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Womenade! What you have done so far in 2009!

January 22 Gas bill payment for family at risk. Referral: Andrea Devitt, counselor, Cuesta ($118)

January 24: Highchair for young baby of struggling mom. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, San Luis ($15)

January 27: Five nights lodging for Cuesta student and mother of three children, one who has diabetes. Family had been staying in campgrounds. Special pricing from Anchor Inn, Morro Bay. Referral: Julianne Jackson, EOPS/Care, Cuesta ($236.50)

January 27: Dental surgery for 8-year-old with 16 cavities, 2 crowns, and 6 root canals. Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($110)

January 27: Dental surgery for 12 children whose parents are out of work; ages range from 1 to 4 years. Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($600)

January 27: Exam and glasses for first grader. Referral: Dana Francis, Sinsheimer ($276)

January 27: Stroller for toddler of struggling family. Purchased with trade credit from Merry-Go-Round and delivered by Anne Appel. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, South County ($35)

February 10: Partial rent for hard-working mom of five facing shortage of work; payment prevents the family’s eviction. Referral: Alma, EOC/POP ($280)

February 20: Clothes for infant in need of warm items. Referral: Kim Meyer ($31.79 in credit from Merry-Go-Round)

February 20: Clothes for toddler needing warm items. Referral: Kim Meyer ($9.97 credit from Merry-Go-Round; $30.98)

February 20: Clothes for three-year-old. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, San Luis ($33.94)

March 10: Diapers for newborn whose mom is a recovering drug user. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, South County ($34.44)

March 10: Gas for mom to take baby back and forth between Sierra Vista and Cottage Hospital. Referral: Social worker, Sierra Vista ($100)

March 12: Diapers for baby who has none! Referral: Kim Meyer ($46.11)

March 12: Warm coat for kindergartener whose family is very poor. Paid with Merry-Go-Round credit. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, South County ($7.50)

March 13: Clothes for 10-month-old, the youngest of a family of 5. Paid for with Merry-Go-Round credit. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, South County ($50.10)

March 13: Dental surgeries for 18 children in pain; parents out of work. Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($900)

March 23: Diapers for toddler. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, South County ($32.96)

March 19: Dental treatment for young boy in pain being seen at Clinica de Tolosa. Parents are paying remaining $500 at $25 per month. Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($200)

April 25: Highchair for drug-exposed 6-month-old. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, South County ($15.23)

As of April 30, 2009, Womenade Donations: $51,208.16

Needs Filled: $51,151.20

Balance April 30, 2009: Potluck Hostess Marcie Lindvall $ 56.96

May 1: Clothes and diapers for baby with heart and hearing problems and seizures. Referral: Mary Illingworth, Jack’s Helping Hand ($16.82 and $39.59)

May 4: Dental surgeries for 24 children ages 1 to eight years. Most have parents who have lost jobs, one is severely autistic, one is homeless, and one has severe seizures. Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($1,200)

May 6: Gas card for family making long distance trips to see their newborn in Sierra’s NICU. Referral facilitated by Sierra Vista social worker ($100)

May 7: Walker for young baby. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, Coast ($16 paid with trade credit at Merry-Go-Round)

May 14: Dental treatment for 10-year-old boy whose dad has lost his job. Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($110)

May 14: Dental treatments for young boy who lives in a little garage with his dad. Clinica Tolosa Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($125)

May 14: Dental treatments for 9-year-old whose mom has been laid off from her hotel job. Clinica Tolosa Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($200)

May 18: Emergency food, laundry detergent, and diapers for a family with a 5-year-old and an 18-month-old. The father lost his job, can’t find work, and the family has nothing. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, South County ($146.07)

May 21: Partial AYSO payment for 7th grade Laguna girl who needs a focus in life and loves soccer. She can’t afford registration fees and did not get to play last year because of that. Referral: Erin Schimke, teacher, Laguna Middle ($20)

May 26: Crib for baby who has no place to sleep. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, San Luis Obispo ($132.25 plus $20 Merry-Go-Round credit)

June 2: Exam and x-rays for mom who is in pain from decay, infection, and loss of her partial dentures. Referral Facilitated by PHN, South County, Reduced treatment rate from Central Coast Dental ($168)

June 7: Contribution to for a SLOHS student to attend a comprehensive architectural summer program at Cal Poly. Referral: Andrea Blanco, Laguna ($125)

June 13: Microwave for family to use as only cooking source. Referral: Facilitated by PHN, South County ($20)

June 18: Partial payment to for a mother to have her four infected front teeth removed. Central Coast Dental is providing a discount. Referral facilitated by PHN, South County ($250)

June 18: Partial rent for a room in a house for pregnant client due at the end of July who is struggling to establish a safe place for herself and her child. Referral: San Luis PHN, First Time Mothers Program ($200)

June 23: Partial payment for spacer for 5-year-old homeless girl who had an abscessed molar removed. Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($100)

July 13: Clothes for toddler whose family is struggling. Referral: Kim Meyer ($42.96, all from credit at Merry-Go-Round)

July 13: Crib mattress for baby in need. Referral facilitated by PHN, San Luis Obispo and delivered by Kim Meyer ($43.40)

July 13: Dental treatment for young boy in pain. Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($80)

July 14: Cradle for newborn baby of teen mom. Cradle delivered by Richard and Carol Tickner. Referral facilitated by PHN, North County ($41.04 in Merry-Go-Round trade credit with extra support from Carol)

July 16: Car seat for newborn to leave the hospital. Referral: Case Manager, Community Health Center. ($43.50 Merry-Go-Round credit.)

July 16: Partial payment for endoscopy for mother of five who is having trouble swallowing. Referral Facilitated by PHN, South County ($432.77 with special assistance from Marylou Gooden, Elaine Gardiner, Sally Equinoa, Joyce Rabellino, Carol Astaire, and Carol Tickner)

July 20: Exam for 17-year-old boy with painful growth on his lip. Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($126)

July 25: Partial payment for the removal of large moles on the head of a little 6th grade girl. The parents both work at a fast food restaurant, the student does not qualify for Medi-Cal, and Healthy Families has a waiting list. Referral: Mo McGee, San Luis Coastal nurse ($100)

July 29: Partial payment for dental surgeries for 4 children under the age of 5. Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($200)

August 1: Baby car seat for newborn. Referral facilitated by PHN, North County ($29 credit from Merry-Go-Round plus additional payment from Anne Appel; delivered by Anne)

August 1: Cradle, mattress, sheet, and blanket for newborn. Donated and delivered by Anne Appel. Referral facilitated by PHN, North County

August 1: Newborn diapers. Referral facilitated by PHN, North County ($29.99)

August 3: Round trip bus tickets for a 3-year-old and her mother to UCSF for child’s hearing aides. This little girl has significant congenital complications, and is managing remarkably well, but her speech is delayed. CCS will pay for the hearing aides, but no longer will cover travel costs. They will stay at the UCSF Family House. Referral facilitated by PHN, Los Osos ($101)

August 16: Mucalcele surgery for young boy. Referral: Cecelia, CHDP ($290)

August 16: Birth certificate copy for pregnant woman so she can be enrolled in Medi-Cal. Referral facilitated by PHN, San Luis ($17)

As of August 18, 2009, Womenade Donations: $55,598.16

Needs Filled: $55,524.09

Balance August 18, 2009: Potluck Hostess Naomi Blakeley $74.07

August 19: Partial rent for pregnant woman coping on her own. Referral: Mary Squellati, SAFE ($300)

August 19: Bassinet for baby boy due next week. Referral facilitated by PHN, South County ($29 in Merry-Go-Round scrip)

Donated: Checking account from San Luis Trust Bank; jogging stroller from Jennifer Stokes; highchair from Monica Carinio; kitchen drawer items from Marylou Gooden; children’s books from Julian Smith-Goode; clothes from Rona Goode; children’s clothes from Erin Schimke; clothes and toys, Rodessa Newton; computer for a mom with MS from Aime and Mat Garretson, referral from Sara Cress; children’s books from the Garretsons; diapers from Linda Bishop and Marylou Gooden; umbrella stroller for homeless child from Elaine Stewart; highchair and baby clothes from Kimberlee Leroux and Loretta Axberg; diapers and Ensure for the DeGroot children from Diana Henderson and Rosemary Cleaves; diapers and formula from Diana Henderson and Rosemary Cleaves; baby girl clothes from Summer Long and Judy Riener; crib mattress and diapers from Loretta Axberg; bike for special needs child from Amie Garretson and Joyce Miklik; in-home care for pregnant mom from Joyce Rabellino, Kim Meyer, Rona Goode; boy clothes from Jennifer Stokes; baby swing from Kimberlee Leroux; 2 umbrella strollers from Ellen Sheffer; stroller from Marcie Lindvall; children’s clothes and books from Rodessa Newton; washer and dryer from Rodessa Newton; donation to Merry-Go-Round from Gail Sears; crib from Elaine Stewart; stroller from Barb Becket and Wendy Daly; clothes and booster seats from Ronna Goode; dresser for baby clothes from Aime Garretson; double stroller from Maria Elena and Marylou Gooden; formula and baby food from Kim Parent and Sally Equinoa; baby clothes, toys, bottles, blankets and microwave from Susie Miner and Amy; diapers from Susan Updegrove and Julie Jones; exercise bike for Laguna classroom, Kathy and Jerry Hannula; diapers, wipes, and wash/shampoo, Kay Postma; baby clothes from Monica Carinio; baby clothes from Erin Schimke; computer printer from Tim and Marilyn Banducci; 1994 car from Rodessa Newton’s client to Big Brothers/Big Sisters via Goodwill; newborn diapers from Karla Robles delivered by Kathy; crib, sheets, and quilt from Jennifer Stokes, delivered by Alma Bernal; strollers from Linda Murray and Debbie Bennett; socks, books and games for 3 boys from Jennifer Stokes via Linda Jankay, Julie Jones, Aime Garretson, Deb Jones, and Jan Petring; diapers from Anne Appel; rocker to new mom and her baby from Ros McQuade; laundry basket and sleepers from Sally Equinoa and Kim Parent; port-a-crib from Carrie Trujillo; port-a-crib from Christine Ghent; golf cart to Camp Ocean Pines from Howard and Joy Becker; children’s clothes from Ellen Sheffer; backpack from Jacob and Summer Kaybaker to homeless 7th grade Laguna boy and clothes from Rona Goode; bike helmet from Virgie Ponce to Bishop Peak student delivered by Jennifer Stokes; twin bed from Susan Biesek for elderly man sleeping on the floor in San Miguel; 2 mattresses from Jan Petring for young brothers, referral, Women’s Shelter; diapers and wipes from Wendy Daly, Linda Jankay, Pat Cano and Linda Bishop in honor of Marcie Lindvall and her new grandson, Evan Lindvall Aquino; diaper bag from Linda Jankay; towels from Marcie Lindvall, Linda Bishop and Linda Jankay, bed linens from Marty Babcock and ?, kitchen items from Marylou Gooden and ? for family moving into housing; essentials to set up a home to start over again from Marylou Gooden, Linda Blonsley, Julie Jones, and 2 ?, also groceries for this family from Carol Tickner; new jogging stroller for baby with hemophilia from Diana Henderson; books and learning materials for preschooler from Summer Kabaker, Jan Petring, Rodessa Newton, and ?; child protective gate for toddler with leukemia from Elaine Gardiner; diapers for the DeGroot home from Rosemary Cleaves; Ensure, wipes for the DeGroots and toddler underwear from Diana Henderson; crock pot, a bounty of special food for diabetic dad, and diapers for his 3-month-old from Maribeth Peterson; baby clothes, wipes, and blanket for 6-month-old boy from Kim Meyer; formula for baby of teen mom from Kathy Long; diapers and wipes for baby of teen mom attending high school whose husband is only able to get part-time work from Anne Appel, Kim Meyer, Linda Jankay and; children’s shoes from Elaine Stewart and Amy; children’s clothing, towels, and blankets from Ellen Sheffer; child gate and vacuum from Kimberlee Leroux and Loretta Axberg; bunk beds for brothers in a struggling family from Amie Garretson; clothes and shoes for struggling mother from Jeanne Secrest, Susan McBride, Leslie Siembieda, Jan Petring, Judy Riener, Linda Jankay, Pam McKiernan and Hospice

Partners Thrift and delivered by Sharyn Chirpich; clothes for brother and sister in an at-risk family from Summer Kabaker, Kristi Balzer, Rona Goode; highchair from Jennifer Stokes; stroller from Rona Goode: donations for high school student to attend CP architecture workshop from Judy Reiner, Martha Uhey, Chuck Crotser, Bill Brown; jogging stroller; toddler stroller; room monitor for Alzheimer’s patient from Elaine Stewart; children’s clothes and books from Elaine Stewart; diapers from Erika McGuire, Marylou Gooden, Diana Henderson, Rosemary Cleaves, Linda Jankay, Ann Appel, and Sharyn Chirpich; a bounty of baby clothes and gear from Erin Schimke; socks for a teen mom from Jennifer Stokes; bunk bed from Amie Garretson with mattress from Julie Schultz delivered by Judy Reiner; infant boys clothes from Kristi Balzer; protein powder for boy with broken jaw from Judy Reiner and Proscoti and Julie Jones; baby boy clothes from Hope Chest via Sharyn Chirpich; crib from Elaine Sherr facilitated by Wendy Daly and delivered by Ken and Judy Reiner; wipes, clothes and blankie from Kim Meyer; port-a-crib from Pat Cano to baby in Atascadero; baby clothes from Susan Updegrove; backpack and lunch box from Julie Klopping; school clothes from Terry Bothwell and Operation School Bell; newborn diapers from Marylou Gooden; iMac from Susan Updegrove: an enormous donation of boys’ clothing from Jennifer Stokes to children in every part of the county; baby boy clothes from Hope Chest via Sharyn Chirpich; teen boys clothes from Natalie Schaefer;

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