Saturday, August 23, 2008

An Idea for Diapers and Formula

New grandma, Jayne Devencenzi, (Congratulations!) has learned about companies that give coupons for items our families often need. She suggests Womenade members could contact some of the following. Great idea! Items can be dropped off at Sandy's. A free pack of coupons and many other coupons for $ off $ off coupons Great coupons for $ off Free cans in the mail and $ off coupons Free cans, coupons for free cans and $ 5 off coupons/check Good Start formula - free cans, many coupons/checks for $12.00 off - which equals a free can and $ off coupons


the_nerd_guy said...

This is great post. I know you can save a lot from these brand names. I often find coupons to brand names I prefer like pampers coupons or huggies coupons online. You can usually save $100 or so dollars a month form purchases. Thanks again for sharing this.

the_nerd_guy said...

Oh here is the site I found if you like to get pampers coupons. I got 3 packs of size 1 baby pampers for half the price with the coupons.