165.06)

February 7:  Baby carrier for homeless mom to carry her infant.  Referral:  PHN, North County, and shopping by Bev Cohen for Congregation Beth David Social Action Committee with delivery by Roberta Filadelfia ($15)

February 7:  Dental surgery for toddler with an abscess.  Referral:  Nina, Dr. Walker ($50)

February 8:  Diapers for a newborn.  Referral:  PHN, San Luis and shopping by Beverly Cohen, Congregation Beth David Social Action Committee ($21.54)

February 8:  Shoes for 2 little girls, and baby wipes for several families.  Referral:  Kim Meyer, CAP-SLO volunteer, and PHN, and purchase by Vivian Levy, Congregation Beth David Social Action Committee ($68.07)

February 8:  Track shoes for high school student whose family has limited funds.  Referral:  Heather Senecal, San Luis Obispo High ($65)

February 9:  Food for Laguna Middle School Backpack Program.  Shopping by Nan Tarpinian ($35.64)

February 9:  Excersaucer to allow baby of mom with cerebral palsy to be upright without her mom having to carry her too much.  Referral:  PHN, South County ($39.96)

February 9:  Baby swing for extremely fussy infant.  Referral:  PHN, Coast ($55)

February 9:  Lab testing for cancer for a young girl.  Referral:  CHDP ($208)

February 10:  Dental lab costs for a woman in need; the dentist is donating his services.  Referral:  Linda Odell, Department of Social Services ($400)

February 10:  Auto repair, new exhaust manifold, for woman to get to her job doing elderly care in Santa Maria.  Referral:  Todd Vargues, Department of Social Services ($461.13)

February 10:  Extensive dental work for meth mouth for a woman who has been clean for 2 years and graduated from a sober living home.  Referral:  PHN, San Luis ($114.10)

February 10:  Bassinet for newborn; home is too small for a port-a-crib.  Referral:  PHN, San Luis and shopping by Vivian Levy, Congregation Beth David Social Action Committee ($20)

February 14:  RTA bus passes for mother and 3 sons.  Referral:  Sami Schermerhorn, North County Women’s Shelter, and shopping by Vivian Levy, Congregation Beth David Social Action Committee  ($120)

February 14:  6 fillings and 3 sealants for pregnant 17-year-old mother of a 1-year-old.  Elizabeth, Dr. Tran ($341.55)

February 14:  Small child with 6 cavities; mother is paying part.  Referral:  Nina, Dr. Walker ($50)

February 14:  Floor play mat for young baby.  Referral:  PHN, First Time Mother’s Program, San Luis, and shopping by Vivian Levy, Congregation Beth David Social Action Committee ($48.49)

February 14:  2 space heaters for family living in a trailer and detached building with no heat; play mat for baby.  Referral:  PHN First Time Mother’s Program, San Luis, and shopping by Vivian Levy, Congregation Beth David Social Action Committee; price discount from Miner’s, San Luis ($63.98)

February 16:  Gas cards for woman to get to work.  Referral:  Sami Schermerhorn, North County Women’s Shelter ($150)

February 16:  5 AP Test fees for Nipomo High student whose family is working hard but has limited funds.  The boy’s grade average is 3.66.  Referral:  Esther Castillo, CAPSLO ($250)

Items donated:  Toaster oven from Jen Melton; quilt cutter from Gerrie Rothermel and quilt cutting mat from Alyce Crawford, quilt fabric from Karen Morgan, Alyce Crawford, Carol Astaire, Luci Martin and Marilyn Fuller, for a mom wanting to make quilts for her babies; cards for South County students’ art projects from Lynn De Leo, Rosemary Cleaves; boy clothes, fabric, and sewing machine from Cici Wynn; a huge bounty of toiletries from Jayne Auchterlone delivered to Grizzly Academy and the Homeless Shelter by Kat Tuculet;  double stroller from Pat De Clark delivered to mother in North County by Meg and Don Swearingen; children’s clothes to Merry-Go-Round for Womenade credit from Rose Fowler; items to Prado from Carol Stern; baby boy clothes from Helma Smulders, Ann Smith, and Carol Tickner; power strip and water to make formula from Carol Tickner; port-a-crib from Jutta Jacobs; 2 port-a-cribs and an exersaucer donated by Sharynn and Jerry Chirpich; baby play table from Arlene Versaw: 2 cases of diapers from Kemay Eoyang; toiletries; 3-6 month girl clothes from Joanna Gilbert; towels and linens from Linda Booker,

Funds donated:  Ellen Harper in memory of Jim Daly, Dana Easton, Leslie Siembieda, Anonymous, Barbara King, Pat and Raul Cano in memory of Jim Daly, Linda and Peter Jankay in memory of Jim Daly, Carol and Fred Astaire in memory of Jim Daly, Carol Astaire, Tess Mathews, Frank and Sandy Richardson in memory of Jim Daly, Marcie and John Lindvall in memory of Jim Daly, Nancy Elam, Barbara Neuman, Diane Wettlaufer, Barbara King, Meg and Don Swearingen, Sally Equinoa, Kitty Rice, Ros McQuade, Diana Foch, Judy Williamson, Marilyn Fuller, Jayne Devencenzi, Nancy Hurd, Ken and Judy Riener in memory of Jim Daly, Judy Riener, Naomi Blakely, Kathy Hannula, Jeanne Dorn, Wendy Daly, Tess Mathews, Marylou Gooden, Francine Johnston, Julie Schultz, Mary Parker, Kathy Long, Lola Zybura, Diana Henderson, Rosemary Cleaves, Ginny Kenny, Candyce Espinoza, Phyllis Bettencourt, Nancy Shearer, Lori Sonnabend, Joy Pickell, Cathy Hughes, Carla Haynie, Elizabeth Miller, Janice Chagoya, Sharynn Chirpich, Julie Silva, Kathy Forenza, Betty Symons, Sharon Hanley, Lynn Heinrich, Lynn De Leo, Arlene Versaw, Marla Eaton, Madeline Stevenson, Susan Demma, Joann Stevens, Julie Wilson, Judy Eisenhard, Christina Doherty, Melanie Smith, Royann Garges, Candace Guldeman, Kathleen Dautremont, Christine Beckwith, Jean Solwick Miranda, Ursula Bishop in the names of Mathew and Mollie Equinoa, Lisa Wearda on behalf of Marylou Gooden, Diane Wettlaufer, Leona Sullivan, Bonnie Brinton for Laguna Backpack Program, Jacquelyn Miller, Joy Tuman, Anne Tiber, Libbie Agran, Susan Hood, Bonnie Heikes, Elizabeth Curren, Jeannette Powles, Maribeth Peterson, Evelyn Ruehr, Darlene Krouse, Carol Devore,