Thursday, August 17, 2017

What Womenade Shared August 1st - August 15th

August 1:  Thyroid testing done for T3, T4, and TSH at the Community Health Center for a woman with an emergency need.  Referral:  Public Health Nurse ($88) 3906 1

August 1:  Bike tires for a single woman staying in one of the emergency beds at a shelter.  Referral:  Ricardo Vazquez, ECHO Shelter ($35.98) 3907 1

August1:  RTA pass for a woman getting established in treatment.  Referral:  Nancy Jambor, County Behavioral Health ($44) 3908 1

August 1: Rental assistance so a woman can take her emotional support animal to the vet for an acute issue.  Referral:  Alicia Dueck, Transitions-Mental Health ($300) 3909 1 

August 1: Partial rent for a single mother and her 3 children; her teen daughter is dealing with several medical conditions.  Referral:  Mayra Valencia, CAPSLO ($300) 3910 4

August 1:  Car registration and vehicle smogging for a very low-income 70-year-old woman who had several recent surgeries, lost her housing, and is trying to make ends meet while recovering and looking for a new place to live.  Referral:  Jessica Mezzapesa, Central Coast Home Health ($104 and $39) 3912 and 3913 1

August 1:  Medication for a survivor of domestic violence who had to leave everything behind when fleeing her abuser.  Referral:  Martin Gonzalez ($54.32) Debit 1

August 1:  Gas card so a single mother can get to work; she and her daughter are currently homeless.  Referral:  Tatiana Abundis, Big Brothers/Big Sisters ($50) 3914 2

August 3:  Room air conditioning unit for a disabled man living in North County in Section 8 housing.  He has a debilitating health condition affecting his ability to walk when his body is weakened by the heat or other situations.  Referral:  David Lichti, SLO Therapist ($381.95) 3915 1

August 3:  Car insurance for a man who will lose his license if uninsured.  Referral:  Jennifer Woodward, County Behavioral Health ($250) 3917 1

August 3:  Partial rent for a single father and his children.  Referral:  Tito Ponce, People’s Self-Help Housing ($250) 3918 3

August 3:  Partial rent for a single mom who had to take 5 days off work due to her son being extremely sick.  If she doesn’t work, she isn’t paid.  Referral:  Stella Medina, LMUSD ($200) 3919 3

August 3:  RTA passes so a Veteran can get back and forth to his recovery program classes.  Referral:  Esther Castillo, PATH/VASH ($64) 3920 1

August 3:  Partial rent for a woman who won't begin working again until the end of the month.  Referral:  Celeste Cardenas, County Social Services  ($300) 3921 1

August 4:  Gas for a family so the parent can look for work.  Referral:  Mayra Valencia, CAPSLO ($50) 3922 4

August 4:  Gas so a parent can drive to work.  Referral:  Mayra Valencia, CAPSLO ($50) 3922 3

August 4:  Food and gas for a very low-income domestic violence victim who fled her situation without her belongings.  Referral:  Claudia Guzman, RISE  ($150) 3923 1

August 4:  Emergency gas so an abuse victim can leave the county; RISE is paying for the U-Haul. Referral:  Susan Lamont, RISE ($50) 3924 1

August 5:  Emergency breast pump rental for a mother whose baby is in intensive care.  Referral: Sierra Vista Hospital social worker ($169) Debit 2

August 7:  Storage unit closing fee so a father and his 2 teen daughters don’t lose all their belongings.  One of the teens recently had her leg amputated due to a skin-eating bacteria.  Referral:  Bessy Hoffman, LINK ($199) 3925 3 

August 7:  DMV registration for a woman at risk of homelessness trying hard to stay in her apartment.  She pays her bills with Social Security, but checks were sent the wrong PO box.  Referral:  Amy Waddle, Transitions-Mental Health ($135) 3926 1

August 7:  Partial room deposit for a single mother and her 1-year-old child.  Mother has been approved for Federal Work Study, so will be able to make rent going forward.  Referral:  Kayla Kerrigan, County Social Services ($100) 3927 2

August 7:  Partial rent for a family whose car that is needed to get to work broke down costing $1,300 to fix and exhausting all their funds.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($200) 3928 4

August 7:  Gas for a single mom with 3 children who just got a job.  Referral:  Sonia Greene, LINK ($50) 3929 4 

August 7:  Gas so a migrant family can visit their newborn in the NICU where he will be for the next month or more.  Referral:  Sierra Vista social worker and delivery by Roberta Kassak ($50) 3929 3

August 7:  Gas and diapers for a grandmother struggling financially to take care of her 19-month-old grandchild.  Referral:  Public Health Nurse ($50) 3929 2

August 7:  Partial rent for a family that had unexpected bills this month.  Referral:  Maribel Rodriguez, Link ($200) 3930 4

August 7:  Partial rent for a Veteran who got behind in payments.  Referral:  William Heinlein, PATH/VASH ($246) 3931 1

August 9:  Certification of a court document so a victim of domestic violence and her son can obtain services and resources specific to domestic violence.  Referral:  Public Health Nurse ($25) 3934 2 

August 10:  Partial custody legal fees for a single parent who was just diagnosed with a disorder that requires $1,000 monthly in medication.  Referral:  Matt Clarke, Chris Jespersen Day Treatment ($300) 3935 2

August 9:  Emergency food for an elderly father with Alzheimer’s disease and his disabled daughter whose refrigerator stopped working and all their food spoiled.  The daughter is diabetic and her diet is very important.  Referral:  Brittany Venia, People’s Self-Help Housing, and shopping and delivery by Karen Harris ($200) 3936 2

August 10:  Groceries for an 87-year-old man who is very low income, lives by himself, and is recovering from surgery.  Referral:  Megan Richert, Central Coast Home Health ($100) 3937 1

August 10:  Bike for a Veteran who is homeless and has secured a job at Chevron and needs transportation to get to work:  Referral:  Alan McKean, State of California Veterans services ($150) 3938 1

August 10:  Partial medical bill payment for a single pregnant mom-to-be.  Referral:  Mayra Valencia, CAPSLO ($200) 3940 2

August 10:  Eye glasses for a 52-year-old woman who needs her glasses to drive at her job.  She is working hard on improving her health due to diabetes and a pacemaker.  Referral:  Lisa Jimenez, County Mental Health ($258) 3941 1 

August 11:  Food for a father who is struggling to feed his children because they used their funds to move to housing.  Referral:  Jennifer Woodward, County Behavioral Health ($100) 3942 1

August 11:  Gas so a man who recently got out of jail can get to his new job, and since he works nights, the bus service doesn’t work for his needs.  Referral:  Jennifer Woodward, County Behavioral Health ($50) 3943 1

August 11:  Partial rent to move a woman to sober living.  Referral:  Paterese Reynolds, County Intensive Outreach Treatment ($200) 3944 1

August 14:  School supplies and diapers for a mother whose 12-year-old and 9-month children just moved back in with her.  Referral:  Ashley Totah, County Child Welfare Services ($105.95) 3945 3

August 15:  School clothing support for 3 families with children ranging in age from 4 to 17.  Referral:  Mayra Lopez, County Mental Health ($300) 3946

August 15:  PG&E bill payment for a domestic violence victim who is transitioning from a shelter to a stable apartment with her 2 children.  Referral:  Claudia Guzman, RISE ($120) 3947

August 14:  Specialized counseling for a mother of children 2 and 5 years who is at a shelter dealing with domestic violence trauma and childhood abuse issues that have come to the surface due to her recent abuse.  Referral:  Claudia Guzman, RISE ($180) 3948 3

Items donated:  clothes from Judy Barclay, Cindy Hahn, Susannah Stone, and Anonymous; hand knit baby blankets from Ruth Nagano; food from Anonymous, Nancy Olson, and Anonymous; food from Laura Fulton; diapers and food from Lisa Lazzara; children’s clothes from Kim Equinoa; food and children's clothes from Anonymous; baby clothes from Heidi Harmon and Mary Squellati; food and clothes from Gigi Sawyer; baby seat and bath from Carly Rogers; clothes from Cathy Uphoff; baby formula from Amethyst Ehrler; teen clothes from Anonymous; bunk beds from Candy Spahr; diapers, baby clothes, and bottles from Jamie Kassak and friends; double stroller from Melissa D’aunoy; baby swing, breast feeding pillow, and other children’s items from Nicki Bywater; girls clothes from Cindy Hahn; baby clothes from Sharon Chirpich; pajamas from Cindy Hahn; shoes and girl’s clothing from Kathie Hendricks; children’s toys and activity table from Jennifer Kincade; cases of school supplies from Lisa and Kevin McClory; boys pajamas, clothes, and duffle from Wendy Daly; children’s clothes and shoes from Sally Hillis; baby clothes from Sharon Chirpich; diapers from Karen Blum;

Admin Funds Donated: Dana Starkovich, Rita Erwin, 

Funds Donated:  Tidelands Counseling, Wendy Castleman, Patty Aguilar, Carol Oelker in honor of Carol and Jay Devore’s 50th Anniversary, Leslie Jones, Barbara Torrey, Biz Steinberg, Elise Carraway, Kay Miller, Gini Ortiz, and John Peschong for Kiley Goode’s Cal Poly senior project, Jayne Devencenzi, Jean Steel, Donette Dunaway, Forest Crowe in honor of the best doctor in the world - Karen Kolba, Anonymous, Marcy Owens, Colleen Spafford, Jeri Corcoran-Martin, Michele Williams, Kathy Greer, Dana Paquin, Donna Howard and Liz Curren in honor of Carol and Jay Devore’s 50th wedding anniversary, Diane Duenow for Kiley Goode’s Cal Poly senior project, Nancy Terrell, Roberta Kassak, Michelle Blanc, Suzanne Balderrama, Karen Harris, Tyra Solomon, Sandra Wortley, Mary Lois Kelly, Diane Koletzke, Gail Sears, Tess Mathews, Wendy Daly, Edith Lycke, Diana Foche, Ros McQuade, Sharynn Chirpich, Jayne Devencenzi, Naomi Blakely to honor Linda Olson’s birthday, Nancy Hurd, Mary Parker, Heather MacFarlane, Kathy Long, Joanne and Phil Ruggles, Diana Henderson, Marilyn Fuller, Peti Johnson, Kathleen MacLane, Sue Smith, Karen Horst, Ann Miller, Jayma Newland,

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