Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Henry W. Bull Foundation

The Henry W. Bull Foundation donated $2,500 to Womenade today.  We are grateful for the Foundation's continuing commitment to our mission to meet essential needs locally.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Prado Need

Prado Day Center needs people to serve lunch on August 29 and September 29. b Can you help?  Email me:  sanfranslo@sbcglobal.net.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Donation Photo

Check today's Tribune Real Estate section, page 22, to see Rosemary and Marla Lee receiving the Pismo Coast Realtors donation to Womenade. Thanks to all!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Immediate Need

For the first time in a year, Prado Day Center is out of cold cereal. If you would like to donate, bring cereal to the Center at 43 Prado Rd. or to my house. Thanks!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Student You Sent to Camp

A young teen is at Cal Poly Elite Soccer Camp now thanks to Womenade.  He called his teacher last night to say that his roommate, also age 11, is from Templeton.  Most of the boys play on Club Elite Teams, and they are impressed that this boy plays as well as he does since he doesn't have the money to be on such a team.  He says camp is better than he even thought it would be, and the food is delicious at Campus Dining.  He loves the staff and is grateful for this opportunity.  When his teacher picked him up, his mother came in from the fields in her work garb.  Just imagine the Migrants that you see as you are driving around our beautiful county and see the field workers bent over, heads covered, and faces half covered to not breathe in so much dust.  She looked like that, and the welcoming staff at Cal Poly treated her with dignity; the mom wanting to see where her son would be, and the staff, especially Kevin Collins, graciously welcoming this camper.  Thank you Womenade!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Janice Fong Wolf

As part of CAPSLO's 25th Annual Afternoon of Epicurean Delights celebration, Janice Fong Wolf was honored for her long-time support of their Health & Prevention programs.  When asked to choose a non-profit to receive a donation in her name, Janice chose Womenade.  She stated, "They are a quiet and an amazing group of women who contribute funds, and work with case managers and public health nurses to meet the needs of families in crisis.  I know they will take the donation and leverage it effectively."

Womenade is grateful for this trust and donation; every penny will go to support those in need in San Luis Obispo County.  

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cayucos Community Church

Special thanks to Cayucos Community Church quilters for making 3 amazing quilts for the triplets. Their mom is in the hospital now.

Thanks to Clytee Ramsey for delivering the beautiful blankets for these babies.

People Helping People & Maxine Lewis Homeless Shelter

Annual Garage and Bake Sale Fundraiser is August 3rd, noon to 4, and August 4th 8 - 2 at 1440 Los Osos Valley Road near the corner of South Bay Blvd. in Los Osos.  If you can help in any way by donating items to sell, baking goodies or other food items to sell or volunteering on Friday or Saturday, it would be very much appreciated.  All money raised is split between the two organizations to feed the hungry and house the homeless.  And besides being a good money-maker, it is always a fun social event.

To Donate:  Jeri - 528.5800
To Donate Baked Goods:  Carla - 534.9182

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Economics of Being a Woman

Registration is now open for the Economics of Being a Woman - 4 Class Series

Sept 10, 13, 17 and 20 from 530pm - 800pm.

Materials and a light meal are included each day
Series Objectives:
1. Examine Your Own Attitudes toward Money

2. Develop Your Financial Skills and Vocabulary

3. Learn the Questions to Ask

4. Create Strategies to Succeed Financially

Cost is $399, $25 discount for you and your friend if you sign-up together.  Please pass along to the women in your life.

A percentage of the proceeds will benefit the Women's Legacy Fund at the SLO County Community Foundation.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pismo Beach Association of Realtors

Friday, July 13th, Womenade received $1,909.66 from the Pismo Beach Association of Realtors as a gift from their May golf tourney. Rosemary Cleaves and Marla Lee Eaton received the donation at today's Association meeting. Thanks to the realtors, golfers, and especially Stacy Gregory.  Watch for their photo in the Tribune.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Rotary Club of Los Osos

Womenade was the program for Rotary Club of Los Osos's meeting on July 6th.  Special thanks to president, Keith Hanan and Social Director, Gary Dove.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Book Collection

Megan Mogull made an amazing Womenade sign to go with the book collection box she placed in the entry of the Cal Poly ASI Children's Center.  Books we collect this summer will go to county nurses who will use them to model reading to children.  We especially need board books for ages 0-5 in English, Spanish, and English/Spanish.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Latest Sharing May 20 - June 30 Thank You!

Donated from 2003 to June 30, 2012:                                   $ 176,606.60
Donated 2nd quarter, 2012:                                                  $   11,372.06   
Needs filled 2nd quarter:                                                      $    13,964.24 
Balance June 30, 2012                                                           $          12.90
May 20:  Storage rental for belongings of man whose rented apartment has gone to foreclosure.  Referral:  Monica Lara, LINK, Coast ($195.97) 1121
May 20:  Dress shoes for freshman student to attend Black and Gold Dinner.  He will be receiving an award for Varsity Track (Womenade bought the Pumas!), and a Golden Tiger Award.  Also, gas to get to the event, and food for him and his family.  Referral:  Naomi Blakely, San Luis Coastal, and shopping by Joy Sostrin ($31.22) 1108 ($250) 1122
May 22:  $500 deposit for father who has just gained custody of his daughters and been accepted into section 8 housing.  This deposit assures the family will not go homeless.  Referral:  Charlene Argie and Belinda Benassi, county social services ($500) 1123
May 22:  Partial payment for a young girl to have 8 fillings and 2 sealants.  Referral:  Elizabeth Doll/Dr. Tran ($200) 1124
May 22:  Partial payment for teen to receive camp counselor training and work during the summer.  Referral:  Cecilia Merrill ($325) 1125
May 22:  Approved car seat for a baby being reunited with the biological father.  Referral:  Katie Mitchell, County social worker, and purchase by Miner’s Hardware, Paul Filice and Laurel Cadena
May 23:  Payment for teen who has been bleeding for weeks to see Dr. Safarik to check for possible cancer.  Referral:  Cecilia Merrill, CHDP ($90) 1126
May 24:  Gas card for parents to see their 27-week-old baby in NICU.  Referral:  Tina Dodd-Wilson, social worker, Sierra Vista ($100) 1127
May 24:  Diapers for babies in struggling families.  Referral:  PHNs, South County ($88.17) 1128
May 24:  Clothes for young toddler.  Referral:  PHN, South County, and shopping by Joy Sostrin ($39.68) 1108
May 25:  Diapers for baby in struggling family.  Referral:  PHN, San Luis ($64.61) 1129
May 30:  Beds for a South County mom and her 4 daughters; all have been sleeping on the floor.  Referral:  Lisa Ray and Dee Torres, CAPSLO, and shopping by Cici and Alex Wynn, sharing the cost with Altrusa ($500) 1130
May 31:  Rent for mom about to be homeless.  Referral:  Cecilia Merrill, CHDP ($300) 1131
May 31:  Clothes for 14-year-old girl, a victim of severe domestic violence, whose father has kept all her clothes, leaving her with almost nothing to wear.  Referral:  Jill Doyle, SARP ($150) 1132
June 3:  Double stroller for South County mother of 3 toddlers.  Referral:  PHN ($100) 1108
June 3:  3 months of unlimited dance lessons for a boy who is struggling medically and emotionally.  Referral:  Andrea Blanco, Laguna Middle School ($150) 1133
June 3:  Crib for single mom’s new baby who has many health issues; mother has a very small income, works, and goes to school.  She is attending parenting classes and needs the crib in order to comply with regulations.  Referral:  Brooke Cone and Julie Wilson, Family Care Network ($200) 1134
June 5:  Gas and food for abused Cal Poly mother of 2.  Referral:  Andrea Devitt, Cuesta counselor ($150) 1135
June 5:  Bus pass for client to seek employment.  Referral:  Sami Schermerhorn, North County Women’s Shelter ($60) 1136
June 6:  Stroller for homeless mom.  Referral:  PHN, San Luis, and shopping by Edna Marie Cole ($30.17) 1153
June 6:  Port-a-crib for baby girl.  Referral:  PHN, South County, and shopping by Edna Marie Cole  ($49.25) 1153
June 6:  2 child safety gates to keep a child away from stairs.  Referral:  Caroline Halloran, CAPSLO, and shopping by Edna Marie Cole ($43.96) 1153
June 7:  Dental treatment for 2 young children.  Referral:  Elizabeth Doll/Dr. Tran ($253.04) 1137
June 7:  June unlimited dance lessons for struggling Foster teen boy.  Referral:  Janaan Miles, Family Care Network ($50) 1138
June 12:  Rental payment for single mother of boy with a rare form of muscular dystrophy.  She is caught between taking her son to his medical appointment in San Diego or paying rent.  Referral:  Jack’s Helping Hand ($280) 1139
June 12:  Partial deposit for a studio apartment for family forced to move out of their former place because it is being converted to assisted living.  Referral:  Miranda Kavanaugh, Early Head Start, CAPSLO ($300) 1140
June 13:  High chair for 7-month-old learning to self-feed.  Mom has been feeding her in a car seat.  Referral:  PHN, San Luis and shopping by Edna Marie Cole ($22.49) 1153
June 15:  Storage unit back payment and payment for July for disabled mother of 4; they have been homeless and now have a small place to stay. Referral:  Monica Lara, LINK ($100) 1141
June 18:  Dental treatment for 2 young girls.  Referral:  Elizabeth Doll/Dr. Tran ($310) 1142
June 18:  Glasses for 13-year-old boy.  Referral:  Gateway Medical/Optometric Care Associates, North County ($60) 1143
June 18:  Insoles to allow woman with torn ligament and badly damaged ankle to continue physical therapy and her job as a waitress.  Referral:  Sami Schermerhorn, North County Women’s Shelter ($39.95) 1144
June 18:  Port-a-crib for newborn.  Referral:  Martha Landells, CAPSLO, and shopping by Edna Marie Cole ($10.78) 1153
June 18:  Car seats for 6-month-old twins; one donated by CHP and facilitated and delivered by Susan Dressler; one purchased by Edna Marie Cole.  Referral:  PHN, North County  ($42.02) 1153
June 18:  Gas for struggling mom to get to work and appointments.  Referral:  PHN, South County ($100) 1108
June 23:  Swing for very fussy baby.  Referral: PHN, Coast, and garage sale shopping by Sharynn Chirpich ($35) 1146
June 25:  Junior Lifeguard Program partial fee for 2 homeless teens from an abusive home.  Referral:  Jill Doyle, SARP  ($129) 1147
June 25: Dental exam, treatment, and cleaning for 73-year-old cancer patient in pain.  Referral:  Hearst Cancer Resource Center, care donated by Dr. Paul Cavigli; root canal funded by First Presbyterian Church of Morro Bay ($1,000) and Womenade ($241) and facilitated by Deborah Whitson 1148
June 26:  Gas card for abused woman to go to another county for the final court hearing to get her children back after they have been in Foster care for the last 2 months.  Referral:  Tammee Green, CAPSLO ($100) 1149
June 26:  Gas card for woman to drive for her new job.  Her mileage reimbursement doesn’t begin until July 25th.  Referral:  PHN, Coast ($100) 1150
June 26:  Umbrella stroller for young toddler.  Referral: PHN ($16.86) 1108
June 26:  Double stroller for mother of new twins.  Referral:  PHN, South County, and special consideration from Merry-Go-Round; shopping by Edna Marie Cole  ($70.08) 1153
June 27:  Camp tuition for elementary boy in Foster care.  Referral:  Linda Fibich, CASA (Special consideration from Camp Ocean Pines, $443 from Linda, and $100 from Womenade) 1151
June 29:  Fruit for Laguna Backpack program for the 2011-2012 school year paid to San Luis Coastal Schools.  ($235.29) 1152
June 29:  Full size high chair for 7-month-old.  Referral:  PHN, South County, and shopping by Edna Marie Cole ($5.39) 1153
July 29:  Month’s worth of unlimited dance classes for Foster boy.  Referral:  Stephanie McDonnell, Family Care Network ($50) 1154
Items Donated:  Ping pong table, nets, paddles, and balls from Doreen Wetzel; food baskets from Soroptimists to currently housed formerly homeless families; many boxes of diapers and toys from Central Coast Women’s League delivered by Jean Kelly; baby clothes from Sandy Meredith; children’s clothes from Heidi Miller and Cici Wynn; children’s clothes from Pat Cano; blankets from Amber Gubler; children’s clothes from Helma Smulder; ping pong table from Donna Jeberjahn to Los Osos Middle Emotionally Disturbed class; children’s clothes from Pat Cano and Helma Smulders; high chair from Susan Updegrove; children’s potty seat and shoes from Barb Becket; boy clothes from Elaine Stewart; clothes from Tim Brehmer with pick up by Roberta Filadelfia; boy clothes from Pat Cano; books and school supplies from Helma Sumlders; boy toddler clothes from Pat Cano; grocery gift certificate from Bonnie Wamsley; books and toiletries from Jayne Auchterlone delivered by Kat Tuculet; books, puzzles, and toys from Wendy Daly; bed from Darlene Krouse; clothes from Jen Caffe; toys from Leah Dean; bed and linens from Darlene Krouse; clothes from Helma Smulder; toys and jammies from Cali Stewart; books from Louise Noel; clothes from Leanne Peterson; school supplies from Gerrie Rothermel; children’s clothes from Riman Alfadel; clothes, toys, games, stroller from Jen Melton; children’s clothes from Dianne Weatherford; children’s books from anonymous; toys and art supplies from Marylou Gooden; high chair from Marla Lee Eaton; baby toys and blankets from Cici Wynn; blankets and books from Marty Azevedo; clothes and toys from Janice Chegoya; shoes and toys from Lori Sonnabend; stroller from Sharynn Chirpich; stamps from John and Marcie Lindvall; 2 port-a-cribs from Marge McCrackin; toys from Boone Stewart; stroller from Jacque Fondren; stroller from Abundance Thrift in Los Osos via Edna Marie Cole; onesies from Diana Foch; baby clothes from Janice Chegoya; diapers and baby clothes from Susan Updegrove; binders from Barbara Balnke; port-a-crib and crib sheets from Sharynn Chirpich; hand-knit blankets for the triplets from Ruth Nagano; blankets from Elaine Stewart.  Total 2nd Quarter:  $6,701.87
Funds Donated:  Mona Tucker, Mariam Shah, Baywood Elementary Staff in honor of the retirement of Jayne Devencenzi; anonymous, Adam Dale, Paula Dishen, Sandra Dexter, Catherine Bonnett, Cheryl Dove, Diane DuBois, Emily Cappellano, Cherie Newell, Carol Oelker, Wendi Craig, and Robin Morris; Nancy Norwood in honor of the retirement of Naomi Blakely, Ann Marie McMahon, Naomi Blakely, Sally Delgado; Kathy Beckman and Ted Postol in memory of Janet Dietz, Mary Parker; Gaye Donovan, Arlene Frances Holcomb, Marcy Owes, and Laura Kirschner in honor of the retirement of Naomi Blakely, Marylou Gooden, Cammi Richardson, Christine Crose, anonymous, and Kathleen Benedict in honor of the retirements of Naomi Blakely, Jayne Devencenzi, and Ros McQuade, June Gelling in honor of the retirement of Ros McQuade, Charles Wright, Marilyn Banducci, Linda Jankay; Linda Bishop in memory of Marcie Lindvall’s brother – Richard Leber, Diane Wettlaufer, Carol Tickner, Melaleuca, Ros McQuade in appreciation for David Blakely, John and Marcie Lindvall, Linda Fibich, Diane Wettlaufer.  Total 2nd Quarter:  $ 11,372.06    Elaine Gardiner, Karen Daniel, Barbara Neuman,