Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What You Have Shared Since January 1, 2011

Donated from 2003 to Dec. 31, 2010:                        
$  101,703.65           
Needs filled last quarter:                                               
$     8,464.76                       
Balance December 31, 2010                                               
$     8,292.51
Potluck Hostesses:  Lyn Bonzi, Jan. 27; Carol Devore, Feb. 8; Rosemary Cleaves, Feb. 15
January 4:  Excersaucer and swing for 2-month-old baby in one family and 3-month old in another family.  Referral:  PHN, South County and shopping by Carol Tickner ($37.44 with credit of $55 from Merry-Go-Round)
January 4:  Partial payment of Morro Bay High School cheerleading costs for student living with her grandmother.  Referral:  Tania Resendiz, LINK, family advocate, Morro Bay High School ($300)
January 5:  Gas cards for cancer victim to go to and from L.A. for biopsy and radiation treatments.  Referral:  Irene Roselli ($300)
January 6:  Baby gate to protect very mobile 9-month-old and groceries to assist her family during a difficult month.  Referral:  PHN, San Luis and shopping by Carol Tickner ($122.99)
January 6:  Groceries to help Cuesta student struggling to stay in school full time.  She lost support when her income crept just above the poverty line.  Referral:  PHN, San Luis ($100)
January 8:  Used laptop computer for stroke victim who is bed-bound and only has use of her right hand.  Referral:  Irene Roselli ($100)
January 12:  Partial rent for single mom and her children whose rent is behind and car has been impounded.  Referral:  Tania Resendiz, LINK, family advocate, Los Osos Middle School ($500)
January 12:  Late payments for braces for middle school girl whose mother has been laid off and father’s work is slow.  Referral:  Tania Resendiz, LINK, family advocate, Los Osos Middle School ($500)
January 12:  Gas and food cards and ketogenic diet supplies for a family whose 3-year-old is facing many trips to UCLA for treatments for intractable seizures.  Referral:  PHN, North County ($368)
January 13:  Crib and mattress for baby in struggling family.  Referral:  PHN, North County ($222.89)
January 14:  Bumbo and high chair for 5-month-old.  Referral:  PHN, South County, shopping by Carol Tickner ($81.57)
January 19:  Food and gas to help a local Cuesta College girl whose sister died of cancer last year.  She has recently started grief counseling, and is completely supporting herself while going to school.  Referral:  Andrea Devitt, counselor, Cuesta College ($200)
January 20:  Gas cards for single father to take his at-risk daughter to Stanford for treatments.  Referral:  Florence Simon ($200)
January 21:  Car repair for a homeless single mom and her 4 very little children who are living in their vehicle.  Referral:  Lisa Martinez, Women’s Shelter ($450)
January 25:  Repair of sliding door for the safety of family whose house was broken into.  Referral:  Susan Harper, teacher, Los Ranchos ($132.35)
January 28:  Adult diapers and hot water bottle for fragile 81-year-old man living in section 8 housing.  Referral:  PHN, North County and shopping by Carol Tickner with special consideration from Lainie Wachter and Marcia Henderson ($114.67)
January 26:  Diapers, wipes, and RTA passes for 2 at-risk families.  Referral:  PHN, South County and shopping by Carol Tickner ($297.24)
January 27:  Treatment for viral warts on the faces of siblings aged 10 and 6.  Referral:  Cecelia, CHDP ($160)
January 31:  Port-a-crib, stroller, and bouncer for child in at-risk family.  Referral:  PHN, shopping by Carol TIckner ($60)
February 1:  Omnidirectional lapel microphone for teacher to face any direction and have spoken information transmitted directly into the hearing aids of a Cuesta student.  The student is trying to rebuild her life after living with severe physical abuse and then recently suffering the cancer death of her new spouse.  Referral:  Ingrid Pires, counselor, Hospice Partners ($84.90)
February 1:  Port-a-crib for preemie to sleep safely in her family’s trailer.  Referral:  PHN, San Luis, and shopping by Vanessa Fujimoto ($)
February 2:  Partial rent for Los Osos family of 4. Both parents are ill.  Referral:  Tala Romero, Sequoia Full Day Head Start ($500)
February 3:  Car repair for parents to take child to weekly counseling, work, and school.  Referral:  Tania Resendiz, LINK, family advocate, Los Osos ($419.21)
February 8:  Port-a-crib, sheets, clothes and blankets for 19-year-old mother and her newborn.  Referral PHN, North County and shopping by Sharynn Chirpich and Vanessa Fujimoto ($)
February 8:  Dental care for abscesses and cavities for four children under age 12.  Referral:  Cecelia, CHDP ($530)
February 15:  Port-a-crib for new baby.  Referral:  PHN, South County and shopping by Vanessa Fujimoto ($)
February 16:  Partial health insurance payment for a mother of 2 currently undergoing chemotherapy.  Her cancer has prevented her from working.  She has been placed on Leave Status, so she has to pay the monthly insurance bill herself.  Referral:  Chenoa Wilkerson, County Dept. of Social Services ($500)
Items donated:  Ongoing food for a backpack program at Laguna Middle School from Arlene Yost, Megan Healy, Donna Jeberjahn, Vanessa Fujimoto, Michele Hall, Francine Johnston, and Nan Tarpinian; Port-a-crib from Rosemary Cleaves; diapers from KeMay Rice; girls clothes, shoes, blankets and toys from Corinne Furnice; port-a-crib from Debbie Jergens; high chair and baby changing mattress from Barb Wright; port-a-crib, bath tub, high chair from Corinne Furnice; baby items from Linda Pepper; sewing machines for SLCUSD emotionally disturbed class from Julie Schultz and Anne Appel; continuing support for sewing class from Karen Morgan; sewing machine for Del Mar sewing class for Latina girls from Carol Astaire; fabric/sewing supplies from Wendy Daly, Karen Morgan, Vanessa Fujimoto, Linda Bishop, Carol Astaire, Marylou Gooden, Andre and more; food for family of elementary, middle, and high school children and a second LOMS family from Lisa Lewis, Susan Dressler, Linda Blonsley, Jacquelyn Miller, Linda Couser, Riman Alfadel, Karen Morgan, Lynn, Linda Collins, Vanessa Fujimoto, Arlene Yost, Anne Appel, Marylou Gooden, Andrea Devitt, Ellen Sheffer, Jordis Daigle, Connie Buffa, Gini Ortiz, and Kitty Rice; holiday cards for homeless Christmas dinner, 2011, from Evelyn Ruehr, Madeline Stephenson, Roberta Kassak, Carol Devore; toiletries for Prado from Jayne Auchterlone and Judy Riener; port-a-crib sheets from Sharynn Chirpich; port-a-crib from Phyllis Martinelli; twin sheets and comforters from Susan Updegrove; 2 twin beds and linens donated by Carol Astaire and delivered to a homeless family moving to housing by Mark King; shower chair from Carol Devore; a bounty of  0 - 2T boy clothes and port-a-crib from Helda Smulders; letters, envelopes, and stamps from Carol Tickner; port-a-crib, crib sheets, wetsuit, and booties from Sharynn Chirpich; skin care products for Women’s Shelter client from Eileen Calandro; boy clothes from Susan Updegrove; toys, formula, and baby bottles, and girl clothes from Susie Miner; port-a-crib with linens, highchair, boy clothes from Vanessa Fujimoto; boy clothes from Elaine Stewart; diapers from Marilyn Banducci....; nursing supplies for San Luis High from Marilyn Banducci….;
Funds donated by: Diane Wettlaufer, Gary and Muriel Harkins and their movie group: Charles and Marsha Braun, Jeff and Judy Burke, Tom and Pam Brown, Phil and Sandy Colbert, Marty and Debbie Craven, Herb and Diane Filipponi, Jim and Janice Irwin, Ben and Pat McAdams, Larry and Jeanette Meek, George and Catherine Petty, Garry and Chris Poe, Rick and Pam Racouillat, Terry and Marion Roberts, Ken and Leslie Rodman, Roger and Gail Steele, and, Tom and Paula Tolbert; Lainie Wachter, Naomi Blakely, Diana Barnhart, Francine Johnston, Marilyn Fuller, Sharynn Chirpich, Judy Williamson, Marylou Gooden, Jordis Daigle, Kathy Hannula, Wendy Daly, Gail Sears, Linda Bishop, Julie Jones, Carol Tickner, Colleen Spafford, Carol Winger, Mary Parker, Sally Equinoa, Elaine Gardiner, Stephanie Coray, Carol Devore, Linda Olson, Evelyn Ruehr, Susan Hood, Connie Buffa, Elizabeth Curren, Marcia Henderson, Susan Roper, Marianita Borgstrom, Anneka Scranton, Ros McQuade, Diane Wettlaufer, Cathleen Iftiniuk, Judith Carleson, Ardith Julien-Heinrich, Lynn Heinrich, Sharon Hanley, Megan Harrison, Elizabeth Seymour, Sue Tsao, Kathy Forenza, Lynn De Leo, Ann Jones, Linda Blonsley, Patricia Streng, Kim Ford, Rosemary Cleaves, Virginia Kenny, Phyllis Bettencourt, Gail Applegate, Nancy Gerrish, Mariam Shah, Arlene Versaw, Marilynn Banducci, Betty Symons, Loretta Sonnabend, Mona Tucker, Sally Delgado, Peggee Davis, Nancy Shearer, Cathy Hughes, Madeline Stevenson, Candyce Espinoza, Diana Henderson,

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